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Monday, December 30, 2013

Weissdom: Societe

The persecution of Masculine, Great Men and pretty, feminine girls, the cream of their respective genders is a hallmark of a sick and mentally-diseased society.

 To propagandize the best of Humanity as idiots and blundering fools is one of the highest feats of projection that those who are born without these qualities and those who are unwilling to strive to them, try.

To Exalt the ugliest and most undeserving and falsely bestow and project on them the characteristics of the Strong(The Stark!) is a sick propaganda engendering sickness and depravity.

  Low cunning and high ugliness generally goes together. But through Self-Improvement most such people can elevate themselves to normal or above, reaching their full potential.

  A Principles and Good soul which also takes care of its body will ear a place and Love.

 We may not all achieve Beauty but we can all achieve a Higher State of Being and Through It a Measure of Happiness & Warmth in our fellow Man.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Weissdom: Truth, Vrai, Wahrheit, Verita

We believe in Truth because we believe in the Beauty of the Human Race, of Humanity.

An Androgynous, Asexual society characterized by base emotions and unprincipled in its nature is a mockery and Vile Mutation of the Beauty that is the true form of humans as Men and females.

All those who seek to banish the truth about the beauty of the Human Race by hiding behind epithets and false morals like unearned-Equality and -isms are the most twisted disgusting beings, not even worthy of being called Beings,who want to make Humanity twisted and disgusting and twisted and disgusting like them.

Auaria shall forever stand against it and Triumph!!!

Weissdom: CLVGs should not be allowed to pervert achievements

Men (CMVGs) should not allow females (CLVGs) to utilize their Achievements, inventions, technology and Civilizations for their petty, self-aggrandizing and Civilizationally Destructive wishes, whims and fancies.

As they are animals, they WILL do this. They would rather use your achievements to make life easier for themselves and focus on irrelevant things than to contribute in any positive way from their usage.

In the same way, any Achievement that gives them an outlet to further indulge their moronic fancies will necessarily be overwhelmed by them and their support and then their clamour and bleating for idiotic rights and features. Beware and be in Control.

Weissdom: Justice

Wherever there is a preponderance of lawyers, the law and the judges will be corrupted.

They are all unelected and passing judgement on individuals who did not give them power or authority, it is simply unjust and Injustice.

Weissdom: Nature

Words are the weapons of females and cowards.....almost always.

WeissVerse: Instantaneous Travel is not lengthy Travel

Any vessel that can transport itself instantaneously anywhere in the multiple dimensions will necessarily spend more of its life in real TimeSpace, parked, rather than traveling.

Weissdom: EarthFather

If we want to get anything out of an entity we define as "Mother Earth" we have to treat her like a female and be tough on her so she takes careof us and not just herself, like all females do.

Just referring to the Earth as a female lessens it Nature and as is the nature of females, encourages depravity and selfishness in our behaviour.

It is better to think of the Earth as the Earth Father so we Respect and learn from it.

Weissdom: Nature

The frequency of Human interaction i.e. the number of people any one person is exposed to in a measure of time, is related to the intimacy and respect between the parties.

The higher the frequency, the lesser the intimacy and politeness and the ruder the people and ultimately, less compassionate


Any big city in the world compared to small towns.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Weissdom: S

Personality helps infiltration.

Weissdom: Evolution & Compassion

Compassion has evolved in Northern (Colder Climate) Races as an Evolutionary Survival mechanism. You cannot keep killing each other over trivial things when the tribe itself is limited in resources available to support procreation.

Know where you emotions come from and WHEN they are useful and WHEN they are Destructive.

Weissdom: Rule

Politicians are people who sit at home trying to convince people that they have a problem and they need to be helped/ruled, while the most independent people are out fighting and dealing with their problems or building solutions and eradicating obstacles.

That is why politicians, those vile vermins, will always hate independent individuals because it is difficult to get something from people who do not require or want help.

Creating a dependence is their bread-and-butter and once you vote them in, they will create more scenarios where you will need to depend on them to help you out of the problems they create for you, this is why a democracy is a self-destructive movement, and when it goes down it takes antire civilizations with it.

Beware of the mean-spirited beings, their little actions can add up to great harm. Excise them.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Weissverse: Mayhaan in Beings

It is the Being with the Strongest Sense of Reality who exists in the Highest and also the Lowest Probability Universe of His Existence.

Maybe even the Being with the Highest Achievement of Self.

This Existence of that Being in Extremes itself is Rare, a Rare Cosmic Event, a Greatness.

Because for every Action you did not take, there is a Self of you that DID and their Consciousness does not Impinge on You as Your Consciousness and Its Reality are the Strongest.

Truly Rare and Great are those whose Realities give Birth to the same Ideas and End in the same Achievement.

As this is Written, there is Another version of Mayhaan writing these exact thoughts down at the exact same time...maybe.

Weissverse: The Scientific Nature of the Devil

The Devil could be a Sentient Psychological-and-Emotional-Parasite feeding off of the negative emotions and thoughts and encouraging them to increase its own feed-Amplitude.

So could the Entity known as God be its opposite, feeding off of Faith.

Parasites of any kind are Never Good for the Host.

Weissverse: Time & black holes

If Time breaks down in a black hole then every particle must be in stasis, unchanging, thus everything could be inert. Travelling and non-travelling at the same time.

Think of Time as a Line you can draw to change the location and/or Nature of a 3-D object. You can draw it going Forward from a Point, going Backwards, in a Circle, a Sphere (higher than 4 dimensions), at Angles....Everywhere. So being Outside TimeSpace is just being in Control of It.

What if TimeSpace is like a fabric designed to resist damage to itself. A self-repairing design if you will, then you would never be able to sense changes you yourself have made and once constructed this kind of TimeSpace would require tremendous amounts of Energy to change even for the Beings who made it.

Or Maybe , these Beings made it precisely so that the amounts of Energy needed to change it would be impossible in the nature of the fabric, exceed the maximum Energy available at any point in the TimeSpace fabric but those Energy levels would be easily achieved by the Creators.

Even if the Universe is not such a design, a Universe with such a design would be very useful and interesting.

Weissverse: black holes & Dimensional Beings

Could black holes be a way for higher dimensional Being to inject, eject and manipulate 3-Dimensional matter.


If black holes can swallow Time itself...then is Time a Particle, a Wave or something entirely different.

Weissdom: Strategie

The amount of your population and their ability to self-promote their culture are the two most powerful factors in the success of Propaganda and Cultural Domination.

Weissdom: Civilization & CLVGs : American girls are the Mongrels of the female species.

As the birthplace of mainstream feminism in the 20th century and since the rise of feminism, American girls are the mongrels of the human female population.

A succinct summation for those who want to follow in their footsteps.

Weissdom: Nature

The loss of Human physical Superiority in exchange for agricultural development and Cranial Superiority is an example of taking a shorter term loss for overall longer term gains.

We regressed an average of 9 inches in height when we turned from hunters to agriculturalists. But now after tens of thousands of years that Agricultural bent of Civilization has allowed us to control our genes.

This break and subsequent revitalization has taken far shorter than nature would have taken to evolve us to this level. Thus the Evolution of the Mind was the shorter Evolutionary path favoured even by Nature.

Instead of being a product of our Environment, we Produce our Environment.

Instead of being Controlled by our Environment, WE Control our Environment.

So tens of thousands of years less may results in Trillions of years of Profit.

Have Patience and plan for Eons.

Weissdom: W

It is very difficult to profit from an idea that can be replicated by anyone anywhere with minimum resources... e.g. The invention of the sandwich by The Earl of Sandwich.

Guard these ideas with your life and let them free only when you can control their implementation or in death if you haven't been able to profit from them through Life.


In linear time, moving forward, any sufficiently old object can travel through time if it resembles an object in any period of recognizable history.

In times before it, it is perceived as....Strange.

In times nearby its construction, it is perceived as.....Modern to Museum-like.

And after a sufficiently long time, it is forgotten and is Strange to the future too.

Weissdom: Civilizations & Culture

The most common things around give us the deepest insights if we only think.

The exaltation of cats in any culture is a highly accurate indicator of feminization and decay.

Weissdom: Civilisations & CLVGs

Females have an innate need to be dominated.

In times when they are given extra authority in society by unrealistic movements like equalism, feminism, etc this urge does not magically disappear, rather it is diverted to the many facets of Human relations.

That is the reason Anglo girls are crazy whores in bed, most obvious in the absolute pleasure they take in being dominated and sucking cock which is one of the most powerful actions of submission.

They do not let their Men dominate them emotionally or Socially so this need explodes in the Sexual part of their lives.

Extremely Feminine girls also behave this way but that is due to their overall submission to their MAN, in EVERY FACET OF THEIR LIVES. They know their role and are comfortable with it and happy to fulfill it and actualize their nature.

The female animal desires and needs to be dominated for a healthy relationship, a healthy society and a healthy Civilization, always remember.

Weissdom: Wealth

For Men of Ability, The best business partner is NO business partner.

Weissdom: S

Magicians and Illusionists make excellent Spions due to their abilities to conjure and deceive.

Weissdom: Strategie

It is to the advantage of a powerful Nation to have a weak neighbour.


Russia-Turkey/Ex-USSR on one side

This applies to Societies and Movements too.

Weissdom: Death & Life

You start dying the moment you are born.

Better start achieving your goals.

Weissdom: Civilization & CLVGs

females almost always elect the Civilizationally Destructive Individual (CDIs) due to their hypergamous instincts and lack of prioritizing logic over emotion.

Never let them decide Anything.

Weissdom: Nature

Going through trying times and battles together will strengthen the bonds of any group of Men and separate the usable from the useless.

Weissdom Strategie

A demonstration of force on a 3rd Party but evidently in view of your intended target has a much greater effect than a direct demonstration of force ON your intended target.

It seems, in matters of punishment, humans DO learn from and heed others' mistakes.

Females Bring Out the Worst in Men

Worse than any War or Calamity could possibly bring out, reducing Men to uncivilized beasts.

To not know the True Nature of females is to be a simpering dangerous idiot and a pawn in their bestial minds and hands.

To know the True Nature of females is to be faced with creatures that respond best to ill-breeding and thus engender it in the most Dignified and Honourable Soul.

We should acknowledge and Master this impulse in ourselves in order to be Great Men.

The Natural Order of Things Evolves Beauty

Following the Natural Order of Things creates all that is beautiful and noble in this world.

Subverting the Natural Order leads to the grotesqueness that is the oft repeated "modern" world.

The "modern" world has often existed in history, it is the name they give to its ugliness and crumbling edifices.

Weissdom Wealth & Power

From Official Records
" The congress has specified that Federal Reserve Banks must hold collateral equal in value to the Federal Reserve notes that the Federal Reserve Bank puts into circulation.

This collateral is chiefly held in the form of U.S. Treasury Debt, federal agency and government-sponsored enterprise securities"

Thus the government passes laws that say that the printed wealth  in circulation should be backed by the printed promises of government.

An egregious example of worthless printed wealth tied to hopes and promises and bound to no solid collateral at all. All controlled by the same people.

This is how you destroy civilizations, generate hollow empty value-less wealth and destroy Kingdoms.

Weissdom S

To confound the enemy and get rid of trouble, offer vast sums for the release of any ordinary persons they capture. The enemy will do the rest.

Monday, December 2, 2013

The Basic Failing of Democracy : Advantaged Politicans, Disadvantaged Electorate

It is necessarily to a democracy's politicians' advantage to cram as many people as possible into as small a space as possible to increase the chances of winning. Ergo, Megacities.

If 2 people own a hundred acres of Land, their votes, if that were a county would sway the election.

But if 2 million people own a hundred acres, then you could sow dissension, play them against one another and segregate them into dependent and independents to your advantage. In short, try every dirty trick in the book.

Also, rousing emotions in close packed quarters would intimidate your supporters if you cater to the neediest, stupidest, dependent masses.

This is amply proved by history and the vote being given to degenerates and rascals like non-tax payers, females, government-wards etc.

In the long run, democracy seems the most destructive type of rule, it elevates the worst and tramples upon the best whether it be in Military, a Ship or a Kingdom.

Men: Do not be possessed by females.

Females want to POSSESS you O Men of Value.

They want you all for themselves, not only because your value engenders "love" in them but for far baser motives.

To flaunt Not YOU but use You as an "Accessory" to FLAUNT THEIR VALUE IN CAPTURING YOU.

Do not behave like a girl towards a girl.

Exercise your wits without having to clear the decks ;)

Wit should be exercised already on the half-volley without any clearing the decks and beating to action.

Human Layaway

If we all work for someone then we are all layaways to our Employers.

Choose who you give your value carefully, if at all you have to.

We are experiments....maybe.

Maybe we are all experiments for 4th or higher dimensional beings who can control the Time variable...... or multiple dimensions.

Lower Consciouness through Sleep Deprivation

Sleep Deprivation may be utilized to experience what lower levels of consciousness feel like.

In Control of the Effect of Social Validation

If you can control the influence of social validation on yourself AND possess/develop the ability to accurately/correctly validate yourself, you will rise very high indeed.

This can be extrapolated to any network or environment where Validation plays a big part.


All Auarians will be equally adept at serving in the Army, Navy and Air-Force and any other military division that develops due to advancements..

They WILL serve in each of these for at least 1 year each, at any point in their lives after The Rise.

All should be easily intechangeable into any of the three or more major defense services.

The Biggest Demotivator for Men

For Men, self-pleasure is a demotivator.

A very innocuous feeling but a very powerful demotivator.

It drains the energy that makes a Man accomplish Great things.

Forget it at your own peril.

Your Ship, Your Kingdom

A ship is a kingdom that carries its citizens and walls with it wherever it goes.

Steer your ship wisely.

No Man is an Island but Some Men ARE Magnificent Towers/Mountains

Few Men are an island and some rare Men are gleaming Towers in the midst of the world that is necessarily full of filth, brambles and stragglers.

For them to associate themselves with the world's filth more than is required out of necessity is to defile and corrupt the edifice they are.

The Eyes Betray and the Gifted See

Never let into your midst Men who would betray their own civilization or gender, give them three years to find their own way to the correct and true path of Auaria, if they come not from Auaria and then excise these tumours if they do not reform.

For Auarians, The Rise shall take care of such degenrates who are Civilizationally Destructive Individuals (CDIs)

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Too Much Credit given to the CDGs

We have credited females (The Civilizationally Destructive Gender) for too much, for too long due to our compassion as principled and good-hearted Men.

So much so, in fact, that we have forgotten that even throughout history "a woman's cooking" has always and universally acknowledged as being inferior. Even in the one area they were given free reign, these low level animals could not succeed at anything reaching excellence.

It is the affection that affect and our emotions they play upon that lead us to credit such undeserving lesser creatures.

Sometimes, our magnanimity is our downfall if bestowed upon undeserving beings.

Modular Structures in Strategy

A modular ship is much more superior in combat situations, where the whole structure of the ship is made up of modules, identical or otherwise.

The Universe forbidding Tme Travel by Itself

Maybe the laws of the Universe forbid tme travel (easily) because the very nature of time travel leads to the eventual destruction and destabilization of the current system, even with our limited Human minds we have envisioned countless scenarios where the fabric of TimeSpace might be torn apart and the universe, if it is a self regulating system, must necessarily preclude probabilities that make it end up destabilizing itself.

Are we unaware of the Observable Universe?

Assuming that in 1 Trillion years, the universe will expand beyond observation, and future generations with no knowledge of the past would imagine the universe to be just what they can see, is it not possible that we are also living in a time when there are parts of the universe beyond our detection and our estimates of the universe are based on this fallacy.

The death of the universe must be an excruciatingly slow process, it seems our universe passes quickly through life a sa child and youth and then a Man but it grows older at a far slower rate and remains older for an interminable period. If the Universe was sentient, it would be a sorrow to it to watch itself die….slower than it watched itself live.

The « Circle-Jerk » of Government "Investments"

If investing in government means getting paid back with your own tax money then who is really making money?

Plus if you are taxed at a percent of your income that is more than the percent of the government investment returns… then aren’t they stealing from you.

When government sanctioned bodies, or government buys its own bonds… they are using your tax dollars to buy what they produced so that in the end they have what they produced AND your money.

In this sick and unsustainable situation, if you are sharp then you should be receiving government aid at a rate that offsets your taxes whether you are a corporation or a jobless bum.

And no wonder, in a degenerate investment culture like this, those 2 categories of people are the ones who are milking the government which is milking You.


Civilize the mind but make Savage the body.

A sharp mind in a tough and hardened vessel is the best existence and capable of achieving great things.

Catchy Fightbacks for Men

Paternity Rape (Fraud) should be called Prape......and False Rape Accusations..... Frape!

More catchiness translates to more vitality and broader awareness.


Icebergs were called Ice Mountains in earlier days.

This makes sense as Icebergs derive their name from a German root.

Icebergs extend to = Ice bergers

English: German
Ice = Eis

Mountains = Berger

So the Deutsch word Eis-berger translated to Ice-mountains and reverted to a hybrid Ice-Berg.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

How to Lead a Diverse Group of Men

Invite your partners or subordinates one by one to separate meals to give them a feeling of value and engender affection towards you, thus ensuring loyalty.

Much can be learnt of running kingdoms by studying the running of old naval ships where men of differing temperaments were locked alone for months on end and managed to work together and work well.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Brave & The Fair

The Brave Deserve the Fair.

The Brave of The Civilizationally Great/Constructive Gender deserve the Fair of The Civilizationally Degenrate/Destructive gender.

However Greatness is Eternal while Fairness is fleeting, so do not fret too much on the Fair.

Social Networking is for the Poor, the unfortunates and the Failures

Those who have less money and power need more social networks.

Absolute independence and choice of company are the Luxuries provided to Men who Earn and Maintain these two Attributes.

Respect for Females is Nonsense

First they will demand respect, then they will demand your blood, then they will demand your head(s).

All this female nonsense can be traced to the "Lady Nonsense" to the "Prize Housewife" nonsense to the degenerate brutish "modern girl" nonsense.

Remember to treat them like the uncivilized beasts of nature they are.

Respect, Loyalty and Principles are understood by Men alone. it is the gift of being the Lesser Reproductively Valuable Gender, do not forget that. 

The Primacy of Heart & Mind

For those who wonder between the Primacy of the Heart and the Mind,...Consider, you can reach the heart without piercing bone, but the only part in the human body where the skeleton supercedes the tissue underneath skin is the skull.

The body itself uses the skeleton as an Armour solely for the brain. Whereas muscles and tendons encase the bone in the body, the bone encases the muscles of the brain.

Your Ship: Life

The steering rooms and engines should be in the least penetrable and most secure part of the ship so that there is less risk of losing control of the vessel in battle or inclement circumstances.

The ship is your Life and its Endeavours.

Superstitious: Knock on Wood

Knock on Wood... that superstitious gesture...probably comes from having a piece of wood to cling to in old naval shipwrecks.

In fact, it seems most of the noble, dignified, disciplined and useful traditions come from the Navy (due to your not being able to opt-out in the middle of the sea) and the Army. Due to their vary nature, especially when there is nowhere to go, but stick to your compatriots, they bring out the best in Men with Missions.

Great Men and Their Advice

Great Men are seldom wrong but you have to view their advice from the prism of their experiences.

If you face a situation that they did not face, do not hesitate to innovate, as their Greatness lies in the fact that were they in your situation, they would change their actions and advice accordingly.

Their changes would be accurate whereas you might blunder, but then blundering is in Human's nature and the reason why Greatness is a Rarity.

Embrace the new built on a foundation of Old

Stick to the tried and tested when new advancements come out, but once the new advancements are refined and free of errors, adopt them.

You might lose in the short term, but keep your eye on the War and not the battle.

More Worthy, Less Worthy

Always heed your more worthy side and laugh at your less worthy side.

But in actions be always pure of aim and completely ruthless.

I, Sir

I, sir, do not associate with the filth of the world, but when filth surrounds you, you have to cover yourself in a shining armour of laconic politeness, bravity and discretion, to shine within it and rise above it.

Hunger & Men's Temperament

Do not underestimate the effect of hunger on a Man's day-to-day morale and demeanour, not only in battle but in life as well.

Even wealthy, successful menforget they are hungry and become snappish, severing many a ties.

A good girl knows this and an intelligent Man uses it,

Ensure your Lines of Retreat

It is a cardinal rule of tactic to ensure one's line of retreat.

And then come up with 2 or more lines of retreat in secret and ensure them too. ;D

Compliment & Cheer

Compliment the experts and cheer the beginners.

Treat Vanquished Foes like Gentlemen after Eliminating Danger

A winner is a loser who never accepted defeat, never gave up.

Wage war fiercely and ruthlessly until the enemy is utterly vanquished, but once the War/battle/engagement is over either by annihilation or surrender of the enemy, treat the enemy prisoners of war and subjects and men as your fellow gentlemen and treat them as befits an acquaintance, with degrees of politeness and civility.

However, eliminate those who are not of gentlemanly or natural conduct, for a frothing viper who is wounded will recover to crush you.

Declared Self Value vs Proclaimed Self Value

To be accepted at one's own self declared value  is to expect much of your audience. Value should be conveyed by bearing and actions and the declarations should be left to third parties to corroborate.

Thus acceptance is given to the value that is assumed.

Extraordinary and the source of it in Auarian Females

We will create some extraordinary Females (CDGs) in Auarian society... NOT INSPITE of it but BECAUSE OF IT.

Hard choices impel a select few of these to rise above the mean. Forget the distinction above and you will destroy yourself. It is only when they suffer, that they behave. Lessen the suffering even an iota, and you will NEVER recover.

Auarian Finance, Military & Politics

Every Auarian must have assets in Finance, Military and Politics. The Media is a fourth estate that can be controlled and should also be an Asset, as should any new developing "estates" that come up and can significantly impact affairs on a large scale.

These combines will make up an Auarian's power.

The different kind of intelligence associated with each of these is crucial to a well rounded Civilizational personality.

Female THough Processes are Impediments to Greatness

Thinking like a female is an impediment to greatness.

Look at the best men who are notorious for being effeminate charmers, they always achieve mediocre success.

Strategically thinking like a female is good, primarily for seduction.

Origin of Nihilist

The word Nihilist may derive from two roots:

1. Nihil (Latin) est (French/Francais)  - Nothing (English) Is (English)
2. Nihil (Latin) ist (German/Deutsch)  - Nothing (English) Is (English)

It is interesting how our language is easy to deduce, an elementary Auarian should have at least enough intelligence to deduce these connections.

CLVGs (Girls or The Civilizationally Less Valuable Gender/Civilizationally Destructive Gender)

Girls can only respect those who disrespect them.

They can only surrender to those who are willing to smile at their threats and actions and willing to egg them on like the monkeys they are.

They can only love those who have more bravery and courage than the intensity of their (CDG's) degenerate and beast-like emotions.

TRUE Abundance

We only have an abundance of anything IF we have the choice to NOT utilize it for charitable purposes.

Keeping Civilized Beings away from their Own Progeny is a Mark of a Sick Society

What kind of sick society keeps Men away from their own flesh and blood… limits them like animals on a leash from seeing their own progeny with the wardens of the kids being demented, insane, depraved, degenerate and selfish animals. A sick and dying society, that’s the kind.

There is an evolutionary switch which blonds high value Men to their own High Value. Learn to see yourself as you are, just look at the NO-VALUE CLVGs around you who think they are the shit, WITH NOTHING TO SHOW. Realize your value, and CONSCIOUSLY strive to be aware of it….EVERY MOMENT. Only then will you deal with the world on your own terms.

A Cure for the Worried Soul

We worry and panic when we think that things might get out of control without defining exactly what.

In these moments think through the worst that can happen , plan your response to all eventualities and then relax because you are prepared for any scenario.

There is no uncertainty anymore.

The Intolerance of Tolerance

Whenever a society has to practice "tolerance" i.e. "tolerate" something, it is already intolerant and doomed.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

How Girls (CLVGs) Can look younger till Old Age

Girls who retain serenity and innocence of spirit, sensitiveness and kindness and the pure sincere warmth of heart always look considerably younger. In fact, these might be the only way to preserve true enduring natural beauty into old age.

 It is amply evident in CLVGs (girls) from decadent and degenerate civilizations (Modern UK, USA, Canada, Australia...Scandinavia, Africa etc.) who look progressively uglier and manlier faster as they age.  They age worse and faster too.

  The harsh realities of the world changes Men (CMVGs) into stronger and more attractive beings but these modes of thoughts change girls (CLVGs) into unattractive ugly things as their nature, even after the depravity of Female Hypergamy, is not built for such things.

 Even the most ruthless and hardened plunderer of girls' (clvg) hearts melts at such True Innocence, NOT FEIGNED innocence.

The Purpose of the Brain

Are our Brains the locked secret to time travel.

Is that why our brains exist and evolve so that we may uncover this secret and become masters of space and time at will instead of being slaves to them.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Technology and The Rise of Personal Walls

Technology should not put up additional walls between people and increase layers of Isolation.....It should bring people closer and able to communicate MORE effectively than the easiest non-technological way to communicate..... e.g. Walking up and talking to someone is NOT improved by adding and messaging them on your social networking sites if you can just walk up to them and talk to them.

More Dimensions

Maybe more dimensions whether spatial, temporal or others allow us to pinpoint an objects location with more accuracy, with enough dimensions we could know exactly the thoughts of every being at any time in any mode of time and space or spaces thus overcoming the uncertainty principle.

 Maybe the Uncertainty Principle is the result of our not having the ability to sense and think beyond the 3-spatial and 1-time dimension currently.

CAB and Willpower

A Civilizationally Advanced Being (CAB) has the willpower to override at least 90% of their non-civilizationally-useful animal instincts while being capable of exercising those instincts optimally at will.

Corporations and Kingdoms

In today's world.... the system of Royalty has not changed, and it never will in any civilizationally advanced society, only the facade will change.
 Today, the Corporations are like Kingdoms, with the option of having stakes in many kingdoms at once, concurrently.

Wireless Electricity

Could it be that just as we cannot hear hi-freq sounds but they exist around us without unduly harming us, the same way extremely high-frequency currents might make the entire body and matter around us a conductor.

Sunday, October 27, 2013


Females, their hysterics and their default emotionally unstable makeup, critically lessens chances of survival or success in high pressure situations..... especially combat ones.

 Neutralize this internal threat the first chance you get. They are also apt to sacrifice the entire mission, group or aim for petty jealousy and revenge. Forget this and you FAIL, You are Dead.

Arguning with CLVGs

Arguing with girls is like arguing with a dog, no matter how much sense you make, they will keep barking.


Empathy has a stronger hold over us than we know.


Consciousness is a chance to get out of the rat race of our genetic programming to be reproductive automatons till the end of existence. It is a chance to take control of our own destiny and rise higher in the planes of existence, above the need for "reproduction to survive".

  This can be achieved by understanding how we are made, what drives us....not by denying the truth in aspirational and false, fatal -isms, but by accepting what the world is, then changing ourselves over time, to rise above it.


 Feelings themselves evolved out of Logic and Instinct, to depend solely on them is to desecrate them. And desecrate our higher existence. Truth, brutal truth, shall set us free.

Slaves to Governments/Being Ruled

The surest way to see who are the most dependent slaves of the government and beg for its mercy to survive, is to shut down government and observe which people and groups (the rulers AND the ruled) squeal Loudest.

An overreaching government signals that the Volk have given up on taking responsibility and having control over their own lives, seeking instead to follow like slaves and grovel like beggars for things that they could earn themselves.

   Such strains of people must be eliminated from the civilization as they are the weakness that rots us from within. Swift, Immeidate and Complete eradication. This should be done periodically BUT NOT PREDICTABLY to maximize effectiveness.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Origins of Feminine Women & Feminine Men

Due to the overall adaptability of Evolution, both genders are capable of exhibiting cross-traits in abnormal conditions.

To this end, A society with a high percentage of good looking men has a high degree of correlation with a high degree of feminization. This society also has a high percentage of ugly/fat/masculine-looking women who aren't feminine.

On the other hand, a society with a high percentage of beautiful feminine women has a high degree of correlation with a high degree of Maculinization of that society.

We can see the obvious examples in the extremes of both kinds of societies in e.g 21st century Britain and US, Canada (examples of the feminized societies) and 21st century Russia, Eastern Europe (examples of Highly Masculine Societies).

Thus, even nature, favors a natural order where the society is run by Men (CMVGs) and not girls( CLVGs).

Friday, October 4, 2013


Ideas…. necessarily have to be matched with resources to achieve victory.

No victory is final nor is any defeat …unless the defeated are completely exterminated.

Men need to fight, that is why police states are so common. It pits one group of men against another in Black and White. Thus Men can do the thing they want to, Fight, without thinking too much about perspectives.

If you make it socially popular among people to reveal details about themselves through innocuous sharing at first and then through conditioning to share EVERYTHING, they unknowingly will reveal all about themselves, as the need for social validation will trump the thought for privacy or the effects of not having privacy. Prime Example 21st century social networks.

Our thoughts grow wider every day, they are like ever expanding horizons where first we imagine the world to be that around us, then we understand it to be a solar system, then a galaxy, then the universe and so on. With each new expanded horizon, we have to adjust our previous thoughts , refine them to this new reality.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

What is the use of Wealth? of Power?

Imagine you are a Man, a man of extraordinary ability and talents. You can accomplish and create and build and improve countless things in countless fields IF ONLY you had the time, the tim to spend on each of your various and numerous talents.

A few hundred years ago, suppose you were a great warrior and a great lute player.... or even a string player ... an early "guitarist", now one day you decide that you would want to build your own guitar-like instrument, you would, being a man of ability have to imagine, plan, cut down the right wood, shape it, polish it, craft it, string it and build it. After considerable time, you would have what you wanted.

   Now imagine you were a man of many talents, who wanted to create many varied things, and you couldn't because to perfect and create a few took most of your life.

   Now imagine, if you could, in some measure Quantify your ability so that you could use it to accumulate what you want, move resources to give life to the ideas that you have and create things not by yourself physically but by your abilities.

    THIS is what wealth is, THIS is what even Power is. Now, a man of Extraordinary talents can dedicate himself to excelling in one field and accumulating Wealth and.or Power. With that Wealth and/or Power he can give life to his ideas, not by utilizing more of his own time in actual drudge work but by exercising his wealth and/or power to make others bring to life HIS ideas.

  Now, he can BUY that guitar instead of making it, now he can make others, multiple others create something he dreamt of.

    Immortality..... that is what Wealth brings to Men of Extraordinary ability ....and a slightly longer , more fruitful life to ordinary men.

   And as a footnote, giving this wealth to mindless animals is a disrespect to its very nature. Giving it to parasites who neither create nor contribute but live off of the able. They are of course the CLVGs, the Women.  , and waste this elixir of immortality on mindless bullshit as amply evident.

     Wealth, there is a reason for its existence, however we quantify it. If we can keep it from getting in the hands of those who do not deserve it, our Civilization will prosper forever. Remember this lesson.

Governments and Mafias are the same

The government: (e.g. USA)
350 million employees who have to pay money every month to those in government for critical services that cost less than 1% of amount collected and do not justify the amount paid. 350 million people working for a few thousand.

Private Corporations:
Few thousand people getting paid to produce products that generate some profit for a handful.

Few thousand to millions who have to pay money every month for services which do not justify the amount paid and cost less than 30% of amount collected.

Commonality. Obvious.

Friday, September 13, 2013

The American Accent is for Stupid People

Accents tell us a lot about the intelligence of the group of people using them for e.g. The American accent is stupid, literally.

Any american word, to be spoken with an american accent (which is nasal, annoying and sounds low-class) needs to be broken down into 2 primary parts or more, the interesting thing is that Americans are unable to pronounce the first part unless it is simple, they make the first part simple and second part complicated and speak accordingly by breaking the word in such a way e.g. Aluminium (aluminum)

Contrast this with the British accent (Classy, Posh, Pleasant and using full vocal range) they break the words into 2 parts too if needed but they are unafraid to say the more complicated part first and leave the second part simple, as an effortless afterthought eg. Aluminium (Alum-inium)

The entire manner of bearing and speech of a Britisher is much more superior and language indicators such as this are just one of the indicators albeit a very common and powerful one.

This can be extrapolated to any language and its' accent-speakers IQ and general personality traits of that society.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


1. When you are more intelligent than the rest of the world, it becomes difficult to empathize with these idiots.

II. Be generous to your friends, but be aware of the danger if your trust in them. Trust, Verify and still be prepared for betrayal. Enjoy the friendship while it lasts, if you let a friend walk safe from your halls as a last gesture before condemning him to your enmity and/or you tell him so, be aware that he might be capable of finishing you off while you execute your generosity.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

When you almost seduce a hot feminine girl but miss by an inch due to logistics!

In matters of seduction, we can learn a lot about our own biology and natures.

When you almost seduce a hot feminine girl who is perfect for you (could be long hair, could be the way she looks at you, she needn't even be very hot but definitely above a 7 in face and body ;D ) but miss by an inch due to logistics, your body and emotions react very strongly.

The least effects and shortest amount of time these actual mental, physical and physiological effects ( shock, slight depression etc.) are felt by Alpha males ... the greatest by Omega males who could be forever destabilized by such experiences unless they learn to develop their personal skills.

The reason for these effects are not due to their being something weak in us, on the contrary it is a reaction of our body and brain combined, where the brain perceived a perfectly optimal genetic match for your offspring (CMVG specific of course) and is terribly disillusioned of being deprived the chance to pass on your genes to an optimal match, thereby further optimising your genetic lineage.

From this also, we can learn when there is a disconnect between our Ego and what our brain actually thinks about our own sexual market value. Thus, when ever you go through such an experience, realize that your brain still isn't fully trained to see abundance of women (CLVG) everywhere and still perceives your status as lower.

When you identify and acknowledge, you can work on your inner belief systems* to bring that shock down to less time or eliminate it. The experience is in fact monumentally helpful for those looking to self-actualize to their fullest potential as it is a recognizable and very tangible effect that can be felt and that is like a warning light.

The human brain and body are indeed marvelous machines of evolution, learn to optimize them.

 *The First Wayd of Auaria has excellent points for this, but everyone can tailor, tweak and change them to their own personalities strengths.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Temperature & Life

In our Universe, the temperature of matter goes up to billions of degrees hot, while it only goes down to a few hundred degree cold before reaching absolute zero where all matter is immovably constant.

Thus, for human life to exist so near the lower threshold whereas intuitively it would make more sense for life to develop in the median range of a few hundred million degrees celsius, is quite interesting.

One would expect the most abundant life form to thrive in hundreds of millions of degrees, there being such a wealth of such regions.

Ergo, maybe there are civilizations which exist in such states and for whom our planet could be unbearably kalt.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Use feminsm, equalism and it's supporters to destroy your foes

The most potent weapon to destroy a group of people, a society, nations, religions or civilizations is to FEMINIZE (CLVGize) it.

 Encourage Equalism, Multi-culturalism, multi-racialism and Feminism (CLVGism). Utilize this weapon to strike down your foes.

Friday, August 2, 2013


If a Leader does not Lead his men, they will Lead themselves out of his Leadership.

Monday, July 29, 2013

The Myth of "Being Born With Rights"

Survival of the fittest.

From the biggest galaxies to the smallest atoms, this holds true.

When an animal is born, there are no RIGHTS awarded to it just because it's born, a Lion BECOMES.

Any civilization that wants to continue advancing and growing without failing needs to understand this and let nature do the culling and make it efficient.


And if you cannot EARN a RIGHT, then shut up or put up.

When you are born, you cannot claim a "RIGHT TO PROTECTION and LIFE" , YOU, YOURSELF are doing NOTHING to EARN that right, you are BEGGING and being GIVEN that RIGHT by your families and your environment.

The biggest weakness of all Civilization is believing in a "Law of Fairness", "Bill of Rights".

Fairness only comes to those who EARN it, RIGHTS only come to those who ACHIEVE THEM.

Condom Use & Increase in Smegma

It should be pretty obvious to any CMVG(Men) in today's society that prolonged condom-only intercourse leads to increase in Smegma.

Another benefit of unchained female hypergamy and slut-enabling culture:

Now men have to eaither risk getting STDs or mutilate their genitals via Circumcision. Even to avoid STDs free birth control is the current domain of CLVGs(girls) while CMVGs are again forced to pay to risk their health from the lesser of two evils(?).

Imagine if this was done to CLVGs(girls), having to use something that increases risk on vaginal infection, we would have protests and death threats while their birth-control will be free.

Non-willing-to-actualize Omega/Beta Males. Non-willing-to-actualize Lesser Alpha Males and Girls are the bane of any civilization.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Auarian Warriaur

Yield To the blow, Firm For the blow.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Evolution of The Speed Of Thought

The hall mark of a Man (a CMVG: Civilizationally More Valuable Gender) is that he never hides who he was, is or will be but owns up to and builds on it.

The reason this is stated now is that all through this blog, you can trace the evolution and refinement of Mayhaan's Thoughts.

Learn from the evolution and understand that we each become better and better if we seek to be, even if some of our future natures conflict with our pasts, it only points to the new beacons of knowledge that shine upon the previous darkness which we only conjectured about.

What Governments Fear

Governments Fear individuals and groups who are absolutely willing to sacrifice themselves and ruthlessly attack and defend their points of views and aim at eviscerating any who dare attack their way of life.

These are the people or societies that governments of weak willed people and governments "elected" by objectively measurable weak minded (the majority of the human race) are like.

Remember this fact when you decide on your allegiance and course of action or when you are in a corner.

A crumbling edifice fears more a lonely blast that can explode it than a thousand gusts of well-meaning but diffused wind.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Art of Business

All is fair in Love and War, and in Business, we are forever in love with our ideas and always at war with one another.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Cyclical Big Bangs and Apex Civilizations

Black holes could also be a way to "Big Bang" , There are black holes in the center of galaxies if there are black holes in the center of the universe Then at one point of time all matter in the universe may go into the black hole and then reaching the point of infinite mass may be ejected via a white hole That would be dubbed the Big Bang.

An Apex civilization which can exist and control in the form of energy. mass and all other forms across all universes may be able to initiate this big bang at will or let them happen to observe them.

What is the opposite of Justice? Women.

Any Society that permits lower-consciousness beings like CLVGs/Women to be Judges or Jurors or Authority figures is no fit place for Justice or CMVGs/Men.

When the Truth is UNIVERSALLY SCREAMING IN THEIR FACES, they do what they can, THEY DISALLOW TRUTHFUL EVIDENCE or Evidence that goes CONTRARY to THEIR JUNGLE-ANIMAL-FEELINGS worldview and focus on the selective viewing of the pre-determined sentence they FEEL LIKE GIVING.

PATHETIC, thy name is WOMAN.

Cases In Point: Later Roman Empire, Later Greek Empire, Later British Empire, Current USA Empire.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

The No. 2 Enemies of Civilization

There have been, throughout history, and will be a group of people whose ONLY aim is to maximize THEIR OWN WEALTH WHATEVER THE COST. We shall refer to them henceforth as Civilizationally Parasitic People. (CPPs)

These groups and people benefit from destruction of socially-cohesive structures which enable a civilization to stand e.g. Families as well as encourage CLVGs to destabilize the existing civilizations along with the other Civilizationally Useless Groups who are Reproductive and Civilizational Dead-Ends and exceptions.

After CLVGs, these people are the biggest threat to civilizations, as their wealth is maximized during the growth of civilization and then maximized more (relative to a Civilizational Growth Phase) from initiating Civilizational Destruction.

They will fund think tanks, lobbies, groups, propaganda, media and views which will be unrealistic but play on the emotions of the weak and foolish.

These people have to be eliminated from the civilization, as they are the biggest threat after CLVGs and in fact, constitute a big part of handing over power to CLVGs througout Human History and then enjoying the inevitable decline, helping speed it up, case in point, Voting rights in the USA given to CLVGs and then the USA going from a producing nation to a CONSUMING Nation with more and more rights taken away from families and CMVGs and given to CLVGs due to laws passed by governments who are lobbied by powerful "Foundations" whose roots can be traced back to funding by these parasites.

It brings to mind th rise and fall of Trantor, the collapsed Empire World in Isaac Asimov's seminal series "Foundation". Also, it is parallel to the rise and fall of the Roman, Greek and British Empire.

Be wary of these people and remove them from civilization.

Striving to maximize wealth is never evil, but when it comes TO THE EXCLUSION OF EVERYTHING ELSE, then a slave to wealth is not to be endured or trusted.


Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Definition of Selfish

When the world cannot derive any benefits from your talents without justly paying for them, it calls you Selfish. :)

Thursday, June 20, 2013

The beginning of consciousness and memory

All of us spend some part of our life lacking consciousness and memory as babies until the age when we are consciously aware of our surroundings and start of memory.

It is a sobering thought that all of us know what it is like to exist as an unsentient being for some part of our life.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Failure : Working more to undermine your competitor

When we work more to undermine your competition, when you focus more of your efforts on harming someone than utilizing that energy to increase your own momentum, you will not only defeat yourself but hand victory to an otherwise inconsequential enemy.

Focus your rage too further your own self, success is victory!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Choice of Strength

When we encounter someone stronger than us, our first instinct is generally Fear. We correlate this fear to evil. What we do not stop and think of is:

Strength is strength, realize it, understand those who wield it,  work to achieve it and become one of the Strong.

Punishing the strong for being strong is the action of a weak minded and corrupt individual, who deserve culling. Do not put yourself in this category, rise above your hindbrain and understand that together, with Strength, you can make a difference.

Might is Right.
Strength is Might. 
Dedication is Strength. 
Objectivity is Dedication. 
Purity is Objectivity.
Reality is Purity.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Attraction to people of different genetic Makeup

There is a lot of real-world evidence that will support the fact that inter-racial attraction is evolutionarily hard-wired into us and advantageous in individuals with a "high inter-racial" desire.

This is basically their genes telling them that there are some qualities that need to be balanced with someone from the race they are attracted to. This is generally truer for CMVGs (Men) than CLVGs (girls).

This is also evident in shorter girls preferring extremely tall men as their short stature makes them easy "prey" in a tribal society so they seek out the strongest protector. This can be extrapolated to many different qualities, though the one unifying theme is that these rules of this attraction only apply to non-lying, healthy body fat (12-19%) and sexually and psychologically normal individuals.

The Fall of Greatness

Great Men are Born and Made. But Great men can lose their greatness if they become a part of the social commentary and fail to rise above it and see the world for what it really is.

World "leaders" are a prime example of who remains Great and who falls fro Greatness.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Unprocessed Food Your Body Prefers

At any given point of time in your life, the UNPROCESSED foods , fruits or vegetables your taste-buds PREFER. Your Body PREFERS... is what you are DEFICIENT in.

Specific deficiencies create specific signs, such as a tingle in your gums when you  eat fruit with Vitamins which you are deficient in, these could vary from person to person, but it is a marvelous quality of biological organisms.

Let us be very clear, a CRAVING is NOT a PREFERENCE. And some in-built preferences are evolutionary advantageous in TIMES OF FAMINE. e.g. the preference for sugar etc. but even if you eat a lot of sugar, if you stop and monitor yourself, you will realize that after only a small amount your body's NEED to ingest it goes away.


Why People Resort to Name Calling in Political Debates

The reason people resort to name calling in Political debates is the lack of time to communicate, coherently, their respective life experiences and thought processes, back and forth until they can come to a common ground based on rationale and reason.

It is easier to view the other side as a SIMPLE IDEA, than break it down into its constituents, Patience and Intelligence are rare virtues and if you kick an intelligent Man enough, he will do what he has always done.... what is BEST FOR HIMSELF.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Men are Better Communicators and Emotionally Superior than females.

Through the un-education and re-education process that higher-awareness human beings go through, we also realize a couple of things that are shoved down our throats as complete and utter bullshit.

One of these memes is:
"females ar better communicators than Men"
"females are more emotionally superior than Men"

Looking around, stopping and observing, we find these to be inane ramblings of a deranged mind who want to upset the natural and progressive order of things to twisted caricatures that fit their own aberrational natures.

Simply put,

Communicating MORE does NOT mean Communicating BETTER. 
*THIS is what females do, they communicate more, and USELESSLY. If we take the percentage of effective communication w.r.t amount of communication, females are worse than animals at communicating. Men, speak less, to the point and effectively.... ergo LIE DESTROYED.

*This is again an eerie echo of the explanation above. Look around and see the truth.

Quality and Quantity are 2 hugely disparate aspects. 

More Quantity does NOT mean Better Quality.


Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Opposing Knees in Humans

If we consider the human elbow as a sort of knee joint, we observe that humans have 2 knee joints which are oppositely angled, thus allowing the wide variety of motion human beings possess.

Why is it easier to Oppress Men rather than girls?


Men have a makeup that takes the tough that life gives them, and run with it. In good times or bad Men Complain LESS.

Girls, ALWAYS, complain. Good Times? COMPLAIN. Bad times? COMPLAIN.

It is easier to oppress people who do not go around shouting out their self-perceived misery to everyone in sight, a quietly suffering demographic is a highly-oppressable demographic.

On the other hand, a demographic that loses not one moment in every day to complain about EVERYTHING to do with them is harder to ignore.

Rulers who want to build civilizations would be wise to heed this. LOUDER AND MORE COMPLAINING do NOT change reality. It just shows the characters of the demographic.

To finish,

Those who complain loudest are also those who run away fastest. Complaining is for cowards, and cowards are easily cowed.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Fathers or Mothers. (Patriarchy Vs Matriarchy)

In "modern" times, every child grows up being spoon fed a pablum of "mothers are the most loving, caring, self-sacrificing of the two parents" while the father is seen as a much more distant figure.

If we take the histories of the Babylonian, Roman and current Anglo -civilizations, we see that Mothers, when given EQUAL rights, whether to vote, at-will divorce, to get default custody of children or just being a single-mother, utterly and completely in 95%+ of cases DESTROY the Lives of their children.

Single Mothers:
Create drama, separate the children and poison their minds against fathers, cause irreperable long-term destruction of lives, but as INJURIES INFLICTED ON THE SOULD CANNOT BE SEEN, they are let off.
 The Men grow up to lack a father figure and become criminalized ( Poor people in the Anglo World), mentally unstable (School Shootings) or forced into alternate sexuality.
The girls grow up to be unrestrained sluts i.e. Hypergamous with the logical part of their brain shut down. Deeply unhappy, unfulfilled, manipulative, conniving and ultimately bitter.

Single Fathers:
More nurturing, more caring, more discplinarian, more supportive and more stable. DO NOT SLANDER THE MOTHER.
The Men grow up to be Men.
The girls grow up to be feminine, logical and happy.

Why go and research, look into your own home, ye vast majority, the father is the calmer, gentler, more logical, more supportive, sterner and disciplinarian, and yet he will be there to help even when you royally mess up your life.


Mothers, on the other hand, even in a WELL ADJUSTED society are always selfish, complaining, bitching, beating, verbally-abusing and creating tension in the house with little to no redeeming qualities to offset the mountain of negativity they have heaped on their offspring. In fact, history will show that only when their HYPERGAMOUS instincts are controlled by lack of "DEFAULT CHILD CUSTODY", "LACK OF ALIMONY", "LACK OF CHILD SUPPORT", "LACK OF NO FAULT DIVORCE" do these selfish beings of human nature withhold their worst instincts and give way to their best ones.

The moment they are given even an inch, their hypergamous instincts kick in to DESTROY families, abuse their husband, abuse their children, separate the father from his offspring and poison the offspring towards the other parents.

Fathers, on the other hand, today, before the fall of Rome, before the fall of the British Empire, were already persecuted, whereas before that, when they were given preference, they, in the OVERWHELMING MAJORITY OF CASES< NEVER ABUSE their AUTHORITY.

It is said that AUTHORITY is given but RESPECT is earned. Mothers take Authority and do not earn respect, fathers let Authority be but EARN RESPECT.

What then is this drivel that is inserted in the heads of every child everywhere since time immemorial about the supĂ©rioritĂ© of Mothers? What is this if not another way for the weak and unable , for the cheats and scums that are the female of the species to transfer more assets to themselves without working for it.



The female of the human species is what she is due to it being necessary for our REPRODUCTIVE SURVIVAL. Once we start looking at them through a CIVILIZATIONAL lens, all our pedestals and illusions built around them disappear.

Once a species has no need to fear for Reproductive Existence, it MUST focus on CIVILIZATIONAL SUSTENANCE AND ADVANCEMENT to survive.

For only then will we be free of this abuse of our dual nature, of our dual gendered species of which one must always build while the other must always destroy.

Single Mothers are a bane to civilizations, Single Fathers are the Struts and a complete family under a STRONG MAN, a STRONG FATHER and a Man who is GOOD AT BEING A MAN is the Bulwark of Civilizations.

Saturday, May 25, 2013


What if "visions" or so-called "interactions with a holy power" were actually real-life existing entities from other universes who just happened to slip through a multi-versal rift to appear in the mental wavelengths or even in-person to the person having them.

This individual then, would not be incorrect to believe what he saw, even though the rationality he uses to explain the vision might be biased.

Writers too, write stories that have a high probability of existing in one of the infinite number of universes that our choices, based on Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle, create every moment. 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Evils of Smoking vs Evils of Obesity

Smoking is a sure shot way to destroy your body, this has always been an obvious truth.

Obesity is a sure shot way to destroy your body, this has always been an obvious truth.

The difference is, without condoning any of the actions and taking nicotine-addiction as an example....

in a very high percentage of cases (95%+ across cultures, countries and continents) people addicted to Nicotine have a much healthier Muscle to Fat ratio... especially prominent in girls, who stick to evolutionarily advantageous skinny-ness.

If we shame nicotine addiction, as in the UK and the USA and anglo countries, human beings will replace that craving for nicotine with a craving for sugar.

End result, Instead of Skinny people who die at 80 of lung cancer, you have morbidly obese disgusting looking human beings who have Diabetes, heart disease, obesity, respiratory problems et al.

So the question is of common sense, if a common Human being needs to be addicted to one thing,

Nicotine -> harmful , death by lung cancer at an old age, through the majority of life has negligible effect on an average human being's appearance and life.

Sugar -> harmful from childhood to old age, leads to cardiac problems, life threatening diseases like Diabetes, Cancer, respiration and unfit body and evolutionarily disgusting for an average human being.

Taking this example of Nicotine vs Sugar craving, we learn an important facet of an average Human Being, but also the fact that some addictions lead to demise of civilizations while others have a negligible effect on them as evidenced by all these countries use and ban of smoking and consequent rise, especially among the weaker Human Beings i.e. the female gender's ballooning up into Morbidly Obese land-whales.

Also, Very interestingly, Tobacco and it's related health effects are NOT as profitable for Big Corporations (especially in health care) as is Obesity, because Tobacco gives them one shot at cancer-treatment while Obesity and its side effects create a market and life-long consumer of their medicines and treatments especially for life-long disease like diabetes.

A superior human being conquers His addictions and rises above it. And to rise is to realize yourself as an Auarian.

Monday, May 20, 2013

The obvious difference between Men and girls

Gay men are allergic to pussy, Yet, they Love girls.

Lesbian girls are allergic to cock, And, they HATE men.

This is because, even though gay , Men are Men.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

A Basic Formula for successful civilization or society

A basic formula for a successful and Enduring society is Social Conservatism with Economic Liberalism.
All civilizations in their Ascent display these qualities.

All civilizations In their descent display the opposite i.e. social liberalism and economic totalitarianism.

Monday, May 6, 2013

The Auarian Principles (Draft)

1. Auaria's aim is, above all, to advance civilization, by any means necessary. Nothing is more important than Civilizational Advancement not Equalism, not capitalism, not Religion, not Secularism, NO -isms are ever more important. This is the First and most Fundamentally Important Principles of Auaria.

2. Auaria is a land, society or group of Immigrants. No one is born in Auaria. Those who are born have to go through the same immigration process when they turn 14 as everyone else. The process is known as The Ascension. Failure to Ascend the first time leads to The Fall for beings born in Auaria. For non-Auarian born, the third time they fail they will be subject to The Fall. The Fall is removal from the civilization. 

29. Auarians answer neither to gods nor men nor other beings, they answer only to Auaria.

1a. It takes only one Auarian for Auaria to exist. There will be no "different schools of Auaria" , no right, no left, no center. Auaria is absolute or not Auaria at all.

30. Auaria will never be a Welfare State, it will be a state, a society, a land where every Auarian has to earn their survival, Survival of only the fittest. 

2. Auarian Principles will not be amended or added to ever except by Mayhaan, any Auarian that tries to do this should be executed, if an Auarian society does this, they are no longer Auarian.

4. The screening process of Auaria ensures that most of the principles relating to crime and punishment need never be used, however, there are always exceptions, in these cases they will serve to maintain Auarian Ethos.


5a. Based on The First Principle of Auaria, CMVG is defined as The Civilizationally More Valuable Gender, CLVG is defined as Civilizationally Less Valuable Gender.

5b. The Principles of Auaria are based out of the heavily-researched, proven and universal truths that following these Principles will lead to happiness for both CMVGs and CLVGs.

3. Voting rights have to be earned in Auaria, a vote is weighted from 1 to 10, 10 being given to the individuals with the highest contribution and ability, 1 to individuals who demonstrate ability accepted as extraordinary by Mayhaan Standard. This right is re-evaluated every year. 

3b. Auarians getting any sort of aid from Auaria where their contributions are less than their consumptions will have no voting rights or have their voting rights rescinded. No more than 2.5% of the voting-age population may be made out of non-voters and every 2 years, the ones who remain in the 2.5% for 2 years or more should be executed. 

3c. Auaria's aim is to be a society of people who are universally able to earn the right to vote. Voting rights can be earned from the age of 14, casting of votes is allowed from the age of 35.

4. The Reproductively more valuable but Civilizationally less valuable gender will not be allowed to vote or influence decisions in any Auarian society.  This includes, as examples, Government, Judiciary, Military, Media or any organizations etc. They are not expected to ever truly understand and be what an Auarian is but shall be a part of Auaria for reproductive purposes only. Unless able to pass the tests to be Auarians, they shall not be given the rights of any CLVG Auarians, limited as CLVG Auarian rights are.

4b. A major Maxim of Auaria when interpreting laws is, The Law is the Law but it is subservient to being Right. If any Auarian can prove in their interpretation that the Law is being wrongly applied and an alternative is right and agrees fully with the Laws of Auaria when those laws are interpreted correctly, the Auarian must have his day. This will not change any Principles of Auaria but will be applied only to the case in question.

>>>>>>>Televised Govt. Proceedings?<<<<

>>>From Mayhaan
The principles I serve, do not give me emotional validation, they do not give me social validation, I do not seek these things.
I seek only to remain true to these principles
1. Honour
2. Loyalty
3. Respect
4. Justice
5. Truth
6. Love
And many more.
The perfect man is the same, never desiring validation, always serving these principles because he believes in them and fulfilling them gives him his own happiness and fulfillment.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Best Way to know a Man's Character

The best way to know a Man's character is to observe whether he covets the girl you approach and whether he actively tries to seduce her even when he knows you have a good chance.

A man who puts down his friend's efforts to woo a lady and competes with him actively is not a man but a little bitch.

Bitches have no honour and Never Trust someone without Honour.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Justice Systems as Weaknesses

Societies that encourage individuals to run to 3Rd parties for justice for matters big and small make their members unable to fight and seek justice by themselves.

Thus is born a society of weak men, manipulative women and rascal leaders.
To beg for justice is to admit at having failed to live up and defend your honour as a Man. Better to die with honour than live as a beggar in shame.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Destiny and Our Ability to Change It

When people talk about Destiny, they usually cannot think past the concept on the "how" of it?

How does destiny work? What is the system behind a "fate" and also the erroneous assumption that "fate cannot be changed".

Put simply, Destiny is the The Grand Unified Theory of Physics in action.

Before you are born, there are infinite number of variables which fit in their values in the equation and charted out your course of existence. So, can we change it?

Here comes the more interesting part, Destiny is also subject to another very basic principle of Physics, The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle, which states that "at any given moment in time, we can only determine either the location or the speed of an infinitely small particle, as the forces used to determine either of these values WILL change the other value to a Range of Values"

Thus, when Mayhaan says

"You can change your Destiny"

this is what Mayhaan means,

every little part of your life, every little decision you make can have a net zero, a net positive or a net negative effect on your life plan or "Destiny".

Great Men's actions have a much more powerful effect on their "Default Fate" and thus they change it or make it better, every action you can take at every moment can fall into a range of values, the most common of these is if you behave exactly as if you are expected to behave in your environment AT THAT POINT OF EXISTENCE.

if you diverge significantly, you change your Fate SIGNIFICANTLY.

All the ranges of actions you can take at any moment fall in a bell curve or most probable to least probable in every direction. The greater your change of action, the greater the effect on your Destiny.

Ergo, DESTINY is NOT Set in Stone. FATE IS prewritten but YOU with YOUR ACTIONS can CHANGE YOUR FATE.

Remember this and use this and see yourself rise above those who blindly follow their lives paths of most probability.

Sheep rarely change their destiny, Lions makes their fates anew each day.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Food and Intelligence

When a species evolves to a level where they do not have to spend a significant portion of their daily lives hunting for food or searching for sustenance, then their brains start developing intellectually as they have a wealth of time to pursue other pursuits.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Formation of Earth

Maybe we can observe the formation of the earth, the moon and the solar system in the snatches of light reflected back from planetary bodies outside the solar system, a kind of... Reflection Viewing.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Conservatives and Liberals

Conservatives and liberals are by nature essentially the same, as a system once set, is bound to have people against it.

A conservative system which has existed for some time will have liberal opposition, liberals coming to power , over a period of time would also tend to the same mean, thus getting turned into conservatives and the new liberals made up of conservatives (by definition supporters of  the earlier system).

This balance is the reason of the policy flip-flops and the same party being on one end of policy at one point of time and the other end at another.

They are essentially the same. And those who recognize this and can rise above it to always do what is Objectively right are the only ones fit to be selected to rule.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

True Greatness

True Greatness is the mark of a being who is great or achieves greatness in every possible multiverse of his existence in every probable combination of conditions.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The ELement of The Soul

Is the Soul, The Will, in living beings made of an element, chemical or otherwise, that grows stronger the more it is stressed or stress put on it?

We already have examples of such elements existing in nature.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Rise and Fall of Civilizations

Objective, non-biased, stoic reading of the history of Man has shed light on one fact which solves the one mystery that we ask ourselves over and over, WHY do Civilizations fall after rising up?

Why is it repeated?

Why is it cyclical?

Is it a defect in Human Beings?

But after years of re-learning the truth and unlearning the lies, one truth becomes evident.

MEN build Civilization, Women raze it down.

Men build civilization to benefit ALL OF MANKIND, women destroy civilization by seeking to benefit women ALONE.

In general,

Civilisationally More Valuable Genders Build Civilization, Civilizationally Less Valuable Genders Raze Civilization Down.

For continued Civilizational advancement, this truth points to the solution.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Cyclical Big Bangs, Black Holes and Civilizational Pinnacles

Does the Universe as we know it continually expand until it starts imploding , collapsing into a small dense uniform point of infinite density and then explode out again in a Big bang to repeat the same cycle again and again?

If so, then are Black holes like little anchor points which slow down expansion until the crucial point when they "pointing back" help in contraction of the universe?

If so, do we go under the same trials and tribulations as different civilizations and species cyclically?

And if thus, then is it not the pinnacle of achievement to be free of this cycle, of time (which is a result of this cycle) and be above and beyond it.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Origins of Races

I forget if I have stated this before.

Race, is a construct of Evolution.

The evolution is defined by Climate, Food, Geography (Mountains vs Inland Plains vs Coastal). These result in specific Physical, Mental and Emotional set of traits of Individuals.

In the case of Earth, If we take a uniform set of humans over thousands of years, the effect of climate would be:

1. Cold Northern Climate:
Quite far from equator, Less sun, risk of losing body warmth, etc:
 Body compensates by reducing melanin to have whiter skin to absorb maximum amount of sunlight, nostrils are sharper and smaller to prevent excessive heat loss through respiration, eye color, hair color, all are lighter to maximize Vitamin D intake, due to extreme cold, people are more concerned with keeping themselves occupied, warm and unable to perform gymnastics in social life as it expends too much energy thus, they are  Intelligent, stiff, persevering. Decide in White/Black. More focused and driven. Develop advanced civilizations fastest to avoid extermination due to climate. Bigger group, more likelihood of extermination. Small groups, leads to extremely strong social bonds but not openness. Rely on individual ability to survive. In females, this is characterized by being skinnier as a way to subsist on limited quantities of food during hard time.

2. Coastal Areas: 
Near Equator, Below Equator, Next to sea/ocean, Away from South Pole, Sunny, Warm, etc :
People evolve to develop more melanin to protect skin from cancer by over exposure, thus they are more tan. their diet is sea-food and it being a great source of protein and helping in keratin development, it leads to black haired islanders. Their features are middling, not sharp, nor broad but mixed and their open environment gives rise to opportunities to socialize and be active thus they are more flexible (better dancers) , more adaptable (do not have to make life/death decisions) and morally grey. More laissez-faire and carefree. Develop advanced civilizations very slowly.

3. Inlanders with hot weather:
Hot, Sunny, Plains, less water around, rivers/lakes, far from sea/ocean:
Combine features of the coastal race with increased aggression as lack of abundant water sources leads to occasional life/death decisions. Driven mostly with some carefree attitudes.

4. Equatorial Areas/Extreme Heat:
Extremely Hot, Desert alternating with Lush Forests, Dotted with rivers but not next to the sea:
Evolve extremely dark skin to minimize damage from UV radiation, wide nostrils to get rid of excess body heat in respiration. Very active due to non-existent cold, extremely lively, carefree but also extremely morally grey, unfocused (easy availability of food, resources to survive) and not driven. Great dancers and athletic ability due to no periodic restrictions (winter) on physical activity. As Life/Death decisions are not linked to survival on resources, have low IQ due to non-need of using critical thinking, Life/Death decisions, however, do require constant social status monitoring and thus they develop advanced group cohesion skills and rely on numbers to survive. In females, this is characterized by being fatter/overweight as a way to store up on the plentiful food stores to ensure maximum chances of survival of children during pregnancy and of mother, after pregnancy.

Diet and Race

Diet's effect on physical appearance is extremely fast and observable within 10-15 years of an individual being born.

Diet is meat and animal based due to less incidence of plant life so meat-eaters have specific defined bone structures and muscles development, Sea-food diet has its own defining physical characteristics evenident from Asians in hot climate to Eskimos in bitter cold, vegetarians have their own defining characteristics.

This is evident in any child of any race eating any diet, over a period of time looks more like the population whose diet the child is eating.

All of these can be extrapolated to any planet and predictions made on the character of sentient or non-sentient species.

*This might be updated as more truths become evident.

A rare 0.001% of each Race might transcend their environment to rise above the mental/emotional makeup of their own race. These are generally people who are adept at being worldly, principles, conscionable and adaptable with tons of individual abilities..

These are also for whom Auaria is set up.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Id & Ego

Your Ego is the aspiration of your Id.

The bigger your Id grows, the bigger your ego.

Always aim for more than what you are, and never apologize for your Ego. It is an expression of your hopes and dreams. But always remember, your Id is who you presently are.

Your present is your Id, your successful future is your Ego.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Men are GENETICALLY superior to women

Man: X- chromosome, Y- chromosome.
woman: X-chromosome, another redundant X-chromosome.

The "98% similarity between Human and Chimp DNA" is concentrated on the X-chromosome.

 The Y-Chromosome on the other hand is more than 30% different between Humans and Chimps and evolving.

Thus it seems that X-chromosomes make us more similar to unevolved animals and Y-chromosomes makes us more similar to the Sentient Human beings we are.

Even in Evolutionary Psychology, if we extrapolate these findings, we notice that of the two genders, the one which behaves more "emotionally, impulsively and irrationally" (in short like non-sentient animals) is the female human gender with double the X-chromosomes.

 And of course the gender that behaves more rationally, logically and is responsible for 99.9% of ALL Human Achievement if not more is the only one with a Y-chromosome in addition to an X, i.e. Men.

Men are, in short, the drivers of evolution, while women are a backup foundation of our biological makeup. Backup foundations because Men already possess an X-chromosome foundation built in.

The Y-chromosome is responsible for evolution, adaptation, survival and reproduction to an extremely Huge degree. While the X-chromosome is like a foundation for the Y to work on.

Thus, while an X and a Y combination have sufficient genetic material to replicate an XX or XY combination, the same, sadly cannot be said for the XX combination.

Two foundations don't make a monument, but a foundation and scaffold do. Human Civilization is testament to this truth.

Human Bifurcation into Man and woman

It seems extremely common-sensical to trace our evolutionary origins to single-gendered organisms in the past.

It has also been proven that such species are at a much higher risk of extinction from diseases that can wipe out their genetic makeup.

Thus humans evolved dual-genders to minimize that risk by spreading genetic material between two sexes.

Thus diseases that are peculiar to men and peculiar to women exist that have little effect on the other gender.

In this context, men also have been given the evolutionary edge by having a varied genetic makeup that assures that evolution continues and if the female of our species dies out in some tragedy, they can be replicated by the X-men chromosome in men.

Unfortunately, if men were to die out in an even greater tragedy, we would go extinct as women have  a redundant copy of the same gene i.e. 2 X-chromosomes.

Along with being the Civilizationally More Valuable Gender, Men are also the Genetically More Valuable Gender along with being the Evolutionary More Valuable Gender with a potential to take up the slack of being the Reproductively More Valuable Gender.

Even as such, and most of the rational gender will support the following statement while most of the irrational animal-like gender will scream and stomp (as is their nature)

  The relations between the sexes should be viewed rationally and we should understand the fact that Man and Woman are bifurcated parts of HuMan.

Monday, January 7, 2013

The Average Nature of a Successful Species

To be a successful species, AND civilizationally advanced, the average member of the species is extremely selfish, when put in a crunch situation.

This is not a judgement, it is a fact.

This nature is extremely useful while the Species is expanding and helps the Species to survive and successfully propagate.

Wise men would do well to be aware of this when making laws, as people are much more prone to abuse laws when it comes to being personally advantageous to them.

Case in point, incentive-to-divorce laws, incentive-to-accuse laws, incentive-to-slander laws in ancient Greece, Mesopotamia, Egypt, Kingdom of Rome, United Kingdom and current "developed nations" of Earth's 20th and 21st century.

The more alarming trend of course is that ignoring this fact of the nature of successful species and enacting such laws contribute to eventual downfalls of the successful civilizations.

Sunday, January 6, 2013


Jealousy is Evolution's way of telling you that you have over-valued something or someone and you should re-assess their worth and lower it to again achieve equilibrium and rationality.