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Monday, December 9, 2013

Weissverse: Time & black holes

If Time breaks down in a black hole then every particle must be in stasis, unchanging, thus everything could be inert. Travelling and non-travelling at the same time.

Think of Time as a Line you can draw to change the location and/or Nature of a 3-D object. You can draw it going Forward from a Point, going Backwards, in a Circle, a Sphere (higher than 4 dimensions), at Angles....Everywhere. So being Outside TimeSpace is just being in Control of It.

What if TimeSpace is like a fabric designed to resist damage to itself. A self-repairing design if you will, then you would never be able to sense changes you yourself have made and once constructed this kind of TimeSpace would require tremendous amounts of Energy to change even for the Beings who made it.

Or Maybe , these Beings made it precisely so that the amounts of Energy needed to change it would be impossible in the nature of the fabric, exceed the maximum Energy available at any point in the TimeSpace fabric but those Energy levels would be easily achieved by the Creators.

Even if the Universe is not such a design, a Universe with such a design would be very useful and interesting.

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