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Monday, April 8, 2013

Destiny and Our Ability to Change It

When people talk about Destiny, they usually cannot think past the concept on the "how" of it?

How does destiny work? What is the system behind a "fate" and also the erroneous assumption that "fate cannot be changed".

Put simply, Destiny is the The Grand Unified Theory of Physics in action.

Before you are born, there are infinite number of variables which fit in their values in the equation and charted out your course of existence. So, can we change it?

Here comes the more interesting part, Destiny is also subject to another very basic principle of Physics, The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle, which states that "at any given moment in time, we can only determine either the location or the speed of an infinitely small particle, as the forces used to determine either of these values WILL change the other value to a Range of Values"

Thus, when Mayhaan says

"You can change your Destiny"

this is what Mayhaan means,

every little part of your life, every little decision you make can have a net zero, a net positive or a net negative effect on your life plan or "Destiny".

Great Men's actions have a much more powerful effect on their "Default Fate" and thus they change it or make it better, every action you can take at every moment can fall into a range of values, the most common of these is if you behave exactly as if you are expected to behave in your environment AT THAT POINT OF EXISTENCE.

if you diverge significantly, you change your Fate SIGNIFICANTLY.

All the ranges of actions you can take at any moment fall in a bell curve or most probable to least probable in every direction. The greater your change of action, the greater the effect on your Destiny.

Ergo, DESTINY is NOT Set in Stone. FATE IS prewritten but YOU with YOUR ACTIONS can CHANGE YOUR FATE.

Remember this and use this and see yourself rise above those who blindly follow their lives paths of most probability.

Sheep rarely change their destiny, Lions makes their fates anew each day.

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