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Friday, December 13, 2013

Weissdom: Rule

Politicians are people who sit at home trying to convince people that they have a problem and they need to be helped/ruled, while the most independent people are out fighting and dealing with their problems or building solutions and eradicating obstacles.

That is why politicians, those vile vermins, will always hate independent individuals because it is difficult to get something from people who do not require or want help.

Creating a dependence is their bread-and-butter and once you vote them in, they will create more scenarios where you will need to depend on them to help you out of the problems they create for you, this is why a democracy is a self-destructive movement, and when it goes down it takes antire civilizations with it.

Beware of the mean-spirited beings, their little actions can add up to great harm. Excise them.

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