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Monday, December 30, 2013

Weissdom: Societe

The persecution of Masculine, Great Men and pretty, feminine girls, the cream of their respective genders is a hallmark of a sick and mentally-diseased society.

 To propagandize the best of Humanity as idiots and blundering fools is one of the highest feats of projection that those who are born without these qualities and those who are unwilling to strive to them, try.

To Exalt the ugliest and most undeserving and falsely bestow and project on them the characteristics of the Strong(The Stark!) is a sick propaganda engendering sickness and depravity.

  Low cunning and high ugliness generally goes together. But through Self-Improvement most such people can elevate themselves to normal or above, reaching their full potential.

  A Principles and Good soul which also takes care of its body will ear a place and Love.

 We may not all achieve Beauty but we can all achieve a Higher State of Being and Through It a Measure of Happiness & Warmth in our fellow Man.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Weissdom: Truth, Vrai, Wahrheit, Verita

We believe in Truth because we believe in the Beauty of the Human Race, of Humanity.

An Androgynous, Asexual society characterized by base emotions and unprincipled in its nature is a mockery and Vile Mutation of the Beauty that is the true form of humans as Men and females.

All those who seek to banish the truth about the beauty of the Human Race by hiding behind epithets and false morals like unearned-Equality and -isms are the most twisted disgusting beings, not even worthy of being called Beings,who want to make Humanity twisted and disgusting and twisted and disgusting like them.

Auaria shall forever stand against it and Triumph!!!

Weissdom: CLVGs should not be allowed to pervert achievements

Men (CMVGs) should not allow females (CLVGs) to utilize their Achievements, inventions, technology and Civilizations for their petty, self-aggrandizing and Civilizationally Destructive wishes, whims and fancies.

As they are animals, they WILL do this. They would rather use your achievements to make life easier for themselves and focus on irrelevant things than to contribute in any positive way from their usage.

In the same way, any Achievement that gives them an outlet to further indulge their moronic fancies will necessarily be overwhelmed by them and their support and then their clamour and bleating for idiotic rights and features. Beware and be in Control.

Weissdom: Justice

Wherever there is a preponderance of lawyers, the law and the judges will be corrupted.

They are all unelected and passing judgement on individuals who did not give them power or authority, it is simply unjust and Injustice.

Weissdom: Nature

Words are the weapons of females and cowards.....almost always.

WeissVerse: Instantaneous Travel is not lengthy Travel

Any vessel that can transport itself instantaneously anywhere in the multiple dimensions will necessarily spend more of its life in real TimeSpace, parked, rather than traveling.

Weissdom: EarthFather

If we want to get anything out of an entity we define as "Mother Earth" we have to treat her like a female and be tough on her so she takes careof us and not just herself, like all females do.

Just referring to the Earth as a female lessens it Nature and as is the nature of females, encourages depravity and selfishness in our behaviour.

It is better to think of the Earth as the Earth Father so we Respect and learn from it.

Weissdom: Nature

The frequency of Human interaction i.e. the number of people any one person is exposed to in a measure of time, is related to the intimacy and respect between the parties.

The higher the frequency, the lesser the intimacy and politeness and the ruder the people and ultimately, less compassionate


Any big city in the world compared to small towns.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Weissdom: S

Personality helps infiltration.

Weissdom: Evolution & Compassion

Compassion has evolved in Northern (Colder Climate) Races as an Evolutionary Survival mechanism. You cannot keep killing each other over trivial things when the tribe itself is limited in resources available to support procreation.

Know where you emotions come from and WHEN they are useful and WHEN they are Destructive.

Weissdom: Rule

Politicians are people who sit at home trying to convince people that they have a problem and they need to be helped/ruled, while the most independent people are out fighting and dealing with their problems or building solutions and eradicating obstacles.

That is why politicians, those vile vermins, will always hate independent individuals because it is difficult to get something from people who do not require or want help.

Creating a dependence is their bread-and-butter and once you vote them in, they will create more scenarios where you will need to depend on them to help you out of the problems they create for you, this is why a democracy is a self-destructive movement, and when it goes down it takes antire civilizations with it.

Beware of the mean-spirited beings, their little actions can add up to great harm. Excise them.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Weissverse: Mayhaan in Beings

It is the Being with the Strongest Sense of Reality who exists in the Highest and also the Lowest Probability Universe of His Existence.

Maybe even the Being with the Highest Achievement of Self.

This Existence of that Being in Extremes itself is Rare, a Rare Cosmic Event, a Greatness.

Because for every Action you did not take, there is a Self of you that DID and their Consciousness does not Impinge on You as Your Consciousness and Its Reality are the Strongest.

Truly Rare and Great are those whose Realities give Birth to the same Ideas and End in the same Achievement.

As this is Written, there is Another version of Mayhaan writing these exact thoughts down at the exact same time...maybe.

Weissverse: The Scientific Nature of the Devil

The Devil could be a Sentient Psychological-and-Emotional-Parasite feeding off of the negative emotions and thoughts and encouraging them to increase its own feed-Amplitude.

So could the Entity known as God be its opposite, feeding off of Faith.

Parasites of any kind are Never Good for the Host.

Weissverse: Time & black holes

If Time breaks down in a black hole then every particle must be in stasis, unchanging, thus everything could be inert. Travelling and non-travelling at the same time.

Think of Time as a Line you can draw to change the location and/or Nature of a 3-D object. You can draw it going Forward from a Point, going Backwards, in a Circle, a Sphere (higher than 4 dimensions), at Angles....Everywhere. So being Outside TimeSpace is just being in Control of It.

What if TimeSpace is like a fabric designed to resist damage to itself. A self-repairing design if you will, then you would never be able to sense changes you yourself have made and once constructed this kind of TimeSpace would require tremendous amounts of Energy to change even for the Beings who made it.

Or Maybe , these Beings made it precisely so that the amounts of Energy needed to change it would be impossible in the nature of the fabric, exceed the maximum Energy available at any point in the TimeSpace fabric but those Energy levels would be easily achieved by the Creators.

Even if the Universe is not such a design, a Universe with such a design would be very useful and interesting.

Weissverse: black holes & Dimensional Beings

Could black holes be a way for higher dimensional Being to inject, eject and manipulate 3-Dimensional matter.


If black holes can swallow Time itself...then is Time a Particle, a Wave or something entirely different.

Weissdom: Strategie

The amount of your population and their ability to self-promote their culture are the two most powerful factors in the success of Propaganda and Cultural Domination.

Weissdom: Civilization & CLVGs : American girls are the Mongrels of the female species.

As the birthplace of mainstream feminism in the 20th century and since the rise of feminism, American girls are the mongrels of the human female population.

A succinct summation for those who want to follow in their footsteps.

Weissdom: Nature

The loss of Human physical Superiority in exchange for agricultural development and Cranial Superiority is an example of taking a shorter term loss for overall longer term gains.

We regressed an average of 9 inches in height when we turned from hunters to agriculturalists. But now after tens of thousands of years that Agricultural bent of Civilization has allowed us to control our genes.

This break and subsequent revitalization has taken far shorter than nature would have taken to evolve us to this level. Thus the Evolution of the Mind was the shorter Evolutionary path favoured even by Nature.

Instead of being a product of our Environment, we Produce our Environment.

Instead of being Controlled by our Environment, WE Control our Environment.

So tens of thousands of years less may results in Trillions of years of Profit.

Have Patience and plan for Eons.

Weissdom: W

It is very difficult to profit from an idea that can be replicated by anyone anywhere with minimum resources... e.g. The invention of the sandwich by The Earl of Sandwich.

Guard these ideas with your life and let them free only when you can control their implementation or in death if you haven't been able to profit from them through Life.


In linear time, moving forward, any sufficiently old object can travel through time if it resembles an object in any period of recognizable history.

In times before it, it is perceived as....Strange.

In times nearby its construction, it is perceived as.....Modern to Museum-like.

And after a sufficiently long time, it is forgotten and is Strange to the future too.

Weissdom: Civilizations & Culture

The most common things around give us the deepest insights if we only think.

The exaltation of cats in any culture is a highly accurate indicator of feminization and decay.

Weissdom: Civilisations & CLVGs

Females have an innate need to be dominated.

In times when they are given extra authority in society by unrealistic movements like equalism, feminism, etc this urge does not magically disappear, rather it is diverted to the many facets of Human relations.

That is the reason Anglo girls are crazy whores in bed, most obvious in the absolute pleasure they take in being dominated and sucking cock which is one of the most powerful actions of submission.

They do not let their Men dominate them emotionally or Socially so this need explodes in the Sexual part of their lives.

Extremely Feminine girls also behave this way but that is due to their overall submission to their MAN, in EVERY FACET OF THEIR LIVES. They know their role and are comfortable with it and happy to fulfill it and actualize their nature.

The female animal desires and needs to be dominated for a healthy relationship, a healthy society and a healthy Civilization, always remember.

Weissdom: Wealth

For Men of Ability, The best business partner is NO business partner.

Weissdom: S

Magicians and Illusionists make excellent Spions due to their abilities to conjure and deceive.

Weissdom: Strategie

It is to the advantage of a powerful Nation to have a weak neighbour.


Russia-Turkey/Ex-USSR on one side

This applies to Societies and Movements too.

Weissdom: Death & Life

You start dying the moment you are born.

Better start achieving your goals.

Weissdom: Civilization & CLVGs

females almost always elect the Civilizationally Destructive Individual (CDIs) due to their hypergamous instincts and lack of prioritizing logic over emotion.

Never let them decide Anything.

Weissdom: Nature

Going through trying times and battles together will strengthen the bonds of any group of Men and separate the usable from the useless.

Weissdom Strategie

A demonstration of force on a 3rd Party but evidently in view of your intended target has a much greater effect than a direct demonstration of force ON your intended target.

It seems, in matters of punishment, humans DO learn from and heed others' mistakes.

Females Bring Out the Worst in Men

Worse than any War or Calamity could possibly bring out, reducing Men to uncivilized beasts.

To not know the True Nature of females is to be a simpering dangerous idiot and a pawn in their bestial minds and hands.

To know the True Nature of females is to be faced with creatures that respond best to ill-breeding and thus engender it in the most Dignified and Honourable Soul.

We should acknowledge and Master this impulse in ourselves in order to be Great Men.

The Natural Order of Things Evolves Beauty

Following the Natural Order of Things creates all that is beautiful and noble in this world.

Subverting the Natural Order leads to the grotesqueness that is the oft repeated "modern" world.

The "modern" world has often existed in history, it is the name they give to its ugliness and crumbling edifices.

Weissdom Wealth & Power

From Official Records
" The congress has specified that Federal Reserve Banks must hold collateral equal in value to the Federal Reserve notes that the Federal Reserve Bank puts into circulation.

This collateral is chiefly held in the form of U.S. Treasury Debt, federal agency and government-sponsored enterprise securities"

Thus the government passes laws that say that the printed wealth  in circulation should be backed by the printed promises of government.

An egregious example of worthless printed wealth tied to hopes and promises and bound to no solid collateral at all. All controlled by the same people.

This is how you destroy civilizations, generate hollow empty value-less wealth and destroy Kingdoms.

Weissdom S

To confound the enemy and get rid of trouble, offer vast sums for the release of any ordinary persons they capture. The enemy will do the rest.

Monday, December 2, 2013

The Basic Failing of Democracy : Advantaged Politicans, Disadvantaged Electorate

It is necessarily to a democracy's politicians' advantage to cram as many people as possible into as small a space as possible to increase the chances of winning. Ergo, Megacities.

If 2 people own a hundred acres of Land, their votes, if that were a county would sway the election.

But if 2 million people own a hundred acres, then you could sow dissension, play them against one another and segregate them into dependent and independents to your advantage. In short, try every dirty trick in the book.

Also, rousing emotions in close packed quarters would intimidate your supporters if you cater to the neediest, stupidest, dependent masses.

This is amply proved by history and the vote being given to degenerates and rascals like non-tax payers, females, government-wards etc.

In the long run, democracy seems the most destructive type of rule, it elevates the worst and tramples upon the best whether it be in Military, a Ship or a Kingdom.

Men: Do not be possessed by females.

Females want to POSSESS you O Men of Value.

They want you all for themselves, not only because your value engenders "love" in them but for far baser motives.

To flaunt Not YOU but use You as an "Accessory" to FLAUNT THEIR VALUE IN CAPTURING YOU.

Do not behave like a girl towards a girl.

Exercise your wits without having to clear the decks ;)

Wit should be exercised already on the half-volley without any clearing the decks and beating to action.

Human Layaway

If we all work for someone then we are all layaways to our Employers.

Choose who you give your value carefully, if at all you have to.

We are experiments....maybe.

Maybe we are all experiments for 4th or higher dimensional beings who can control the Time variable...... or multiple dimensions.

Lower Consciouness through Sleep Deprivation

Sleep Deprivation may be utilized to experience what lower levels of consciousness feel like.

In Control of the Effect of Social Validation

If you can control the influence of social validation on yourself AND possess/develop the ability to accurately/correctly validate yourself, you will rise very high indeed.

This can be extrapolated to any network or environment where Validation plays a big part.


All Auarians will be equally adept at serving in the Army, Navy and Air-Force and any other military division that develops due to advancements..

They WILL serve in each of these for at least 1 year each, at any point in their lives after The Rise.

All should be easily intechangeable into any of the three or more major defense services.

The Biggest Demotivator for Men

For Men, self-pleasure is a demotivator.

A very innocuous feeling but a very powerful demotivator.

It drains the energy that makes a Man accomplish Great things.

Forget it at your own peril.

Your Ship, Your Kingdom

A ship is a kingdom that carries its citizens and walls with it wherever it goes.

Steer your ship wisely.

No Man is an Island but Some Men ARE Magnificent Towers/Mountains

Few Men are an island and some rare Men are gleaming Towers in the midst of the world that is necessarily full of filth, brambles and stragglers.

For them to associate themselves with the world's filth more than is required out of necessity is to defile and corrupt the edifice they are.

The Eyes Betray and the Gifted See

Never let into your midst Men who would betray their own civilization or gender, give them three years to find their own way to the correct and true path of Auaria, if they come not from Auaria and then excise these tumours if they do not reform.

For Auarians, The Rise shall take care of such degenrates who are Civilizationally Destructive Individuals (CDIs)

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Too Much Credit given to the CDGs

We have credited females (The Civilizationally Destructive Gender) for too much, for too long due to our compassion as principled and good-hearted Men.

So much so, in fact, that we have forgotten that even throughout history "a woman's cooking" has always and universally acknowledged as being inferior. Even in the one area they were given free reign, these low level animals could not succeed at anything reaching excellence.

It is the affection that affect and our emotions they play upon that lead us to credit such undeserving lesser creatures.

Sometimes, our magnanimity is our downfall if bestowed upon undeserving beings.

Modular Structures in Strategy

A modular ship is much more superior in combat situations, where the whole structure of the ship is made up of modules, identical or otherwise.

The Universe forbidding Tme Travel by Itself

Maybe the laws of the Universe forbid tme travel (easily) because the very nature of time travel leads to the eventual destruction and destabilization of the current system, even with our limited Human minds we have envisioned countless scenarios where the fabric of TimeSpace might be torn apart and the universe, if it is a self regulating system, must necessarily preclude probabilities that make it end up destabilizing itself.

Are we unaware of the Observable Universe?

Assuming that in 1 Trillion years, the universe will expand beyond observation, and future generations with no knowledge of the past would imagine the universe to be just what they can see, is it not possible that we are also living in a time when there are parts of the universe beyond our detection and our estimates of the universe are based on this fallacy.

The death of the universe must be an excruciatingly slow process, it seems our universe passes quickly through life a sa child and youth and then a Man but it grows older at a far slower rate and remains older for an interminable period. If the Universe was sentient, it would be a sorrow to it to watch itself die….slower than it watched itself live.

The « Circle-Jerk » of Government "Investments"

If investing in government means getting paid back with your own tax money then who is really making money?

Plus if you are taxed at a percent of your income that is more than the percent of the government investment returns… then aren’t they stealing from you.

When government sanctioned bodies, or government buys its own bonds… they are using your tax dollars to buy what they produced so that in the end they have what they produced AND your money.

In this sick and unsustainable situation, if you are sharp then you should be receiving government aid at a rate that offsets your taxes whether you are a corporation or a jobless bum.

And no wonder, in a degenerate investment culture like this, those 2 categories of people are the ones who are milking the government which is milking You.


Civilize the mind but make Savage the body.

A sharp mind in a tough and hardened vessel is the best existence and capable of achieving great things.

Catchy Fightbacks for Men

Paternity Rape (Fraud) should be called Prape......and False Rape Accusations..... Frape!

More catchiness translates to more vitality and broader awareness.


Icebergs were called Ice Mountains in earlier days.

This makes sense as Icebergs derive their name from a German root.

Icebergs extend to = Ice bergers

English: German
Ice = Eis

Mountains = Berger

So the Deutsch word Eis-berger translated to Ice-mountains and reverted to a hybrid Ice-Berg.