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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Fathers or Mothers. (Patriarchy Vs Matriarchy)

In "modern" times, every child grows up being spoon fed a pablum of "mothers are the most loving, caring, self-sacrificing of the two parents" while the father is seen as a much more distant figure.

If we take the histories of the Babylonian, Roman and current Anglo -civilizations, we see that Mothers, when given EQUAL rights, whether to vote, at-will divorce, to get default custody of children or just being a single-mother, utterly and completely in 95%+ of cases DESTROY the Lives of their children.

Single Mothers:
Create drama, separate the children and poison their minds against fathers, cause irreperable long-term destruction of lives, but as INJURIES INFLICTED ON THE SOULD CANNOT BE SEEN, they are let off.
 The Men grow up to lack a father figure and become criminalized ( Poor people in the Anglo World), mentally unstable (School Shootings) or forced into alternate sexuality.
The girls grow up to be unrestrained sluts i.e. Hypergamous with the logical part of their brain shut down. Deeply unhappy, unfulfilled, manipulative, conniving and ultimately bitter.

Single Fathers:
More nurturing, more caring, more discplinarian, more supportive and more stable. DO NOT SLANDER THE MOTHER.
The Men grow up to be Men.
The girls grow up to be feminine, logical and happy.

Why go and research, look into your own home, ye vast majority, the father is the calmer, gentler, more logical, more supportive, sterner and disciplinarian, and yet he will be there to help even when you royally mess up your life.


Mothers, on the other hand, even in a WELL ADJUSTED society are always selfish, complaining, bitching, beating, verbally-abusing and creating tension in the house with little to no redeeming qualities to offset the mountain of negativity they have heaped on their offspring. In fact, history will show that only when their HYPERGAMOUS instincts are controlled by lack of "DEFAULT CHILD CUSTODY", "LACK OF ALIMONY", "LACK OF CHILD SUPPORT", "LACK OF NO FAULT DIVORCE" do these selfish beings of human nature withhold their worst instincts and give way to their best ones.

The moment they are given even an inch, their hypergamous instincts kick in to DESTROY families, abuse their husband, abuse their children, separate the father from his offspring and poison the offspring towards the other parents.

Fathers, on the other hand, today, before the fall of Rome, before the fall of the British Empire, were already persecuted, whereas before that, when they were given preference, they, in the OVERWHELMING MAJORITY OF CASES< NEVER ABUSE their AUTHORITY.

It is said that AUTHORITY is given but RESPECT is earned. Mothers take Authority and do not earn respect, fathers let Authority be but EARN RESPECT.

What then is this drivel that is inserted in the heads of every child everywhere since time immemorial about the supĂ©rioritĂ© of Mothers? What is this if not another way for the weak and unable , for the cheats and scums that are the female of the species to transfer more assets to themselves without working for it.



The female of the human species is what she is due to it being necessary for our REPRODUCTIVE SURVIVAL. Once we start looking at them through a CIVILIZATIONAL lens, all our pedestals and illusions built around them disappear.

Once a species has no need to fear for Reproductive Existence, it MUST focus on CIVILIZATIONAL SUSTENANCE AND ADVANCEMENT to survive.

For only then will we be free of this abuse of our dual nature, of our dual gendered species of which one must always build while the other must always destroy.

Single Mothers are a bane to civilizations, Single Fathers are the Struts and a complete family under a STRONG MAN, a STRONG FATHER and a Man who is GOOD AT BEING A MAN is the Bulwark of Civilizations.

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