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Sunday, June 30, 2013

The No. 2 Enemies of Civilization

There have been, throughout history, and will be a group of people whose ONLY aim is to maximize THEIR OWN WEALTH WHATEVER THE COST. We shall refer to them henceforth as Civilizationally Parasitic People. (CPPs)

These groups and people benefit from destruction of socially-cohesive structures which enable a civilization to stand e.g. Families as well as encourage CLVGs to destabilize the existing civilizations along with the other Civilizationally Useless Groups who are Reproductive and Civilizational Dead-Ends and exceptions.

After CLVGs, these people are the biggest threat to civilizations, as their wealth is maximized during the growth of civilization and then maximized more (relative to a Civilizational Growth Phase) from initiating Civilizational Destruction.

They will fund think tanks, lobbies, groups, propaganda, media and views which will be unrealistic but play on the emotions of the weak and foolish.

These people have to be eliminated from the civilization, as they are the biggest threat after CLVGs and in fact, constitute a big part of handing over power to CLVGs througout Human History and then enjoying the inevitable decline, helping speed it up, case in point, Voting rights in the USA given to CLVGs and then the USA going from a producing nation to a CONSUMING Nation with more and more rights taken away from families and CMVGs and given to CLVGs due to laws passed by governments who are lobbied by powerful "Foundations" whose roots can be traced back to funding by these parasites.

It brings to mind th rise and fall of Trantor, the collapsed Empire World in Isaac Asimov's seminal series "Foundation". Also, it is parallel to the rise and fall of the Roman, Greek and British Empire.

Be wary of these people and remove them from civilization.

Striving to maximize wealth is never evil, but when it comes TO THE EXCLUSION OF EVERYTHING ELSE, then a slave to wealth is not to be endured or trusted.


Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Definition of Selfish

When the world cannot derive any benefits from your talents without justly paying for them, it calls you Selfish. :)

Thursday, June 20, 2013

The beginning of consciousness and memory

All of us spend some part of our life lacking consciousness and memory as babies until the age when we are consciously aware of our surroundings and start of memory.

It is a sobering thought that all of us know what it is like to exist as an unsentient being for some part of our life.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Failure : Working more to undermine your competitor

When we work more to undermine your competition, when you focus more of your efforts on harming someone than utilizing that energy to increase your own momentum, you will not only defeat yourself but hand victory to an otherwise inconsequential enemy.

Focus your rage too further your own self, success is victory!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Choice of Strength

When we encounter someone stronger than us, our first instinct is generally Fear. We correlate this fear to evil. What we do not stop and think of is:

Strength is strength, realize it, understand those who wield it,  work to achieve it and become one of the Strong.

Punishing the strong for being strong is the action of a weak minded and corrupt individual, who deserve culling. Do not put yourself in this category, rise above your hindbrain and understand that together, with Strength, you can make a difference.

Might is Right.
Strength is Might. 
Dedication is Strength. 
Objectivity is Dedication. 
Purity is Objectivity.
Reality is Purity.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Attraction to people of different genetic Makeup

There is a lot of real-world evidence that will support the fact that inter-racial attraction is evolutionarily hard-wired into us and advantageous in individuals with a "high inter-racial" desire.

This is basically their genes telling them that there are some qualities that need to be balanced with someone from the race they are attracted to. This is generally truer for CMVGs (Men) than CLVGs (girls).

This is also evident in shorter girls preferring extremely tall men as their short stature makes them easy "prey" in a tribal society so they seek out the strongest protector. This can be extrapolated to many different qualities, though the one unifying theme is that these rules of this attraction only apply to non-lying, healthy body fat (12-19%) and sexually and psychologically normal individuals.

The Fall of Greatness

Great Men are Born and Made. But Great men can lose their greatness if they become a part of the social commentary and fail to rise above it and see the world for what it really is.

World "leaders" are a prime example of who remains Great and who falls fro Greatness.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Unprocessed Food Your Body Prefers

At any given point of time in your life, the UNPROCESSED foods , fruits or vegetables your taste-buds PREFER. Your Body PREFERS... is what you are DEFICIENT in.

Specific deficiencies create specific signs, such as a tingle in your gums when you  eat fruit with Vitamins which you are deficient in, these could vary from person to person, but it is a marvelous quality of biological organisms.

Let us be very clear, a CRAVING is NOT a PREFERENCE. And some in-built preferences are evolutionary advantageous in TIMES OF FAMINE. e.g. the preference for sugar etc. but even if you eat a lot of sugar, if you stop and monitor yourself, you will realize that after only a small amount your body's NEED to ingest it goes away.


Why People Resort to Name Calling in Political Debates

The reason people resort to name calling in Political debates is the lack of time to communicate, coherently, their respective life experiences and thought processes, back and forth until they can come to a common ground based on rationale and reason.

It is easier to view the other side as a SIMPLE IDEA, than break it down into its constituents, Patience and Intelligence are rare virtues and if you kick an intelligent Man enough, he will do what he has always done.... what is BEST FOR HIMSELF.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Men are Better Communicators and Emotionally Superior than females.

Through the un-education and re-education process that higher-awareness human beings go through, we also realize a couple of things that are shoved down our throats as complete and utter bullshit.

One of these memes is:
"females ar better communicators than Men"
"females are more emotionally superior than Men"

Looking around, stopping and observing, we find these to be inane ramblings of a deranged mind who want to upset the natural and progressive order of things to twisted caricatures that fit their own aberrational natures.

Simply put,

Communicating MORE does NOT mean Communicating BETTER. 
*THIS is what females do, they communicate more, and USELESSLY. If we take the percentage of effective communication w.r.t amount of communication, females are worse than animals at communicating. Men, speak less, to the point and effectively.... ergo LIE DESTROYED.

*This is again an eerie echo of the explanation above. Look around and see the truth.

Quality and Quantity are 2 hugely disparate aspects. 

More Quantity does NOT mean Better Quality.