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Thursday, July 30, 2009

"2008.10.09 18:06"

"Putting more stress on the beginning, middle or end of words drastically alters the tone, tenor and style of speech."

"2008.10.09 07:05"

"For some: Your heart is in the right place, but your brain is missing!"

"2008.10.09 06:04"

"Die a failure by the standards of mediocrity, but die a Champion by the standards of Greatness!!"

"2008.10.09 05:46"

"Make what you learn Quick, STICK!"

"2008.10.09 05:38"

"One who is lost, can never Lead the way."

"2008.10.07 04:46"

"This world can change everyone, but some are born to change this world."

"2008.10.07 04:39"

"People who stay true to principles, never lose their best qualities."

"2008.10.06 20:28"

"Parents want their children to live a risk-free, mediocre, completely monotonous 'normal' life because quite simply they don't believe in their children's abilities and are shit scared to take the risks to make their lives meaningful and tell their kids to be the same. Better a mediocre life without risks, than a great one with risks. Seems to be their motto."

"2008.10.05 13:30"

Love Private

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"2008.09.29 03:23"

"Great places and Great acts inspire Great thoughts."

"2008.09.27 00:43"

"All that people need is a little appreciation for who they are, it makes their world and this world a whole better place!:-)"

"2008.09.23 14:52"

"Remember the sunny winter mornings which went on to become hot in the afternoon and then get chilly in da evenings.....:-)"

"2008.09.22 05:23"

"I've always been as openly innocent as a devil!;-)"

"2008.09.22 00:46"

"There are two things in this world which brings tears to my eyes, one, the evil that men do and two....the good that they do......."

"2008.09.22 00:45"

"To see pure happiness, see a man do what he loves:-)"

Monday, July 27, 2009

"2008.09.22 00:45"

"All great men have one rule for sunday....no work and no play, lazing the beautiful day away!"

"2008.09.21 21:39"

"A view 'point' is so limited...its better to have a drishticone or better still a view 'sphere';-)"

"2008.09.21 19:48"

"What parents are those who make it a precondition on their children to achieve as they want for the child to spend his life peacefully with them?"

"2008.09.19 02:35"

"The news of da world also focuses on shit-scared idiots not level-headed people of any industry."

"2008.09.18 18:47"

"Every man in this world should 
know two things in his life 

1. His purpose 
2. The culture that fits him."

"2008.09.17 17:36"

"To be true to your art, you Have to make sure that it is not your only source of income!"

"2008.09.13 19:45"

"The opposite of a black hole, a white hole? 
Which repels everything, kind of like the inside of a black hole which repels everything away from the boundary!"

"2008.09.11 11:48"

"Women today want men They can boss around, not treat as equals even...so Who's acting sexist now?!"

"2008.09.11 03:13"

"I'm predictably unpredictable!"

"2008.09.08 22:38"

"For the dreams of great men to endure after them, they must not leave it upon men or chance."

"2008.09.08 18:57"

"The over emotional sentiments of people make them self-centred at the end...even those with the best intentions at heart because they value emotions and above principles and justice...an abject and inexorable begining of fall.

"2008.09.07 16:31"

"Government jobs generally attract people who just want to Spend their lives getting pushed ahead even if they do nothing."

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Honestly,The biggest weakness of mankind is the inability to believe in themselves, thus the need for the crutch of religion and belief in a perfect being who can do anything. 
It is far easier to believe in a 'God'-being who is perfect than to believe in yourself whose imperfections stare you in the face daily.....and to overcome this is to be elevated from being ordinary men to the same Gods you pray to. For what is God but the embodiment for our best ideals and principles? And if we strive to be the embodiment ourselves....we achieve Godness.

The idea of the devil as pure evil is also a propagation of fools who see everything in black and white not realising that things are more or less grey..the mist between absolute darkness and absolute light.

Language gives words to thought, it is the expression of thought and gives our thoughts identity, without which we would just be grasping at airy straws but never quite able to catch hold of the fleeting sparks reflecting the brilliance of our minds.

On the flip side, What's with this obsession with talking? Talk, talk, talk and try to influence or charm people. There's Got to be a more effective and direct and Intelligent way to communicate, eliminating all that is unnecessary.

A Majority of Today's people don't support the people who can help them, they support the one who can harm them. The greater the harm, the more the support as if by supporting they can protect themselves.

The whole world has gone to the dogs, everyone i meet is a defeatist. This entire age is one characterised by people's defeated and thus petty selfish lives. And no one understands the feelings of honour, respect, dignity and greatness. I am sick of them, all of them. Everywhere.

This, present day india, is a society which follows the path of individual against individual...right from the traffice cop who harasses you to make extra money to the motorist who fights back to protect His money...the question of what is the right thing to do seldom arises..but Most people intend to live a 'Popularly good' life. The simplest ways of following someone else's notion's of good and bad without having to make the intended mental effort to arrive at it themselves.

In india, inspite of all their bravado Everybody is afraid of being dominated by everybody else... you can see this mentality in as simple things like traffic and followin signals where everyone tries to squeeze their vehicle before everybody else's in case they get stuck thus exposing their helplessness.

The only criteria for a work to be done should be a man's abililty and the only relationship he should use to get his work done is his faith and belief in his principles.

 I will Not have an ordinary life....and my definition of extra-ordinary is Not to be successful among mediocres. My life will have my rules. And i don't care whether they go against what the world says or thinks because i'm a revolution of change. A leader, Not a follower.

"2008.08.31 02:33"

"Don't fall in love when a love-affair will do! ;-)"

"2008.08.28 01:45"

"Only when a man overcomes the troubles in his life can he move forward meaningfully"

"2008.08.20 17:09"

"20th august 2008 was an incredibly beautiful day...rare is such a day:-)"

"2008.08.20 16:37"

"If you were a day, would you be bright, sunny and beautiful?:-)"

"2008.08.17 20:50"

"A purposeless life is a worthless life"

"2008.08.15 21:34"

"Fear is a word i write in other people's dictionary."

"2008.08.14 00:04"

"A man should have the freedom to choose or make his country and culture."

"2008.08.10 18:09"

"Know the difference between talking AT people and talking TO them."

"2008.07.30 14:00"

"People are always in a push, a push to live purposeless lives."

"2008.07.21 20:35"

"Its more important to Find success as a person before you find success as a personality."

"2008.07.18 20:18"

"NEVER undermine or undervalue yourself. EVER."

"2008.05.16 13:28"


"2008.05.07 10:59"

"What i crave is....a purpose everyday...and every day having some purpose...then i feel alive, full of life, energy and cheer!"

"2008.05.06 23:26"


"2008.05.04 23:30"

" Always find out why if you have A Fear which is without memory...."

"2008.05.04 12:34"

"All the aimless educated youngsters who don't have brains to know or find their aim should be put to useful political work to improve the country"

"2008.05.03 19:01"


"2008.05.01 21:16"

"People should LOVE you for something thats in you, instead of just bearing with you for what you can do...for them."

"2008.05.01 13:49"


"2008.05.01 09:25"

"Educate the middle classes about their rights"

"2008.04.28 21:54"

Few Technological Musings:

"Materials which deform when a set pressure limit is exceeded and regain their shape when that extra pressure is removed."

"2008.04.23 11:47"

"Think fast, speak slower. Don't React, Act!"

"2008.04.23 11:45"

"Everything else fades around you. Now THATS an Effect! 

People are pulled to you, their eyes are fixated on you automatically...everything else recedes to
the background and they only have eyes for you...and There's nothing they can do about it. 

You're an uncontrollable urge, a magnetic gravitational force, attracting them without any effort or inclination...;-)

Rules Of War

1. Avoid, if possible. Think with a cool head before deciding to initiate hostilities. 
2. Try to defeat your opponent on the lowest level first, so that it doesn't escalate to a person with more capabilities and remains of a small scope. 
3. First, disagreement, then fight, then battle and last should be war. Try to settle the issue at each stage so that a trivial matter doesn't get blown out of proportion.

Financial "Truths" ;-)

Credit cards are like money lenders in your pocket, ready to pounce on any opportunity to loan to you,on cash loans you have to pay back immediately or they charge interest Everyday ..USURY! And they give you 4 times your salary as credit limit so instead of working for yourself you end up working for them!
For all the Greats out there:

"You're being clubbed and compared equal to inferior people due to the few ignorant choices you have made.
Any moron who doesn't have a purpose in life but blind aimless donkey like efforts are sullying the positions and images of talents in fields such as management, sciences and engineering. 

Due to the Blind Stumbling Mediocre successes of these Monumental Human Failures, the truly Great ones are being compared to them and told to follow them???

 This truth has to be brought out."
"If a man cannot find his purpose even after trying then there is one purpose which every man is born to fulfill and that is 'Defending his way of life'. 
A man can make his life meaningful by serving his country by going into the defence services. A life lived for defending principles is a life worth living!"

"2008.04.23 11:43"

"For all of us who take Lives seriously...ask yourself......'Am i taking life TOO seriously?' Its good to think about your life and principles but while living life...we should just Chill!:-)"

"2008.04.23 11:43"

"Life's meant for some meaning...hmmm but also on a simple note Life's meant for you to spend it happily. We All get busy with Achieving something or the other in life. We spend a great time running after our dreams and maybe realise them, then run on to the next. So life's a series of dreams? And we are dream catchers? Should we live life one day at a time or plan it? Or maybe plan it and then execute it day by day? But what if we are ahead or behind our plan? Then again should the question of living it day by day arise? Maybe it should be a combination of both with breaks in between. Just...a break...from Everything.:-)"

"2008.03.12 21:52"

"Everything in the universe and our earth was modeled in such a way upto the point We are born  such that only We, uniquely us, each one of us, can be created."