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Friday, July 13, 2012

Social Securities and the fall of Great Civilizations

These things are the harbinger of the destruction of great civilization

1. Enfranchising subjects who do not deserve the right to vote, the right to vote has to be EARNED.
2. Enfranchising females, as the human gender guided by emotions and reproductive ruthlessness, evidenced perfectly by evolutionary psychology, females cannot be trusted to know what they want or need.
3. Social Security - The fittest humans supporting the unfittest. If humans cannot improve their station in life in their lifetime, they deserve culling from the gene pool.
4. Universal Healthcare. - A corollary of 3.
5. Universal Education - High School education should be provided to all humans, beyond that, not.
6. Isms- Capitalism, Socialism, Feminism etc.
7. Political Correctness.
8. Persecution of men in emotional, social and financial ways. Sadly, girls will forever be girls, even at the age of 80, men build empires, their sympathy for hypergamous girls ruins empires.
9. Female Hypergamy. If unchecked, causes the swiftest demise of a civilization. 10. Organized Religion.


Any human being above 20% fat in their body gets 6 months to get back to 20% or they should be removed from the country/society.

Everyone gets a total of 2 mistakes of exceeding this limit every 10 years. More than 2 mistakes results in permanent expulsion.

Fat people, unfit humans, slow down progress , are a burden on the rest of society and promote civilization-killing suicidal-tolerance propaganda.

Extrapolating from the above, fat people should be incarcerated with strict diet control and exercise within three months if there is no change in their body fat percentage, their tax rate should be 75% for the duration of fatness up until their removal.