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Monday, December 9, 2013

Weissdom: Civilisations & CLVGs

Females have an innate need to be dominated.

In times when they are given extra authority in society by unrealistic movements like equalism, feminism, etc this urge does not magically disappear, rather it is diverted to the many facets of Human relations.

That is the reason Anglo girls are crazy whores in bed, most obvious in the absolute pleasure they take in being dominated and sucking cock which is one of the most powerful actions of submission.

They do not let their Men dominate them emotionally or Socially so this need explodes in the Sexual part of their lives.

Extremely Feminine girls also behave this way but that is due to their overall submission to their MAN, in EVERY FACET OF THEIR LIVES. They know their role and are comfortable with it and happy to fulfill it and actualize their nature.

The female animal desires and needs to be dominated for a healthy relationship, a healthy society and a healthy Civilization, always remember.

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