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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

How Girls (CLVGs) Can look younger till Old Age

Girls who retain serenity and innocence of spirit, sensitiveness and kindness and the pure sincere warmth of heart always look considerably younger. In fact, these might be the only way to preserve true enduring natural beauty into old age.

 It is amply evident in CLVGs (girls) from decadent and degenerate civilizations (Modern UK, USA, Canada, Australia...Scandinavia, Africa etc.) who look progressively uglier and manlier faster as they age.  They age worse and faster too.

  The harsh realities of the world changes Men (CMVGs) into stronger and more attractive beings but these modes of thoughts change girls (CLVGs) into unattractive ugly things as their nature, even after the depravity of Female Hypergamy, is not built for such things.

 Even the most ruthless and hardened plunderer of girls' (clvg) hearts melts at such True Innocence, NOT FEIGNED innocence.

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