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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Right to vote or decide

Anyone who wants to vote or have say in any issue must first Earn that right.

The way to earn that right is the demonstration of ABILITY by any age.

The demonstration must be of independent type, not depending on social , political, economical or any connection to any other human being.

Be it in arts, sciences, litetature, any accomplishment that demonstrates excellence in ability.

EXCELLENCE in Ability.

Not passable ability, EXCELLENCE.

Then and only then shall we have a wise group of people.

At any time, if the wise are outnumbered by the foolish, the foolish should be ruthlessly cast out of the lands, country and to a place where they cannot gather nor harm the civilized ones.

Extermination of fools is a necessity, once population expansion is independent of their presence.

Jobs and Gender

Women should do women's jobs and activities and Men should do men's jobs and activities.

These include even basic activities like driving.

The only way for either gender to do the other gender's job would be for that individual to meet the standard that is 50% higher than the average standard of the default gender for doing that job.

Not Equal to average, 50% higher.

This makes sure that in crunch situations, their gender-specific tendencies are nullified and their performance remains unaffected.

IQ, EQ and Social Quotient are all relevant scales, among others, for quantifying these.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Our emotions may be a way that our body communicates massive information processing and results pertaining to us, quickly.

Think through your emotions. They are indicators which give you a flag that there are things you need to analyze.

Once you do this and understand emotions, you will no longer be controlled by them.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Our Speed of Time

The speed at which we exist.

That itself is an eye opening statement.

If there are states with  organisms whose speed of existence is faster than us, then their time would be slower.

A second of ours could be millions of their years.

Like wise, a spotted of existence slower than ours would exist on a faster time-plane.

Time for thought.

Religious Savages

Religion has always persecuted Science. Until science has broken down old dogmad and falsehoods of religion.

Then religion crawls back to bleat and enjoy in the shade of technological advances of science.

And still it tries to halt the progress of science.

religion is like a leech on the back of the behemoth that is science, enjoying the ride while sorely bleeding the life out of it.

To stomp out the vicious cycle we must banish all religious followers from enjoying the fruits of scientific technology.

Force them to give up their cars, their homes, dear luxuries and wallow in the technology of the time when their religion was founded and as their "gods" created it.

Fools will only understand thus and Risers have no patience or empathy for fools.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Life & Consciousness

Maybe Life & Consciousness is that brief moment in time, when matter and energy come together symbiotically in a way that can actually affect the universe.

A Just Currency

The only faire currency in this and any universe is the currency of Goodness, Excellence and Ability.

There shall be a society based on this. W have had civilizations based on the currency of fear, ignorance, religion, power and wealth. Each have progressed from the preceding but each have the flaws of allowing Evil and Mediocrity to survive in the ways to success.

This first stone cast shall be the death knell for all these.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Teachers and Parents

Teachers and Parents should be teachers and parents, NOT friends.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Products of Man

What a Man produces, belongs to him forever.

Other men may lease or rent it out for their life times but they may not sell it, trade it, rent it or do anything that changes its ownership in their lifetime and it must return to its maker once their life is over.

When the maker dies, he may pass it on to whoever he wishes and they shall again be true to these rules, the inherited would be for all purposes the Maker

and so shall it continue.

Sunday, April 8, 2012


Ridicule, though easily battled by wit, has no place in advanced societies.

It should be exterminated.

Great until the end

Great men like their Death, like their Life.

Busy till the end and while passing peacefully is appreciated, moving on while the blood flows in action is the way that is perfect.

Alive through Life, Alive through Death.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


The principles I serve, do not give me emotional validation, they do not give me social validation, I do not seek these things.

I seek only to remain true to these principles

1. Honour
2. Loyalty
3. Respect
4. Justice
5. Truth
6. Love

And many more.

The perfect man is the same, never desiring validation, always serving these principles because he believes in them and fulfilling them gives him his own happiness and fulfillment.


Every male must learn and be fluent in the art of seduction.

Let there be no more battles, big or small, over creatures who are emotionally inconstant.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Scent of Life.

The scent of cold water is very different and refreshing compared to the scent of hot water.

The ability to observe little things and abilities to distinguish things around us, sets apart an uncommon man from a common man.

Sunday, April 1, 2012


The perfect Riser would not need to consult these lines if he only thought about matters long enough.

And when he does consult these truths,  they would only reaffirm what he already knows.