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Monday, July 29, 2013

The Myth of "Being Born With Rights"

Survival of the fittest.

From the biggest galaxies to the smallest atoms, this holds true.

When an animal is born, there are no RIGHTS awarded to it just because it's born, a Lion BECOMES.

Any civilization that wants to continue advancing and growing without failing needs to understand this and let nature do the culling and make it efficient.


And if you cannot EARN a RIGHT, then shut up or put up.

When you are born, you cannot claim a "RIGHT TO PROTECTION and LIFE" , YOU, YOURSELF are doing NOTHING to EARN that right, you are BEGGING and being GIVEN that RIGHT by your families and your environment.

The biggest weakness of all Civilization is believing in a "Law of Fairness", "Bill of Rights".

Fairness only comes to those who EARN it, RIGHTS only come to those who ACHIEVE THEM.

Condom Use & Increase in Smegma

It should be pretty obvious to any CMVG(Men) in today's society that prolonged condom-only intercourse leads to increase in Smegma.

Another benefit of unchained female hypergamy and slut-enabling culture:

Now men have to eaither risk getting STDs or mutilate their genitals via Circumcision. Even to avoid STDs free birth control is the current domain of CLVGs(girls) while CMVGs are again forced to pay to risk their health from the lesser of two evils(?).

Imagine if this was done to CLVGs(girls), having to use something that increases risk on vaginal infection, we would have protests and death threats while their birth-control will be free.

Non-willing-to-actualize Omega/Beta Males. Non-willing-to-actualize Lesser Alpha Males and Girls are the bane of any civilization.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Auarian Warriaur

Yield To the blow, Firm For the blow.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Evolution of The Speed Of Thought

The hall mark of a Man (a CMVG: Civilizationally More Valuable Gender) is that he never hides who he was, is or will be but owns up to and builds on it.

The reason this is stated now is that all through this blog, you can trace the evolution and refinement of Mayhaan's Thoughts.

Learn from the evolution and understand that we each become better and better if we seek to be, even if some of our future natures conflict with our pasts, it only points to the new beacons of knowledge that shine upon the previous darkness which we only conjectured about.

What Governments Fear

Governments Fear individuals and groups who are absolutely willing to sacrifice themselves and ruthlessly attack and defend their points of views and aim at eviscerating any who dare attack their way of life.

These are the people or societies that governments of weak willed people and governments "elected" by objectively measurable weak minded (the majority of the human race) are like.

Remember this fact when you decide on your allegiance and course of action or when you are in a corner.

A crumbling edifice fears more a lonely blast that can explode it than a thousand gusts of well-meaning but diffused wind.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Art of Business

All is fair in Love and War, and in Business, we are forever in love with our ideas and always at war with one another.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Cyclical Big Bangs and Apex Civilizations

Black holes could also be a way to "Big Bang" , There are black holes in the center of galaxies if there are black holes in the center of the universe Then at one point of time all matter in the universe may go into the black hole and then reaching the point of infinite mass may be ejected via a white hole That would be dubbed the Big Bang.

An Apex civilization which can exist and control in the form of energy. mass and all other forms across all universes may be able to initiate this big bang at will or let them happen to observe them.

What is the opposite of Justice? Women.

Any Society that permits lower-consciousness beings like CLVGs/Women to be Judges or Jurors or Authority figures is no fit place for Justice or CMVGs/Men.

When the Truth is UNIVERSALLY SCREAMING IN THEIR FACES, they do what they can, THEY DISALLOW TRUTHFUL EVIDENCE or Evidence that goes CONTRARY to THEIR JUNGLE-ANIMAL-FEELINGS worldview and focus on the selective viewing of the pre-determined sentence they FEEL LIKE GIVING.

PATHETIC, thy name is WOMAN.

Cases In Point: Later Roman Empire, Later Greek Empire, Later British Empire, Current USA Empire.