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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Achieve your goals Nations!

Every state/nation/collection of sentient beings by modern human standards should be given aid to reach some semblance of minimum civilization and liberty compared to the best in the world.

If after 200 years of continous aid, they are still unable to achieve that, they should be disbanded.

Population replacement, existing population ideological and contributory review and existing population dispersement must be undertaken.

If there are elements with extreme negative contributions, they should be identified and eliminated.

Growth and goodness work best with review and ruthlessness.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Most will never know why great men smile, and none but they will know why they cry.


No conservative party, group or person of any kind can ever quote my ideology.

This ideology may be quoted in parts by these chimera of society to rouse sentiment in their favor by my name but they shall never, Ever have any claim to these.

Let NO man ever follow parts of these truths, these truths reflect a collective whole. They are a foundation of a life, and foundations are never built partly.

Remember, if ever you see them quoting these ideas, denounce them. Destroy those lecherous maggots of society.

They are not fit to be in human society. They are below even animals. Their sentience, a plague. Crush it.