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Saturday, November 23, 2013

How to Lead a Diverse Group of Men

Invite your partners or subordinates one by one to separate meals to give them a feeling of value and engender affection towards you, thus ensuring loyalty.

Much can be learnt of running kingdoms by studying the running of old naval ships where men of differing temperaments were locked alone for months on end and managed to work together and work well.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Brave & The Fair

The Brave Deserve the Fair.

The Brave of The Civilizationally Great/Constructive Gender deserve the Fair of The Civilizationally Degenrate/Destructive gender.

However Greatness is Eternal while Fairness is fleeting, so do not fret too much on the Fair.

Social Networking is for the Poor, the unfortunates and the Failures

Those who have less money and power need more social networks.

Absolute independence and choice of company are the Luxuries provided to Men who Earn and Maintain these two Attributes.

Respect for Females is Nonsense

First they will demand respect, then they will demand your blood, then they will demand your head(s).

All this female nonsense can be traced to the "Lady Nonsense" to the "Prize Housewife" nonsense to the degenerate brutish "modern girl" nonsense.

Remember to treat them like the uncivilized beasts of nature they are.

Respect, Loyalty and Principles are understood by Men alone. it is the gift of being the Lesser Reproductively Valuable Gender, do not forget that. 

The Primacy of Heart & Mind

For those who wonder between the Primacy of the Heart and the Mind,...Consider, you can reach the heart without piercing bone, but the only part in the human body where the skeleton supercedes the tissue underneath skin is the skull.

The body itself uses the skeleton as an Armour solely for the brain. Whereas muscles and tendons encase the bone in the body, the bone encases the muscles of the brain.

Your Ship: Life

The steering rooms and engines should be in the least penetrable and most secure part of the ship so that there is less risk of losing control of the vessel in battle or inclement circumstances.

The ship is your Life and its Endeavours.

Superstitious: Knock on Wood

Knock on Wood... that superstitious gesture...probably comes from having a piece of wood to cling to in old naval shipwrecks.

In fact, it seems most of the noble, dignified, disciplined and useful traditions come from the Navy (due to your not being able to opt-out in the middle of the sea) and the Army. Due to their vary nature, especially when there is nowhere to go, but stick to your compatriots, they bring out the best in Men with Missions.

Great Men and Their Advice

Great Men are seldom wrong but you have to view their advice from the prism of their experiences.

If you face a situation that they did not face, do not hesitate to innovate, as their Greatness lies in the fact that were they in your situation, they would change their actions and advice accordingly.

Their changes would be accurate whereas you might blunder, but then blundering is in Human's nature and the reason why Greatness is a Rarity.

Embrace the new built on a foundation of Old

Stick to the tried and tested when new advancements come out, but once the new advancements are refined and free of errors, adopt them.

You might lose in the short term, but keep your eye on the War and not the battle.

More Worthy, Less Worthy

Always heed your more worthy side and laugh at your less worthy side.

But in actions be always pure of aim and completely ruthless.

I, Sir

I, sir, do not associate with the filth of the world, but when filth surrounds you, you have to cover yourself in a shining armour of laconic politeness, bravity and discretion, to shine within it and rise above it.

Hunger & Men's Temperament

Do not underestimate the effect of hunger on a Man's day-to-day morale and demeanour, not only in battle but in life as well.

Even wealthy, successful menforget they are hungry and become snappish, severing many a ties.

A good girl knows this and an intelligent Man uses it,

Ensure your Lines of Retreat

It is a cardinal rule of tactic to ensure one's line of retreat.

And then come up with 2 or more lines of retreat in secret and ensure them too. ;D

Compliment & Cheer

Compliment the experts and cheer the beginners.

Treat Vanquished Foes like Gentlemen after Eliminating Danger

A winner is a loser who never accepted defeat, never gave up.

Wage war fiercely and ruthlessly until the enemy is utterly vanquished, but once the War/battle/engagement is over either by annihilation or surrender of the enemy, treat the enemy prisoners of war and subjects and men as your fellow gentlemen and treat them as befits an acquaintance, with degrees of politeness and civility.

However, eliminate those who are not of gentlemanly or natural conduct, for a frothing viper who is wounded will recover to crush you.

Declared Self Value vs Proclaimed Self Value

To be accepted at one's own self declared value  is to expect much of your audience. Value should be conveyed by bearing and actions and the declarations should be left to third parties to corroborate.

Thus acceptance is given to the value that is assumed.

Extraordinary and the source of it in Auarian Females

We will create some extraordinary Females (CDGs) in Auarian society... NOT INSPITE of it but BECAUSE OF IT.

Hard choices impel a select few of these to rise above the mean. Forget the distinction above and you will destroy yourself. It is only when they suffer, that they behave. Lessen the suffering even an iota, and you will NEVER recover.

Auarian Finance, Military & Politics

Every Auarian must have assets in Finance, Military and Politics. The Media is a fourth estate that can be controlled and should also be an Asset, as should any new developing "estates" that come up and can significantly impact affairs on a large scale.

These combines will make up an Auarian's power.

The different kind of intelligence associated with each of these is crucial to a well rounded Civilizational personality.

Female THough Processes are Impediments to Greatness

Thinking like a female is an impediment to greatness.

Look at the best men who are notorious for being effeminate charmers, they always achieve mediocre success.

Strategically thinking like a female is good, primarily for seduction.

Origin of Nihilist

The word Nihilist may derive from two roots:

1. Nihil (Latin) est (French/Francais)  - Nothing (English) Is (English)
2. Nihil (Latin) ist (German/Deutsch)  - Nothing (English) Is (English)

It is interesting how our language is easy to deduce, an elementary Auarian should have at least enough intelligence to deduce these connections.

CLVGs (Girls or The Civilizationally Less Valuable Gender/Civilizationally Destructive Gender)

Girls can only respect those who disrespect them.

They can only surrender to those who are willing to smile at their threats and actions and willing to egg them on like the monkeys they are.

They can only love those who have more bravery and courage than the intensity of their (CDG's) degenerate and beast-like emotions.

TRUE Abundance

We only have an abundance of anything IF we have the choice to NOT utilize it for charitable purposes.

Keeping Civilized Beings away from their Own Progeny is a Mark of a Sick Society

What kind of sick society keeps Men away from their own flesh and blood… limits them like animals on a leash from seeing their own progeny with the wardens of the kids being demented, insane, depraved, degenerate and selfish animals. A sick and dying society, that’s the kind.

There is an evolutionary switch which blonds high value Men to their own High Value. Learn to see yourself as you are, just look at the NO-VALUE CLVGs around you who think they are the shit, WITH NOTHING TO SHOW. Realize your value, and CONSCIOUSLY strive to be aware of it….EVERY MOMENT. Only then will you deal with the world on your own terms.

A Cure for the Worried Soul

We worry and panic when we think that things might get out of control without defining exactly what.

In these moments think through the worst that can happen , plan your response to all eventualities and then relax because you are prepared for any scenario.

There is no uncertainty anymore.

The Intolerance of Tolerance

Whenever a society has to practice "tolerance" i.e. "tolerate" something, it is already intolerant and doomed.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

How Girls (CLVGs) Can look younger till Old Age

Girls who retain serenity and innocence of spirit, sensitiveness and kindness and the pure sincere warmth of heart always look considerably younger. In fact, these might be the only way to preserve true enduring natural beauty into old age.

 It is amply evident in CLVGs (girls) from decadent and degenerate civilizations (Modern UK, USA, Canada, Australia...Scandinavia, Africa etc.) who look progressively uglier and manlier faster as they age.  They age worse and faster too.

  The harsh realities of the world changes Men (CMVGs) into stronger and more attractive beings but these modes of thoughts change girls (CLVGs) into unattractive ugly things as their nature, even after the depravity of Female Hypergamy, is not built for such things.

 Even the most ruthless and hardened plunderer of girls' (clvg) hearts melts at such True Innocence, NOT FEIGNED innocence.

The Purpose of the Brain

Are our Brains the locked secret to time travel.

Is that why our brains exist and evolve so that we may uncover this secret and become masters of space and time at will instead of being slaves to them.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Technology and The Rise of Personal Walls

Technology should not put up additional walls between people and increase layers of Isolation.....It should bring people closer and able to communicate MORE effectively than the easiest non-technological way to communicate..... e.g. Walking up and talking to someone is NOT improved by adding and messaging them on your social networking sites if you can just walk up to them and talk to them.

More Dimensions

Maybe more dimensions whether spatial, temporal or others allow us to pinpoint an objects location with more accuracy, with enough dimensions we could know exactly the thoughts of every being at any time in any mode of time and space or spaces thus overcoming the uncertainty principle.

 Maybe the Uncertainty Principle is the result of our not having the ability to sense and think beyond the 3-spatial and 1-time dimension currently.

CAB and Willpower

A Civilizationally Advanced Being (CAB) has the willpower to override at least 90% of their non-civilizationally-useful animal instincts while being capable of exercising those instincts optimally at will.

Corporations and Kingdoms

In today's world.... the system of Royalty has not changed, and it never will in any civilizationally advanced society, only the facade will change.
 Today, the Corporations are like Kingdoms, with the option of having stakes in many kingdoms at once, concurrently.

Wireless Electricity

Could it be that just as we cannot hear hi-freq sounds but they exist around us without unduly harming us, the same way extremely high-frequency currents might make the entire body and matter around us a conductor.