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Monday, December 9, 2013

Weissdom: Nature

The loss of Human physical Superiority in exchange for agricultural development and Cranial Superiority is an example of taking a shorter term loss for overall longer term gains.

We regressed an average of 9 inches in height when we turned from hunters to agriculturalists. But now after tens of thousands of years that Agricultural bent of Civilization has allowed us to control our genes.

This break and subsequent revitalization has taken far shorter than nature would have taken to evolve us to this level. Thus the Evolution of the Mind was the shorter Evolutionary path favoured even by Nature.

Instead of being a product of our Environment, we Produce our Environment.

Instead of being Controlled by our Environment, WE Control our Environment.

So tens of thousands of years less may results in Trillions of years of Profit.

Have Patience and plan for Eons.

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