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Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Opposing Knees in Humans

If we consider the human elbow as a sort of knee joint, we observe that humans have 2 knee joints which are oppositely angled, thus allowing the wide variety of motion human beings possess.

Why is it easier to Oppress Men rather than girls?


Men have a makeup that takes the tough that life gives them, and run with it. In good times or bad Men Complain LESS.

Girls, ALWAYS, complain. Good Times? COMPLAIN. Bad times? COMPLAIN.

It is easier to oppress people who do not go around shouting out their self-perceived misery to everyone in sight, a quietly suffering demographic is a highly-oppressable demographic.

On the other hand, a demographic that loses not one moment in every day to complain about EVERYTHING to do with them is harder to ignore.

Rulers who want to build civilizations would be wise to heed this. LOUDER AND MORE COMPLAINING do NOT change reality. It just shows the characters of the demographic.

To finish,

Those who complain loudest are also those who run away fastest. Complaining is for cowards, and cowards are easily cowed.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Fathers or Mothers. (Patriarchy Vs Matriarchy)

In "modern" times, every child grows up being spoon fed a pablum of "mothers are the most loving, caring, self-sacrificing of the two parents" while the father is seen as a much more distant figure.

If we take the histories of the Babylonian, Roman and current Anglo -civilizations, we see that Mothers, when given EQUAL rights, whether to vote, at-will divorce, to get default custody of children or just being a single-mother, utterly and completely in 95%+ of cases DESTROY the Lives of their children.

Single Mothers:
Create drama, separate the children and poison their minds against fathers, cause irreperable long-term destruction of lives, but as INJURIES INFLICTED ON THE SOULD CANNOT BE SEEN, they are let off.
 The Men grow up to lack a father figure and become criminalized ( Poor people in the Anglo World), mentally unstable (School Shootings) or forced into alternate sexuality.
The girls grow up to be unrestrained sluts i.e. Hypergamous with the logical part of their brain shut down. Deeply unhappy, unfulfilled, manipulative, conniving and ultimately bitter.

Single Fathers:
More nurturing, more caring, more discplinarian, more supportive and more stable. DO NOT SLANDER THE MOTHER.
The Men grow up to be Men.
The girls grow up to be feminine, logical and happy.

Why go and research, look into your own home, ye vast majority, the father is the calmer, gentler, more logical, more supportive, sterner and disciplinarian, and yet he will be there to help even when you royally mess up your life.


Mothers, on the other hand, even in a WELL ADJUSTED society are always selfish, complaining, bitching, beating, verbally-abusing and creating tension in the house with little to no redeeming qualities to offset the mountain of negativity they have heaped on their offspring. In fact, history will show that only when their HYPERGAMOUS instincts are controlled by lack of "DEFAULT CHILD CUSTODY", "LACK OF ALIMONY", "LACK OF CHILD SUPPORT", "LACK OF NO FAULT DIVORCE" do these selfish beings of human nature withhold their worst instincts and give way to their best ones.

The moment they are given even an inch, their hypergamous instincts kick in to DESTROY families, abuse their husband, abuse their children, separate the father from his offspring and poison the offspring towards the other parents.

Fathers, on the other hand, today, before the fall of Rome, before the fall of the British Empire, were already persecuted, whereas before that, when they were given preference, they, in the OVERWHELMING MAJORITY OF CASES< NEVER ABUSE their AUTHORITY.

It is said that AUTHORITY is given but RESPECT is earned. Mothers take Authority and do not earn respect, fathers let Authority be but EARN RESPECT.

What then is this drivel that is inserted in the heads of every child everywhere since time immemorial about the supĂ©rioritĂ© of Mothers? What is this if not another way for the weak and unable , for the cheats and scums that are the female of the species to transfer more assets to themselves without working for it.



The female of the human species is what she is due to it being necessary for our REPRODUCTIVE SURVIVAL. Once we start looking at them through a CIVILIZATIONAL lens, all our pedestals and illusions built around them disappear.

Once a species has no need to fear for Reproductive Existence, it MUST focus on CIVILIZATIONAL SUSTENANCE AND ADVANCEMENT to survive.

For only then will we be free of this abuse of our dual nature, of our dual gendered species of which one must always build while the other must always destroy.

Single Mothers are a bane to civilizations, Single Fathers are the Struts and a complete family under a STRONG MAN, a STRONG FATHER and a Man who is GOOD AT BEING A MAN is the Bulwark of Civilizations.

Saturday, May 25, 2013


What if "visions" or so-called "interactions with a holy power" were actually real-life existing entities from other universes who just happened to slip through a multi-versal rift to appear in the mental wavelengths or even in-person to the person having them.

This individual then, would not be incorrect to believe what he saw, even though the rationality he uses to explain the vision might be biased.

Writers too, write stories that have a high probability of existing in one of the infinite number of universes that our choices, based on Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle, create every moment. 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Evils of Smoking vs Evils of Obesity

Smoking is a sure shot way to destroy your body, this has always been an obvious truth.

Obesity is a sure shot way to destroy your body, this has always been an obvious truth.

The difference is, without condoning any of the actions and taking nicotine-addiction as an example....

in a very high percentage of cases (95%+ across cultures, countries and continents) people addicted to Nicotine have a much healthier Muscle to Fat ratio... especially prominent in girls, who stick to evolutionarily advantageous skinny-ness.

If we shame nicotine addiction, as in the UK and the USA and anglo countries, human beings will replace that craving for nicotine with a craving for sugar.

End result, Instead of Skinny people who die at 80 of lung cancer, you have morbidly obese disgusting looking human beings who have Diabetes, heart disease, obesity, respiratory problems et al.

So the question is of common sense, if a common Human being needs to be addicted to one thing,

Nicotine -> harmful , death by lung cancer at an old age, through the majority of life has negligible effect on an average human being's appearance and life.

Sugar -> harmful from childhood to old age, leads to cardiac problems, life threatening diseases like Diabetes, Cancer, respiration and unfit body and evolutionarily disgusting for an average human being.

Taking this example of Nicotine vs Sugar craving, we learn an important facet of an average Human Being, but also the fact that some addictions lead to demise of civilizations while others have a negligible effect on them as evidenced by all these countries use and ban of smoking and consequent rise, especially among the weaker Human Beings i.e. the female gender's ballooning up into Morbidly Obese land-whales.

Also, Very interestingly, Tobacco and it's related health effects are NOT as profitable for Big Corporations (especially in health care) as is Obesity, because Tobacco gives them one shot at cancer-treatment while Obesity and its side effects create a market and life-long consumer of their medicines and treatments especially for life-long disease like diabetes.

A superior human being conquers His addictions and rises above it. And to rise is to realize yourself as an Auarian.

Monday, May 20, 2013

The obvious difference between Men and girls

Gay men are allergic to pussy, Yet, they Love girls.

Lesbian girls are allergic to cock, And, they HATE men.

This is because, even though gay , Men are Men.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

A Basic Formula for successful civilization or society

A basic formula for a successful and Enduring society is Social Conservatism with Economic Liberalism.
All civilizations in their Ascent display these qualities.

All civilizations In their descent display the opposite i.e. social liberalism and economic totalitarianism.

Monday, May 6, 2013

The Auarian Principles (Draft)

1. Auaria's aim is, above all, to advance civilization, by any means necessary. Nothing is more important than Civilizational Advancement not Equalism, not capitalism, not Religion, not Secularism, NO -isms are ever more important. This is the First and most Fundamentally Important Principles of Auaria.

2. Auaria is a land, society or group of Immigrants. No one is born in Auaria. Those who are born have to go through the same immigration process when they turn 14 as everyone else. The process is known as The Ascension. Failure to Ascend the first time leads to The Fall for beings born in Auaria. For non-Auarian born, the third time they fail they will be subject to The Fall. The Fall is removal from the civilization. 

29. Auarians answer neither to gods nor men nor other beings, they answer only to Auaria.

1a. It takes only one Auarian for Auaria to exist. There will be no "different schools of Auaria" , no right, no left, no center. Auaria is absolute or not Auaria at all.

30. Auaria will never be a Welfare State, it will be a state, a society, a land where every Auarian has to earn their survival, Survival of only the fittest. 

2. Auarian Principles will not be amended or added to ever except by Mayhaan, any Auarian that tries to do this should be executed, if an Auarian society does this, they are no longer Auarian.

4. The screening process of Auaria ensures that most of the principles relating to crime and punishment need never be used, however, there are always exceptions, in these cases they will serve to maintain Auarian Ethos.


5a. Based on The First Principle of Auaria, CMVG is defined as The Civilizationally More Valuable Gender, CLVG is defined as Civilizationally Less Valuable Gender.

5b. The Principles of Auaria are based out of the heavily-researched, proven and universal truths that following these Principles will lead to happiness for both CMVGs and CLVGs.

3. Voting rights have to be earned in Auaria, a vote is weighted from 1 to 10, 10 being given to the individuals with the highest contribution and ability, 1 to individuals who demonstrate ability accepted as extraordinary by Mayhaan Standard. This right is re-evaluated every year. 

3b. Auarians getting any sort of aid from Auaria where their contributions are less than their consumptions will have no voting rights or have their voting rights rescinded. No more than 2.5% of the voting-age population may be made out of non-voters and every 2 years, the ones who remain in the 2.5% for 2 years or more should be executed. 

3c. Auaria's aim is to be a society of people who are universally able to earn the right to vote. Voting rights can be earned from the age of 14, casting of votes is allowed from the age of 35.

4. The Reproductively more valuable but Civilizationally less valuable gender will not be allowed to vote or influence decisions in any Auarian society.  This includes, as examples, Government, Judiciary, Military, Media or any organizations etc. They are not expected to ever truly understand and be what an Auarian is but shall be a part of Auaria for reproductive purposes only. Unless able to pass the tests to be Auarians, they shall not be given the rights of any CLVG Auarians, limited as CLVG Auarian rights are.

4b. A major Maxim of Auaria when interpreting laws is, The Law is the Law but it is subservient to being Right. If any Auarian can prove in their interpretation that the Law is being wrongly applied and an alternative is right and agrees fully with the Laws of Auaria when those laws are interpreted correctly, the Auarian must have his day. This will not change any Principles of Auaria but will be applied only to the case in question.

>>>>>>>Televised Govt. Proceedings?<<<<

>>>From Mayhaan
The principles I serve, do not give me emotional validation, they do not give me social validation, I do not seek these things.
I seek only to remain true to these principles
1. Honour
2. Loyalty
3. Respect
4. Justice
5. Truth
6. Love
And many more.
The perfect man is the same, never desiring validation, always serving these principles because he believes in them and fulfilling them gives him his own happiness and fulfillment.