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Sunday, December 13, 2009

November 2009

So was November! =D

17 Nov 2009 11-35 AM


Where you're born, where you live, what the people around you do, does NOT dictate who YOU are.

Ethnicity is what people who look like you or who lived in the same place as you behaved in the past, Your IDENTITY is how YOU behave....it can be dictated only by YOU, not by men who are long dead.

17 Nov 2009 06-00 PM

Don't let the world change YOU, be the one to change the WORLD.

October 2009

October was a dry month ;)

"2009.10.14 20:39"

"To achieve what no one has achieved, you have to do what no one has done!"

September 2009

,"2009.09.06 21:31"

"Totally Evil men are Totally selfish and Totally good men are Totally selfless...we need to stop losing good men to their own goodness we need Totally Good men to be Totally selfish to achieving the Good they can, it means huge sacrifices from them and those around them but then great men's character is forged by fire and not comfort..."

"2009.09.11 23:05"

"There is darkness...gravity in everyone and there is light in everyone...we must not let one dominate the other."

"2009.09.27 12:15"

"An insult to my principles is an insult to me."

"2009.09.27 12:26"

"And i don't do drugs or drink or smoke when i'm depressed...even after all thats happened. My solace and comfort is in music and people. If you have someone you love around you, thats all you need to overcome anger or sadness. And you won't hurt yourself but make your relationships stronger and yourself happier. Getting high when depressed is for weak quitters. Escaping your thoughts makes you weaker, facing them, dealing with them...always makes you stronger...however much you may suffer in the near future. Fire melts glass, but forges steel. What you do, defines which of the one you are. "

"2009.09.27 12:33"

"However much you hurt someone who loves you truly, you cannot make them hate you, you can only make them sad for you."

August 2009

"2009.08.14 15:51"

"The greatest gift of Man is the ability to overcome Any amount of punishing emotional and psychological difficulties that he is put through."

"2009.08.25 18:36"

"We are beyond revenge,

We are beyond the Evil you may do to us,

We are beyond the Rapes, the Murders, the Tortures and anything else you may subject to Us or our Loved Ones because We are the Future.

We will Never react to What Evil You lesser men...NO...you lesser CREATURES do...because when WE have Achieved what we want to....then your lives, your evil, your efforts to drag up back and pull us away from our paths...will be inconsequential,

YOU will be inconsequential.

And Then we may or May not punish you because You would matter so little.

You are the rot that tries to pull humanity down but by being Us we will weed out this Rot and burn it. Annihilate it, then all of Your already meaningless lives will be even less so.

Your defeat started the day all you lowly creatures gave into your vile instincts and our victory started the Day we decided that whatever you do to Us, we will never let that change Who we were, Who we are and WHAT we Can Be."

"2009.08.25 19:37"

"And We know that you don't even Think that much leading as you are your pointless lives...you petty, mindless pieces of utterly useless garbage."

"2009.08.26 00:42"

"The pursuit of Happiness gives more to us and the world than any pursuits of money, power or such superficiality."

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Monday, August 31, 2009

"2009.08.13 17:03" - "The sins of a society define its character."

"2009.08.11 23:29" - "Somethin akin to Music...for the eyes? An undiscovered art form..."

"2009.07.30 22:57" - "Evil employs a strategy- it kills the family or loved ones of a person, then keeps that person alive and tells him that it was the other side that did it. 
Thus they have a person full of hate and motivated extraordinarily. We must learn to recognise this and be most careful in whom we place our trust. Good men do Not spread hate, they spread love...even for Evil men."

"2009.07.27 19:10" - "Never take any action to Please someone or make them happy...if it makes You unhappy...no matter how much you love that person...acts of kindness like this are unacknowledged from the other side, and when they don't know there's something wrong...they'll behave normally while you'll start gettin resentful."

"2009.07.17 19:28" - "Rage doesn't see Age."

"2009.07.14 14:36" - "Achieving your dreams is never easy...because men dream according to their abilities...a Humble person dreams of being a Genius, a Genius dreams of being Supreme...a 'DREAM' is an aim that is difficult for us even AT OUR LEVEL of success in this world. 
Supreme men have impossible dreams...:-) Having the drive to make them possible...is what makes us ever greater than Who we are."

"2009.06.25 09:29" - "Harassment of the Individual, by the forces made to protect him, is bound to have a terrible backlash sooner or later. Abuse of authority leads to Undermine of Authority."

"2009.06.18 16:59" - "There are those who Read history, and those who Make it. 
Those who are going to read Our history are not yet born, but we are here and we can decide...what they remember about us!"

"2009.06.13 22:03" - " Tip for "Pal-Parties" - In contri parties tell everyone to bring x amount of money, put One person in charge...at the end of the night he should be able to do the balance of all who have spent and how much."

"2009.06.03 20:22" - "You will Get what you Seek From LIFE! 
If you seek sadness in your life, that is what you'll get. If you seek happiness...you Will have it!"

"2009.05.31 19:33" - "Religion has put in place a system, which has existed for thousands of years and is followed by billions, that allows normal people to easily learn, embrace and practice it with supreme confidence if they just follow the rule book to lean on and find God...it would be better to have a truer rule book to believe in and find Yourself."

"2009.05.26 19:16" - "Great 'Preachers' of 'Religion' aren't spreading the Great Word of some God...its Their personality, ideas and greatness that attracts the people, they just choose to ignore their own ability and thoughts and disrespect their own self by attributing their own quality to some other 'idea'."

"2009.05.13 14:21","","You can see the effect of the theory of relativity in daily life...when you Want time to move fast, it crawls by and when you want it to slow down, it runs along. Maybe our brain cells' speed of thought processing actually varies highly in both the cases to affect such a situation...."

sms,submit,"","","","2009.05.13 14:21","","Life doesn't give us superpowers because leading life without them makes us much tougher than a superhero can ever be. To be able to vanquish your enemies immediately does not require as much mental toughness as does having the strength to wait for the right time or even forgiving or moving on, even aftersuffering and still living your life with the pain..."

"2009.04.30 20:02" - "Never give even a second of your time to people, who don't have time for you. Life is too precious to waste on worthless souls!"

"2009.04.30 17:20" - "Idea >Private<"

"2009.04.30 12:32" - "People either WANT to do something or they DON'T...."i CAN'T" is just an excuse and a very weak one."

"2009.04.30 01:44" - "How many of us have a very sharp nose for the pheromones emitted by the opposite sex when they are attracted to us, e.g. i can immediately detect them, the scent is different for each individual...also not all gals pheromones' smell 'attractive'...all are pleasant but not all attract...some are pleasant but really negate the attraction...so it reflects some level of  incompatibility. 
Pheromones are very powerful and direct method of establishing attraction...very rare humans are developed enough to be able to sense and understand their meanings.:-)"

"2009.04.30 01:25" - "Every man should find out ...
One, the thing he is GREAT at. 
Two, the thing he LOVES to do. 
And then do what he loves...by being what he is Great at!"

"2009.04.29 12:37" - "It is Extremely Important that College education should be done away from home to develop an independent personality."

"2009.04.14 22:33" - "My Wicked Joke >>> Ask Me! ;D"

"2009.04.11 20:37" - "Maybe...the reason why all great Heroes stick to the creed of Protecting life over all else, even those of villains...is that even i little bit of good done by a man has a greater effect than a lot of evil that he can or has done."

"2009.04.09 11:44" - "There are men who listen To the world and Men who the World listens TO."

"2009.04.08 21:02" - "Are Extremely Handsome Men relatively more intelligent than Extremely Beautiful Women...? I think so...if handsome is defined as hunky and beauty is defined as hotness."

"2009.04.07 00:47" - "Super-Thoughts are our Super-Powers!"

"2009.04.05 19:49" - "Never Look DOWN upon the people who Look UP to you."

"2009.04.04 16:26" - "When you think of yourself as one kind of man and turn out to be another...that is life giving you a chance to show your grit and potential to Become what you see yourself as!"

"2009.04.04 16:19" - "Think Seriously, Live Casually."

"2009.04.02 19:37" - "What i want....? :-)....EVERYTHING. Everything that i can accomplish in my this One Life...."

"2009.03.30 14:29" - "I'm posting all my thoughts and ideas online through this blog so that even if i die prematurely my ideas won't...cause i don wanna hold onto life again outta fear of losin the opportunity to change this world...NEVER AGAIN"

"2009.03.30 14:04" - "The test of any relationships is not how you agree on many things but how you deal wit the things you Disagree on!"

"2009.03.30 00:04" - "Through the music made by men, you can know them. Their dreams, their thoughts, their character, their ideals and their ideas..."

"2009.03.30 00:03" - "The best reflection of WHAT a Man is, is the Music he makes."

"2009.03.28 20:23" - "Its beautiful when it raining....:-)....."

"2009.03.26 20:35" - "Private Naughty ;D"

"2009.03.09 22:53" - "Anything done for the Wrong reasons....leads to suffering...."

"2009.03.06 21:54" - "Live as if you are mortal, fight as if you're immortal!"

22 April 2009 12:57 P.M.

Never believe People just because they are CONFIDENT, there are a biliion people out there wit no idea of what's right but they are confident in their wrongness !
2009-01-10 00:58:49 - No Man should ever apologise for being Right."

"Speed Of Thought";"2009-01-10 00:58:30 - "Good, when Institutionalised, tends to open itself up to misuse by unworthy people who manipulate the Institution itself. For good to last, it must be implemented by those who have it in their hearts not through mechanisms, for good although immortal is lost to schemes which are by their very nature bound to fail as consistent systems."

"Speed Of Thought";"2009-01-10 00:58:02" - "People are apathetic to happenings around them till they do not influence them directly."

"Speed Of Thought";"2009-01-10 00:57:49" -"The choice of 'Leaders' shows the Ideological Character of the People."

"Speed Of Thought";"2009-01-13 12:40:33" - "A name should reflect a man himself not the way he is Seen in the future by his well wishers. "

"Speed Of Thought";"2009-01-13 12:41:55";"";"A man who aspires to 'live up to his ''given'' name' must also aspire to forge his own. Living up to yourself is more important than living upto someone else's Idea of you."

"Speed Of Thought";"2009-01-13 19:02:53" - "If the People who matter don't go to the Places which matter then systems are bound to fail."

"Speed Of Thought";"2009-01-15 22:03:06" - "Every man should bring to the world a change that is positive, however small. If not new then at least a contribution to the existing good in the world."

"Speed Of Thought";"2009-01-15 22:58:07" - "Communication even between people who have mutual dislike is ESSENTIAL to avoid escalation of problems!"

"Speed Of Thought";"2009-01-18 10:01:46" - "One has the choice to choose their religion. The religion whose 'leaders' sully its teachings and force their depraved ideology among followers can be solved partly by a mass exodus from that religion. If they don't have people to brainwash, they won't have people to fight."

"Speed Of Thought";"2009-01-20 17:56:39" - "The justice system should be speedy in dispensing its decision so that the victims' and alleged perpetrators' life does not revolve around it. They should be able to get on with life, soon. And prompt Justice is a deterrent, however we need to have a watertight way of preventing misuse."

"Speed Of Thought";"2009-01-20 18:40:08" - "What is Greatness? Is it to lead an ordinary life with an exemplary outlook or is it to have a life of suffering and sorrow...and to rise above them to live not only an ordinary life but an extraordinary one!"

"Speed Of Thought";"2009-01-20 17:55:27" - "Revenge should not spoil a life. And every man or woman should get their revenge on their own because placing it on someone else's shoulder is a terrible punishment for the other."

"Speed Of Thought";"2009-01-20 17:56:05" - "Men with leadership capabilities should know Exactly Where they are leading their followers....because nothing is more terrible than having someone else's destruction on your hands...."

"Speed Of Thought";"2009-01-21 19:15:47" - "Whenever someone does an injustice to you, their aim and action can be completely shattered just by sticking to your spirit and life. Live your Life. Achieve your potential and you would have defeated them in the most glorious way possible."

"Speed Of Thought";"2009-01-24 19:56:33" - "My death will be a happy one, if my life is an inspiration for even One."

"Speed Of Thought";"2009-01-25 19:16:12" - "Do not waste away your life thinking about revenge, your success against all odds will be the biggest blow to any and all who ever did bad to you."

"Speed Of Thought";"2009-02-03 19:45:46" - "Like all acts in our Life, our Death should be meaningful too..."

"Speed Of Thought";"2009-02-03 22:41:41" - "Make sure that the places you choose to be your adventurous self ...are places where you are safe. Not all the earth is pure nature, in many places it is contaminated by the depravity of man."

"Speed Of Thought";"2009-02-05 21:03:26" - "There are 6 billion people in this world, if i start refuting and correcting each one individually...i will spend my lifetime in explanations. Instead i will state my thoughts and their meaning. The world is open to accept my explanation or reject them. I am not here to go against free will."

"Speed Of Thought";"2009-02-07 13:24:13" - "Safari dicor feb 2009 ad.....the type of music to listen to when near the end....:-)...."

"Speed Of Thought";"2009-02-07 14:09:56" - "What is the family in which the parents sacrifice their dreams to make their miserable children suppress their own sufferings of rape, hate and trauma to save their parents from further trauma. It is a vicious life-sapping circle where suffering is passed on from generation to generating in the name of 'Love-for-family'. Love does not condone the spreading of suffering, rather, it helps to share it and get support for it. This 'Family' stands for the complete opposite of the term family itself!"

"Speed Of Thought";"2009-02-08 13:47:05" - "A man should be judged for his actions objectively, not through the shades of the jury's values."

"Speed Of Thought";"2009-02-08 19:51:34" - "Or maybe something more joyous...uplifting music to continue my journey from this world!"

"Speed Of Thought";"2009-02-09 17:15:47" - "Some people take the worst incidents in their life and turn them into the turning points for greatness!:-D"

"Speed Of Thought";"2009-02-09 17:17:57" - "Some people get crushed by the worst that life gives them and then there are some that take the worst incidents in their life and transform them into the turning points for their greatness!:-D"

"Speed Of Thought";"2009-02-10 19:26:04" - "Acceptance of New ideas needs a pinch of humour along with force at the right time to spread..."

"Speed Of Thought";"2009-02-13 19:40:29" - "I just believe that if you've got a good bod , you should perfect it. Plus its extremely important to be as fit as you can be. Actually...as Perfect as you can be."

"Speed Of Thought";"2009-02-13 20:15:36" - ".and i Had those guitars...gave em awll to my juniors when left college...i don't play....i'm into keys...but now into music production...where...i jus composed a guitar riff using the all advanced power of tech! Music->Evolution....:-)"

"Speed Of Thought";"2009-02-17 00:18:43" - "Aaaah.....hope so. When you are good at too many things you become complacent. Like when i saw rock on after half da world had told me....'you Should watch it, YOUr type movie'....well i did. And i realised yet again that there are some people who know only One thing like L.K....others like F.A. are too good to make a failure in one thing ruin their life....thats what i am, i know that if today i give it all up ...i have brains enough to be super successful in any of the things i'm Good at...but missing out on da feelin of achieving something you're GREAT at!"

"Speed Of Thought";"2009-02-17 15:16:52" - "People aren't imperfect...its the world around that is..."

"Speed Of Thought";"2009-02-17 17:31:57" - " PrivAte ;)"

"Speed Of Thought";"2009-02-21 20:16:02" - "Why to rate yourselves on someone else's scale? You should aspire to be 10 on 10 on your own!"

"Speed Of Thought";"2009-02-23 18:31:48" - "Private"

"Speed Of Thought";"2009-02-23 20:48:39" - "Be alert to Old thinking creeping through using New ways."

"Speed Of Thought";"2009-02-26 18:09:16" - "Gattacca- every atom of our body was once part of a star....."

"Speed Of Thought";"2009-02-28 17:47:56" - "They fell through the ages for You to Rise...don't lose yourself in lifes pithy battles for you are to be the Victor of the war for the soul of Mankind...!"

"Speed Of Thought";"2009-02-28 21:24:11" - "Never let revenge rule your life...let your Potential lead your life, achieve what you are born to achieve...and then when all is done... ask yourself what will give you peace....and do accordingly..."

Friday, August 28, 2009

2009.01.01 23:52-"Thats what... Is havin a natural sex drive labelled slutty? And if so then you have to ask yourself what kind of society you are showing loyalty to. Loyalty is one thing that should be given only to things that deserve it. And not force it."

2009.01.01 23:51-"This is not about me...its about the mentality which makes normal people feel guilty. This is what i aim to change. If you're not polygamous fine but why are honest normal people being treated with stone age values for their wants and desires. It makes my blood boil. :-l"

2009.01.01 00:10-"Most people miss out on Real Love waiting for their VERSION of love."

2008.12.31 02:18-"I infuse Life in the lives of people!:-)"

2008.12.28 20:21-"The ability to 'think on your feet' is surprisingly rare!"

2008.12.27 04:20-"Be careful what or whom you choose to give your time to, because its one thing thats Never comin back..."

2008.12.27 04:08-"If my enemies are in some corners, my friends and followers are in Every Corner!"

2008.12.26 00:43-"I sometimes wish that i had someone as smart as me to guide me when i was a kid...but...if i'm so smart then I've been guiding myself throughout...I've been my own unwitting guide huh?:-P"

2008.12.16 17:01-"Men and women look more 'complete' when they have long hair...:-)"

2008.12.16 00:56-"There are two types of people in this world..ones I fall in love with, and ones that Make me fall in love with them! :-)"

2008.12.16 00:27-"An idea or thought is a terrible thing to waste!"

2008.12.15 19:11-"And living in fear will result in missing out in life...it is better to have one great love and lose it than never have none...stop fearing, start lovin!"

2008.12.12 05:41-"..:-)...and of course my message will be that even ordinary people should then should have the freedom to live their life...my principles and my ideas are beyond anyone...and i have made one of the biggest sacrifice of my short life for them thus far...but Great things can only be done by Great will and Great men and sometimes Great sacrifice..!"

2008.12.12 05:41-"Companionship and children don't Need marriage...marriage needs Them...and the place i see myself in is no ordinary life of man but an extraordinary one."

2008.12.12 05:30-"Marriage is an outdated concept in Today's world...everything has a logical begining and so did the ritual of marriage but its kinda irrelevant in Today's world..! Its more like a ticket to get half of what your spouse owns in a divorce..well this discussion is subjective and academic so i wouldn't recommend getting me started on it...:-)"

2008.12.11 21:16-"Our body is Made to shape the world around us, just observe a mechanised dirt mover and You'll understand..."

2008.12.10 19:00-"More the people i love, more i love Each one of them and their individual personas....if i love just one then i can't love them as much."

2008.12.10 02:36-"The trouble with having conversation when you already know everything being said, is of impatience, you want to move past the obvious and into the new...to resolve that you have to communicate to the other party that you already know what They're trying to say...althoug the more you know, the less you have something to 'Converse' about"

s2008.12.10 02:15-"People manufacture 'Stars' when they run Out of them!"

2008.12.09 18:44-"To be truly 'Great'....be successful on Your terms, not the world's."

2008.12.08 01:38-"Maybe the movement of sub-atomic particles governed by the uncertainty principle is what makes up our so called 'Soul'..."

2008.12.07 04:45-"When in doubt about someone who is begging you for money, Feed them, Don't give them the money."

2008.12.06 19:38-"It is not wise to share your misfortunes with people."

2008.12.06 16:52-"All the rascals and scoundrels of this world are so numerous that their sole aim in life, unwittingly, is to give birth to the few gems of greatness of the human race."

2008.12.06 15:48-"To have zest for life, treat each day as a new day You've never seen before, think of all the people you know as you thought and behaved when you first met them, deal with the same situations as if you don't have any history...in short, be forgetful of the day that is gone for every day you can forge a newer, stronger, different You!"

2008.12.05 18:08-"Retirement, although necessary, is also the bane of Champions. It begins their start to fading away unless they excel in some other laudable human endeavour too..."

2008.12.04 23:45-"From my parents I've learned that investing in a way such that something or the other keeps maturing every 3 or more years is a great way to live comfortably. In this alone, they have shown sheer genius of investments."

2008.12.03 05:13-"I.........................have lost my own pure view of things, the way I Uniquely perceived people, places and relations around me. Hmmm...society makes slots for everybody so that even pathetic people get set somewhere and gain some 'skills' or place in the ladder or something. How am i supposed to react to such people or situations? Contempt? Arrogance? Because i really can't bear their mediocrity being put in positions of power...what i Need is More EXPOSURE...yes teach them their lessons their way, what makes them so smug is their Experiences .....take that away or those away and they are left with Nothing. Do the things they feel Smug about..better than they themselves did. That'll Put them in Their Place. In essence, there is No one better than me only more experienced in separate differing things!;-)"

2008.12.03 05:11-"By focusing my attention on the trivial people around me i am doing my Self Image a great disservice. I'm the Best and I Won't stoop to anybody or before anybody for anything. What makes me weak is the fear of losing what i want. If i let go of what i want then the fear will be gone, but then what is the point of this life? I Will get what i want...i will be what i know i can. I. And what Do i actually want in the world? Not more that one or two things are so important that i can't live without them...Nothing!!..then Why do i fear? Why am i scared when it counts? Whats holding me back? Hmmm...I've started putting people on pedestals like We've been trained and brainwashed into doing since childhood by society."

2008.12.03 05:08-"Manipulating people? Doesn't appeal to me...isn't right nor worth it. Its like stooping to something low but how the hell to get what you want and make people understand that and Give it to you. People are just so full of shit..full of themselves and what are they? NOTHing..nothing at all but every dumb mofo thinks that they are great..What is great? Why don't I think so, where is that me i knew i was since i was born? Where did me go? In Today's world there is a tendency to blow up even trivial things but the big things done are not getting due credit...thats what makes me angry or think that i'm in a world of equals? Balls to that..I have no equal."

2008.12.02 20:51-"Why are people so timid? They live life like defeatists and in the end, their whole life is just that.....one long continuous defeat."

2008.12.02 20:49-"Why are people so timid, and worse...why are they so Afraid to let go of their timidity. It hardly serves any positive purpose. But it Does give rise to the most varied and numerous arguments for status quo. It lets people say 'i'm scared and i'm too much of a coward to admit it'.....without actually hurting them. They mechanically parrot out arguments in favour of timidity without realising Or, over a period of time, forgetting...that its a very weak cover for their gutlessness. And the arguments in essence always mean ' We are weak and can't even help ourselves, and lets try to be safe from all corners by making ourselves even weaker by believing that we can hide behind and spend our life living as rats, scurrying away from every problem' so in the end, it means, that people who subscribe to the above malady are neither courageous nor willing to be and it would take just one gust of troubles for them to fall over, lie down and die."

2008.11.30 18:23-"Fear does not erase the evil tendencies of man, that can only happen when his thinking changes."

2008.11.30 17:00-"This world has become overanalytical of Everything. While thats not bad, its not Always good."

2008.11.28 00:56-"What use is a government when people have to fear going to markets, going to crowded places, going to hotels, even going hiking or traveling...in short if they have to curb their freedom of movement to save their lives and their honour? Isn't then the government impotent? Does it not realise that this is tantamount to Always being in a state of war?"

2008.11.26 20:21-"If someone provokes you to 'be a man', be the man on YOUR terms not THEIRS."

2008.11.22 17:58-"We, as humans, are not aware of the level of consciousness we are missing cause we are using just a fraction of our mental faculties...like a man born blind can never understand or be aware of what he is missing. We too are blind in this way but without consciousness. The blind man knows he is blind, but we do not till now."

2008.11.21 21:35-"Death is like the recharge of Life! we need when we grow tired and weary of this world. One lifetime is never enough for some and that is what makes it special...their zest for life is doubled!"

2008.11.21 00:23-"People say 'You're an Angel' out loud and to you, they say 'You're a Demon' within themselves and behind your back."

2008.11.16 15:47-"(^_^)....(~_~)....(>_<).....(*_*).....(0_0)....(@_>)....(O,~)..."

2008.11.16 05:41-"It is extremely important for both men and women to spend their formative years from 17 to 21 away from their families to make them able to deal with the world on their own as well as have a realistic view. The separation does not mean rigid enforcement, but enough to give them independence and make them self sufficient."

2008.11.15 20:32-"What do i wanna do with the free time i have?"

2008.11.12 04:33-"I'm a pathological Lover! ;-)"

2008.11.12 03:57-"The great man is distinguished from the lesser by the way he treats those below him when he is in a position of power over them. Wielding that power and knowing When to control it makes the single biggest difference."

2008.11.11 17:21-"Looking to perfection catered to yourself is not admirable, its despicable and petty. Perfection should be seeked for an idea or ideal."
2008.11.11 16:05-"The Leaders of a people, reflect the people!"

2008.11.10 23:03-"I do not seek solace or rest in the company of people, i seek it in solitude..."

2008.11.10 20:54-"Honour Loyalty Respect Purpose Empathy Greatness."

2008.11.10 20:53-"There's no such thing as Unconditional Respect...either your earn it or you don't..."

2008.11.10 17:33-"Winter is a time of hopes and dreams! Ah magical winter!"

2008.11.10 12:06-"Beauty flows Outwards, ugliness creeps Inwards."

2008.11.10 11:44-"This society is hell bent on conforming every man to itself. Every failure is shown as a diminishing hope for his ideas whereas they actually are the battles which will make him win wars. He just has to believe in himself, ALWAYS."

2008.11.10 11:42-"A man never loses his innate ability, what he loses is hope."

2008.11.10 02:03-"The driving philosophy of mothers is 'protect your child' and it never lets up. They will be there till the end of your life if need be, trying to protect you :). But sometimes this protection makes the child lose the thinking and battles needed to make him stronger and be as great as they are. 
Protection unfortunately regresses to cowardice. That is where the mother becomes the crushing hand rather than the helping hand. Protect your child but let him take falls too, to become as great as he deserves to be."

2008.11.10 01:54-"The human race is generationally repeatedly bastardised by the petty and scheming mentality passed on genetically and ideologically, its a miracle that men of honour and loyalty get through and are still born."

2008.11.10 01:43-"Some men are swayed by emotion and some by character, generally the former prefer their mothers, the latter their fathers."

2008.11.09 03:06-"As in sex, love and force used together can weaken the Hardest of enemies! ;-)"

2008.11.06 21:03-"The Maintenance of a profitable venture should not itself bleed it to death in times of loss or stagnation."

2008.11.06 21:01-"Use the vices of society to generate money to firstly wipe out those vices and incrementally that market. In the same vein promote positive values and a value driven society and market."

2008.11.06 20:50-"Such is society today that we have what we don't want when we don't need it and don't get what we want when we Do."

2008.11.05 15:50-"I am a lover of ideas more than a lover of people. In this way too i am a lover of humanity!"

2008.11.04 22:31-"Doing what i love makes the human race bearable."

2008.11.04 01:40-"Home is a refuge to rest in, after our daily battles. Not a place to Spend or Live your life in, but to take a vacation from its challenges and toils."

2008.11.03 22:40 - "Never give Anyone Any leverage over you."

2008.11.03 12:07 - "Punctuality comes with interest."

2008.11.03 11:58 - "To be a critical success a man must know his Talent and his Interest and then combine them both, interest without talent leads to mediocrity."

2008.11.02 22:19 - "When provoked, answer with wit ;-)"

2008.11.02 22:18 - "Whenever you are angry, react humourously and wittily. You'll not only dispel the tension but also come out tops!"

2008.11.01 21:10 - "Some activities, celebrated in the usual way, are made to be celebrated with others and some activities with just ourselves!"

2008.11.01 17:05 - "In a world that is losing hope, be the one who personifies it."

2008.11.01 16:19 - "Inaction due to fear of consequences strengthen and fan those same consequences."

2008.10.30 16:58 - "Better to react late and well than fast and bad."

2008.10.29 15:42 - "In this world, There are those who encourage you and those who discourage you, whom you choose to listen to, shows what kind of man you are."

2008.10.27 04:18 - "Be wise in choosing your battles, in order to win your Wars."

2008.10.26 05:12 - "There are some Men who are just more in tune with this universe, what is right or wrong, whats fair, about religion, about actions, about thoughts, about ideologies, about as simple a matter also as behaviour and dress sense...right from the Great to the Least."

2008.10.25 19:45 - "The concept of Man is greater than the concept of Nation, Religion or any divisive ideology that Man himself may invent."

2008.10.22 21:48 - "Private ;)"

2008.10.20 19:11 - "No society can mind its manners before it minds its morals."

2008.10.20 03:45 - "Unless encouraged for their individuality, people tend to ascribe to their community's perceived characteristics."

2008.10.14 17:40 - "Your choice in music shows who you are."

2008.10.14 17:39 - "Your choices in life reflect Who you are."

2008.10.13 08:41 - "One regret is better than a life of regrets."

"2008.10.12 01:08"

"Never 'find yourself' at the expense of your Principles..."

"2008.10.10 17:49"

"Keep a third or max a half of your fortune in stocks or the equivalent market model. Keep the rest in Your control with no power given or investment taken as also businesses which don't Need the stock market or investors to keep them running.."

Thursday, July 30, 2009

"2008.10.09 18:06"

"Putting more stress on the beginning, middle or end of words drastically alters the tone, tenor and style of speech."

"2008.10.09 07:05"

"For some: Your heart is in the right place, but your brain is missing!"

"2008.10.09 06:04"

"Die a failure by the standards of mediocrity, but die a Champion by the standards of Greatness!!"

"2008.10.09 05:46"

"Make what you learn Quick, STICK!"

"2008.10.09 05:38"

"One who is lost, can never Lead the way."

"2008.10.07 04:46"

"This world can change everyone, but some are born to change this world."

"2008.10.07 04:39"

"People who stay true to principles, never lose their best qualities."

"2008.10.06 20:28"

"Parents want their children to live a risk-free, mediocre, completely monotonous 'normal' life because quite simply they don't believe in their children's abilities and are shit scared to take the risks to make their lives meaningful and tell their kids to be the same. Better a mediocre life without risks, than a great one with risks. Seems to be their motto."

"2008.10.05 13:30"

Love Private

"2008.10.03 18:45"


"2008.09.29 03:23"

"Great places and Great acts inspire Great thoughts."

"2008.09.27 00:43"

"All that people need is a little appreciation for who they are, it makes their world and this world a whole better place!:-)"

"2008.09.23 14:52"

"Remember the sunny winter mornings which went on to become hot in the afternoon and then get chilly in da evenings.....:-)"

"2008.09.22 05:23"

"I've always been as openly innocent as a devil!;-)"

"2008.09.22 00:46"

"There are two things in this world which brings tears to my eyes, one, the evil that men do and two....the good that they do......."

"2008.09.22 00:45"

"To see pure happiness, see a man do what he loves:-)"

Monday, July 27, 2009

"2008.09.22 00:45"

"All great men have one rule for sunday....no work and no play, lazing the beautiful day away!"

"2008.09.21 21:39"

"A view 'point' is so limited...its better to have a drishticone or better still a view 'sphere';-)"

"2008.09.21 19:48"

"What parents are those who make it a precondition on their children to achieve as they want for the child to spend his life peacefully with them?"

"2008.09.19 02:35"

"The news of da world also focuses on shit-scared idiots not level-headed people of any industry."

"2008.09.18 18:47"

"Every man in this world should 
know two things in his life 

1. His purpose 
2. The culture that fits him."

"2008.09.17 17:36"

"To be true to your art, you Have to make sure that it is not your only source of income!"

"2008.09.13 19:45"

"The opposite of a black hole, a white hole? 
Which repels everything, kind of like the inside of a black hole which repels everything away from the boundary!"

"2008.09.11 11:48"

"Women today want men They can boss around, not treat as equals even...so Who's acting sexist now?!"

"2008.09.11 03:13"

"I'm predictably unpredictable!"

"2008.09.08 22:38"

"For the dreams of great men to endure after them, they must not leave it upon men or chance."

"2008.09.08 18:57"

"The over emotional sentiments of people make them self-centred at the end...even those with the best intentions at heart because they value emotions and above principles and justice...an abject and inexorable begining of fall.

"2008.09.07 16:31"

"Government jobs generally attract people who just want to Spend their lives getting pushed ahead even if they do nothing."

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Honestly,The biggest weakness of mankind is the inability to believe in themselves, thus the need for the crutch of religion and belief in a perfect being who can do anything. 
It is far easier to believe in a 'God'-being who is perfect than to believe in yourself whose imperfections stare you in the face daily.....and to overcome this is to be elevated from being ordinary men to the same Gods you pray to. For what is God but the embodiment for our best ideals and principles? And if we strive to be the embodiment ourselves....we achieve Godness.

The idea of the devil as pure evil is also a propagation of fools who see everything in black and white not realising that things are more or less grey..the mist between absolute darkness and absolute light.

Language gives words to thought, it is the expression of thought and gives our thoughts identity, without which we would just be grasping at airy straws but never quite able to catch hold of the fleeting sparks reflecting the brilliance of our minds.

On the flip side, What's with this obsession with talking? Talk, talk, talk and try to influence or charm people. There's Got to be a more effective and direct and Intelligent way to communicate, eliminating all that is unnecessary.

A Majority of Today's people don't support the people who can help them, they support the one who can harm them. The greater the harm, the more the support as if by supporting they can protect themselves.

The whole world has gone to the dogs, everyone i meet is a defeatist. This entire age is one characterised by people's defeated and thus petty selfish lives. And no one understands the feelings of honour, respect, dignity and greatness. I am sick of them, all of them. Everywhere.

This, present day india, is a society which follows the path of individual against individual...right from the traffice cop who harasses you to make extra money to the motorist who fights back to protect His money...the question of what is the right thing to do seldom arises..but Most people intend to live a 'Popularly good' life. The simplest ways of following someone else's notion's of good and bad without having to make the intended mental effort to arrive at it themselves.

In india, inspite of all their bravado Everybody is afraid of being dominated by everybody else... you can see this mentality in as simple things like traffic and followin signals where everyone tries to squeeze their vehicle before everybody else's in case they get stuck thus exposing their helplessness.

The only criteria for a work to be done should be a man's abililty and the only relationship he should use to get his work done is his faith and belief in his principles.

 I will Not have an ordinary life....and my definition of extra-ordinary is Not to be successful among mediocres. My life will have my rules. And i don't care whether they go against what the world says or thinks because i'm a revolution of change. A leader, Not a follower.

"2008.08.31 02:33"

"Don't fall in love when a love-affair will do! ;-)"

"2008.08.28 01:45"

"Only when a man overcomes the troubles in his life can he move forward meaningfully"

"2008.08.20 17:09"

"20th august 2008 was an incredibly beautiful day...rare is such a day:-)"

"2008.08.20 16:37"

"If you were a day, would you be bright, sunny and beautiful?:-)"

"2008.08.17 20:50"

"A purposeless life is a worthless life"

"2008.08.15 21:34"

"Fear is a word i write in other people's dictionary."

"2008.08.14 00:04"

"A man should have the freedom to choose or make his country and culture."

"2008.08.10 18:09"

"Know the difference between talking AT people and talking TO them."

"2008.07.30 14:00"

"People are always in a push, a push to live purposeless lives."

"2008.07.21 20:35"

"Its more important to Find success as a person before you find success as a personality."

"2008.07.18 20:18"

"NEVER undermine or undervalue yourself. EVER."

"2008.05.16 13:28"


"2008.05.07 10:59"

"What i crave is....a purpose everyday...and every day having some purpose...then i feel alive, full of life, energy and cheer!"

"2008.05.06 23:26"


"2008.05.04 23:30"

" Always find out why if you have A Fear which is without memory...."

"2008.05.04 12:34"

"All the aimless educated youngsters who don't have brains to know or find their aim should be put to useful political work to improve the country"

"2008.05.03 19:01"


"2008.05.01 21:16"

"People should LOVE you for something thats in you, instead of just bearing with you for what you can do...for them."

"2008.05.01 13:49"


"2008.05.01 09:25"

"Educate the middle classes about their rights"

"2008.04.28 21:54"

Few Technological Musings:

"Materials which deform when a set pressure limit is exceeded and regain their shape when that extra pressure is removed."

"2008.04.23 11:47"

"Think fast, speak slower. Don't React, Act!"

"2008.04.23 11:45"

"Everything else fades around you. Now THATS an Effect! 

People are pulled to you, their eyes are fixated on you automatically...everything else recedes to
the background and they only have eyes for you...and There's nothing they can do about it. 

You're an uncontrollable urge, a magnetic gravitational force, attracting them without any effort or inclination...;-)

Rules Of War

1. Avoid, if possible. Think with a cool head before deciding to initiate hostilities. 
2. Try to defeat your opponent on the lowest level first, so that it doesn't escalate to a person with more capabilities and remains of a small scope. 
3. First, disagreement, then fight, then battle and last should be war. Try to settle the issue at each stage so that a trivial matter doesn't get blown out of proportion.

Financial "Truths" ;-)

Credit cards are like money lenders in your pocket, ready to pounce on any opportunity to loan to you,on cash loans you have to pay back immediately or they charge interest Everyday ..USURY! And they give you 4 times your salary as credit limit so instead of working for yourself you end up working for them!
For all the Greats out there:

"You're being clubbed and compared equal to inferior people due to the few ignorant choices you have made.
Any moron who doesn't have a purpose in life but blind aimless donkey like efforts are sullying the positions and images of talents in fields such as management, sciences and engineering. 

Due to the Blind Stumbling Mediocre successes of these Monumental Human Failures, the truly Great ones are being compared to them and told to follow them???

 This truth has to be brought out."
"If a man cannot find his purpose even after trying then there is one purpose which every man is born to fulfill and that is 'Defending his way of life'. 
A man can make his life meaningful by serving his country by going into the defence services. A life lived for defending principles is a life worth living!"

"2008.04.23 11:43"

"For all of us who take Lives seriously...ask yourself......'Am i taking life TOO seriously?' Its good to think about your life and principles but while living life...we should just Chill!:-)"

"2008.04.23 11:43"

"Life's meant for some meaning...hmmm but also on a simple note Life's meant for you to spend it happily. We All get busy with Achieving something or the other in life. We spend a great time running after our dreams and maybe realise them, then run on to the next. So life's a series of dreams? And we are dream catchers? Should we live life one day at a time or plan it? Or maybe plan it and then execute it day by day? But what if we are ahead or behind our plan? Then again should the question of living it day by day arise? Maybe it should be a combination of both with breaks in between. Just...a break...from Everything.:-)"

"2008.03.12 21:52"

"Everything in the universe and our earth was modeled in such a way upto the point We are born  such that only We, uniquely us, each one of us, can be created."

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

"2008.01.15 18:31" Message To My LOVE

"You have shown a rare insight in what you have said...its not that i have changed but just that...everything in my life had a special place because i thought i had purpose in my life...without purpose i don't have anything to look forward to...it is purpose which gives me the energy to live and enjoy life "and since the day i have discovered that i have been leading a purposeless life..-my zest for life has slowly bled away...its not that i don't love you but just loving you without having to deserve the rest of love or affection makes it feel ...unfelt...love is to support to be there but what am i doing "in life that i would need support or deserve it. This lack of purpose not only is tormenting me but is also punishing those i love and the one thing i sometimes feel like screaming is that the world give me the time to do what i want in this life free of obligations and actually DESERVE what love or affection that people give me. My love of purpose is the love that drives everything in my life and such is my state that it has been snatched from me and i feel it going farther away every moment...i don't want to live life, have a family, do my duties because i would deserve and enjoy them only when i have thrown all myself to this world and won or attempted all battles which have a meaning..not like every other parasite who settler down and does what is expected like a slave without the feeling of loss that his life holds no more meaning..."

Monday, June 8, 2009

"2007.12.20 13:40"

"Money...just My back up objective or everybody else's also? And why..if thats the case then the primary objective of everybody is just to lead a 'comfortable life' and just wishing to WASTE your life comfortably??!! No pursuit to make your life have any meaning? No higher motive and no aim except to let life pass you by and you see it pass by comfortably? Its a pathetic secondary objective too...and thats my back up plan? Hell no...if i put even half of my dkdc approach into what i want i can achieve much more..greater things...beyond dreams even...."

Why are guys nervous before girls or women? Its because girls have something they want, for that matter anything you Want and someone else can give it to you...makes you nervous. Because There's nothing standing between you getting it but you yourself. But what if i know and feel that it belongs to me? That its going to be mine come what may. I won't grovel or try extra hard...i just know that i have to be Me all the way and by being Me i Will get what i want."

"2007.12.09 12:04"

"It is better to run naked as a child when nobody judges you than as a fully dressed man being stripped naked by people's views."

"2007.12.09 10:44"

"Not every enemy dons the garb of an adversary."

"2007.12.06 22:04"

"Some truths, spoken from the lips of lesser men, lose their sheen."

"2007.11.27 17:18"

"Any fool knows when to open his mouth, but only a wise man knows when to keep it shut."

"2007.11.23 23:45"

"An adversary is not necessarily an enemy."

"2007.11.18 15:50"

"The circumstances are the same, it is the People who are different."

"2007.11.18 15:41"

"You'll shiver in pleasure if i'm your friend and You'll tremble in fear if i'm your enemy."

"2007.11.08 17:31"

"A man files a lawsuit against his ex-lover for not returning money he'd kept with her and the trial drags on for twenty years. The man wins the money in the end and more than that it takes twenty years of standing against each other to make them fall in love again.:-) "

Thursday, April 9, 2009

23 February 2008 11.30 A.M.

People who dont take Big risks end up with Mediocre successes.

23 February 2008

Purposeless People:

People are afraid of staying idle long enough that they HAVE to THINK...because when they Do
think they end up screaming because they have stopped thinking about their life and its
purpose long ago.....shortly after they took birth..And so we see them scurrying
around...desperate to do something...not knowing WHAt to do or WHy to do even what they are
doing but just too desperate to not face the screams of agony inside their dead soul of not
knowing what their life means or a life with a purpose means.

If all that their purpose is really to STIll subsist and fend for food house and clothing
then where have we come as a civilisation after more than 5000 years of history behind us.

And even putting aside the question of subsistence we are now able to afford food clothing
and housing but then we spend the rest of our money first to enjoy ourselves, later on in
slavery of people dependend on us and then after spending our lives making our children grow
up to lead equally meaningless lives we die meaningless deaths.

What kind of depraved animal lives life just to be a bonded slave and take it with a pinch
of "SOCIALISING"....jus chatting all day and keeping ur mind busy enough NOT to think makes
you no better than an animal,The fruits and joys of each phase of life whether childhood,
adulthood, parenthood or old age can only actually be appreciated and looked forward to by
people who have a purpose.
Those who LIVE their life and generate more life than they SPEND, are full of life even in
death...these then are the natural desires that they would crave after fighting each of
life's battles.

A warrior who fights away from home for years KNOWS the value of home and family more than a mouse who sits in a cubicle all day just to come home and waste his life in front of the tv
nd ignore his family who also settle into the rut of everyday routine just to escape from
the one great question that they ae too afraid to ask themselves that is "WHAT IS MY PURPOSE IN LIFE?"

Don't they ever THINK...WHY dont they ever think?

Are we so dead with our mind that we have stopped caring about life and its meaning?

Why are we surrounded by dead people TRYING to show that they are living when in fact they
are worse than those buried beneath the ground or burnt at the pyre?.............

Why must there be so much pointlessness in all things we do today?.....

Where are the people unafraid of finding and pursuing their life's purpose fearlessly?.....

Why have we bound successive generations to our debts?

Why do Those who raise us expect us to pass on their debts to those we raise ?

Why this self defeatist living which is no better than that of a mindless brute?

Why this need to communicate INCESSANTLY with NO MEANING AT ALL?

Why this need to keep on talking meaninglessly?

Why this need to NOT SHUT UP?

Why this need to NOT THINK?

Why this need to NOT FEEL?

Why this need to..............................................................NOT BE.......?

Friday, March 6, 2009

Somewhere in early 1989

1989...that was the first time i became AWARE. I remember my first memories of consciousness was...writing 1-9-8-9 in my notebook and realising that i existed, i was a living thing.....before that i was just a baby with little or no memory of what i did or understood before that moment. I still remember my first moment of Awareness vividly....and will do so until my last moment of Consciousness....:)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

14 November 2002

Memories....are the greatest Wealth of Man.....!

The Begining

I always had thoughts about everything under the sun but i only started putting them out in the world when i became serious enough from my Vicarious young life at the age of 16 or so to actually start consolidating my thoughts and principles into a life view.

With that in mind, i've had the same thoughts reflected in different words many times but i'll be posting them chronologically as far as possible because i've not always had the tools to note down my thoughts as and when they came so whenever i DID have the advantage of noting down a piece of my mind ;D i Did.

So i'll start of with the earliest i can remember which i formulated on the eve of my final Sports Day at School while watching the grounds fade away under the setting suns and seeing the banners of School life and the Emblem as a reminder of my days spent there and the life which i had till then....

Friday, February 27, 2009


All thoughts listed herewith are a product of My Mind and My being. If ever i have borrowed a quotation i will have mentioned it beside the subject. If you intend to use what i say here, then be honest about where you got it from, because no matter how much you may try to TRY being like Me...know that you will only be like a half finished book which is blank and without essence if the hand that writes it is taken away. You can try to reproduce the thoughts here but unless you understand them, you will never have thoughts of your own....and That my friends is the essence of being who You are. A Man (Refers to Human Being, Both Male and Female, throughout the Blog) or the pale Imitation of another Man.
I Would also like to get them out so that at no point in my life do i have to fear sudden Death taking away the Wisdom and Light i could've brought to this world, however small or great. 

The Purpose

The Purpose of these Words is to get My thoughts out into the world for everyone to see and feel.

You may agree with them, you may not.

All of me and my being is in some way expressed in the Speed and Nature of my Thoughts.