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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Weissdom : identité

People whose last names or family names are simple derivatives of quality, work, skill, attribute or where where they came from etc lack the talent and imagination to think of some entirely new name that would be defined by THEM. and their actions.


Weissdom : Nature & Societe

Restraining human sexuality for Men is a fast track to tyranny and destruction of civilization.

Ignoring human sexuality for both sexes is a fast track to extinction.

Weissdom : Civilization

Many societies which are on the decline will rename/reinvent he image of their power structure when their older names or images are not "morally" in fashion anymore due to their own policies....but they don't Really change. 

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Weissverse : Universal Wonder

If the universe is a living boy then it will expand into a specific shape, stay there with variations in size according to the bodies choice of activity and then start weakening until its major activities start and then slowly decay away....IF the universe is a living body

Friday, November 21, 2014

Weissdom : Societe

Unrestricted immigration only works if the society itself is ruthless at eliminating unfit immigrants and the immigrants are given no special privileges at all.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Weissdom : CLVG

Never believe a girl when she says she has "gotten over something/someone"
she hasn't gotten over it it just isn't available to her on her terms anymore

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Weissdom : Knowledge

Understanding female hypergamy is SO crucial to Men's success...instead of asking "what was wrong with me" now they'll understand that it's the nature of females itself that is wrong and thus avoid much suffering.

Weissverse : Musique

All musical notes are just one sound....sung in different voices.

Weissdom: Societe

Fame destroys relationships because the female is pursued by Alpha Males and the Man has unlimited options. An inherently unstable dynamic.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Weissdom: Seduction & Masculine Virtue

Girls will listen to a Man’s pretty bullshit statements for staying over/etc/etc and STILL fuck him when they like him enough.

Bonus points if your « bullshit reason » was actually real and something you wanted to do: Masculine Virtue over Jaded bitches.

Weissdom: Nature

GENES ARE constantly learning throughout our lives, that’s why if someone has a major personality change during his life time, it is passed on to his kids.

Also, in partners, the one with a stronger and more dominant personality passed on their genes to their children in a way that the children are a tailored result of the dominant personalities’ impulses, weak Men have more girls, lower testosterone, more estrogen.  This is just one example.

Genes have all characteristics for every conceivable scenario coded in them , our lives and conscious actions and thoughts dictate what characteristics the genes switch on and off and to what degree of potency.

Weissdom: Societe

Why do the car salespeople stick like glue to customers? Their fear of their managers is greater than their fear of offending the customers. <— use this in social situations, have some motivation that is more powerful than the fear of rejection/ostracism/ridicule and you will Win.

Weissdom: Civilization

The problem of being Alpha among Men and beta among Females has led to much of the world’s Evils. We must eradicate this trait in Men. They must be Alpha with Men AND females BOTH.

Weissdom: Civilization

The problem of being Alpha among Men and beta among Females has led to much of the world’s Evils. We must eradicate this trait in Men. They must be Alpha with Men AND females BOTH.

Weissdom: Civilization

The problem of being Alpha among Men and beta among Females has led to much of the world’s Evils. We must eradicate this trait in Men. They must be Alpha with Men AND females BOTH.

Weissdom: Inner Nature

PATIENCE AND PERSEVERANCE at average or low IQ activities is mind numbingly boring and tedious to those with an IQ 120 and above…unfortunately most of the universe exists at a lower IQ so this tends to give dumber people and advantage by maximizing repetition and getting an edge….higher IQ people should be cognizant of this within them and work to improve this aspect and find ways of persevering in important activities that benefit their goals and life but is not high IQ.

Weissdom: Nature

The exposure of the full roundness of a female ass, both sides making a circle and the evident width of that heavenly circle is what makes the g-string the most erotic of all lingerie/beach wear.

Weissdom: Seduction


GIRLS WILL GO TO CLUBS, SOAK UP ALL THE FAWNING ATTENTION…THEN COME BACK and fuck an attractive Man in their group..use it to your advantage.

The "Club" in the 21st century can be equated to any situation, time or place where she will be put on a pedestal. Use this to destroy their strategies and have dominion over them.

Weissdom: Seduction

When girls are attracted to you but resist you, it is because they fear losing themselves under your dominance as a Man, losing their sentient identity in the desire to serve and fulfill their biological role to submit and they know they will lose control of their rationality.

Female rationality is fleeting, destructive, selfish and unreasonable, do not mourn it.

Weissdom: Politic

Immigration is never the problem, immigration of dumb people is. They are a drain on Civilization by their stupidity, short-sightedness and easily manipulated nature among other animalistic traits.

Weissdom: Societe

Men get Marrried in today’s world after having a live-in relationship, the reason the marriage break down is that they involve the state into something that was just between them and their girls.

And the state today is profiting from destroying Men and Girls’ natural roles in a reproductive partnership

Weissdom: Rule

For Men who have to preside over dumb people remember:

Religion with its discouragement of destructive sexual behavior is, comparatively, an enabler of civilization more than a destructor of Civilization compared to socially liberal destructive policies…..for people who are average or below average intelligence.

Weissdom: Strategie

Economic and social terrorism break the heart and mind, but humiliation breaks the Spirit.

Weissdom: Politic

The end game of a land based on unrestricted immigration, like the United States is that all the different races and ethnicities will immigrate and then colonize parts of the land and finally fragment into their own homogenous kingdoms or countries within that land.

A nation based on unrestricted immigration is a nation that will break itself apart and invite all of humanity to feast upon its flesh and divide it into chunks.

It is in the nature of Man to do this and the nature of Fools to ignore this.

Weissdom: Nature

When Men are ruthless, it is because they have to be. When girls are ruthless, it is because they Can be.

Weissverse: Adventure & Greatness in the blood of Men

It takes great courage to leave your friends and family behind and leave the place you are familiar with to seek new success in unknown lands with no guarantee of coming back or seeing your loved ones again, this is a quality Unique to Men and the reason why girls will NEVER be great adventurers.

It is evolutionary as well.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Weissdom: Health

Ice cream contracts as it cools, even so the ice cream tub you buy is bursting over...that means they pack in more ice cream than the container can hold then allow it to cool and contract so its still more than the capacity.

Capitalistically, this doesn't make sense but it does beg the question.... Sugar being toxic and making people's brains sluggish and easier to control...why do they want Us to eat so much sugar?

Weissverse: Nature & Wealth

Being truly Wealthy, i.e. also being significantly Powerful brings Truly Human Nature to the fore.

Weissverse: Wealth & Strategie

Instead of spending your Wealth on objects, spend it on ACTIONs.

Wealth is a Form of Power.

Weissverse: Unlimit yourself from Universe-think

The Universe is such a limit on the imagination, although useful to strategize as a single instance of a whole, even the Multiverse, just TimeSpace constructs, maybe all Multiverses are also part of a bigger complex which is part of infinitely bigger ones with infinite big bangs, universe Life-Deaths etc.

Our Reality should be as Magnificent as our Imaginations.

And maybe our Imaginations and Dreams are just our brains tapping into what already exists in other Universes and is Possible there.

Weissdom: Strategie

When a particular symbol of your power is vulnerable, keep harping about weakness in its structural planning etc sounding like an old bureaucrat complaining about bad planning.

That way, when it goes down, no one can take credit and undermine you.

Weissdom: Societe

Deweaponizing your citizens is the easiest way to ask for an Invasion.


Weissverse: Civilization & Nature

Switching from Animal protein to plant protein during the change from hunter to agriculturalist civilizations and the corresponding increase in brain size and diverting of lessened quality food to make the brain larger to cope and advance the benefits of this change might be a very major reason for the Human Species' significant decrease in stature upto 13%-15% on average.

Weissverse: Nature

Who is Circumspect?

A Man with a lot to lose....mostly.

Those with nothing to lose are not, use this to turn them to your and general Advantage.

Weissdom: Strategie

Timessome when someone accuses you of something, feign annoyance and say that the statement makes no Sense.

i.e. Attribute stupidity and nonSense to the accuser and the question/accusation.

Weissdom: Strategie

When you are accused of something that you might have done, sometimes its better to accept it, to establish a frame of Honesty and Trust....then explain it so that your actions put you in the right/were to the accuser's advantage, not yours etc... the people will trust you because you establishes honesty in a high stakes environment.

The reputation thus gained is useful.

Weissdom: Strategie

Whenever you have to do something that can be used against you, spin it as a wealth saving measure. etc

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Weissdom: Societe

The ones who complain the loudest about class systems are the ones who are the least willing to do what is required to move themselves Upwards

Weissverse: Strategie

Whenever you are leading a Movement that is Powerful, give credit to someone else for the inspiration when advantageous to remain out of the Fray.

Weissverse: Higher than Sentience

Sentience is the Ability to Think about your Thoughts.

Is there something higher than Sentience?

The Ability to think on multiple levels about your Thoughts, what prompt them, what creates them, what We are.

Weissdom: Nature

The effects of Sex hormones are extremely powerful, without an outlet they will show you the range of your sexual adventurousness and experimentation.

Imagine the effect of these powerful neurochemicals on beings without Sentience.

No wonder animals will hump Male and female both when driven to distraction by their raging procreative hormones (Whore Moans? ; ) ).

On the same side of the coin, what lengths of depravity must Sentient Human Beings go through to solely have sexual relations with their own sex.

Lack of control over hormones can be mastered but repeated abandonment of Sentient control is bestial, unforgivable and Civilizationally Destructive.

Thus, if you cannot control your Civilization Destroying urges, you should not complain when Cvilization destroys your worthless self to advance the rest of the Worthies of Humanity.

Weissdom: Knowledge

The willingness to learn is the most powerful tool in any Sentient Being's arsenal.

Weissdom: Civilization

It is not just their nature but the biologically wired lack of control over their nature that makes females the vermins who eat away and destroy Civilizations and Greatness.

Weissdom: Civilization

Catering any product to females is to debase it and make it utterly disgustingly filthy in Quality and Thought.

Weissverse: Our Souls

Maybe our Souls are TimeSpace events. Or TimeSpace durations that inhabit our body (3 dimensional + 1 plane) when it develops.

Weissverse: Faster Than Light Travel

If We can travel faster than light, We can get out of TimeSpace and the Universe itself as We will exceed the speed at which the Universe is expanding.

We would be on par with or above that which led to the Creation of the Universe. We would be Creator, Observer and Destroyer.

Weissdom: Societe

Your Mind can either be a transmitter of Ideas or a Receiver of Ideas, over the sum of your Life.

Too much of today's technology is turning us into receiving automatons, beware of the effects of these in your life.

Weissdom: Societe

Science upsets people because it takes away their reason and belief, people need to believe in something that they can achieve, a hypothetical reward etc, whatever they might be.

This is a weakness, it should be exorcised from Mankind.

Weissverse: Our lives

If We and Our Lives are all TimeSpace events and we fall in Love , then We fall in Love with TimeSpace events.


If we think of time as infinitely divisible then it is possible to pull out any event in a timeline even when it has "disappeared" because it will always be vanishing according to the laws of infinite divisibility.

Weissdom: Health

Sometimes we forget the most elementary things.....like food fuels your body's recovery system.

Remember that the next time you are in pain and haven't eaten anything.

Normal starvation without injury is bearable but injury during starvation is magnified.

Weissdom: Societe

If you tell enough people enough times what the future will be like, they will make that future happen, either by actively making it happen or passively giving assent and not dissenting.

Be careful what you train Mankind to be in the future. Eliminate those who would make it weak, sick and corrupted.

Weissdom: Seduction

The most beautiful girls have access to the most powerful Men, remember that when dealing with these things.

Weissdom: Lower Consciousness of Females

There is something inherently wrong in females that they have to get really drunk or lose control of their rationality to engage in sex with those Men who view it as an intimate and beautiful expression of Love or sharing something between two people.

Empty sex without emotional attachment does that to girls, not Men, because they behave like animals in heat, they have to consciously make a choice to get drunk and lower their consciousness to that of a lizard by the use of alcohol and other things instead of submitting, as is natural, to a dominant Man while sober.

Females seek to be animals more than they seek to be Civilized.

The more a female debases herself by giving in to her animal urges under influence rather than by standing  by her higher human ones, the more it takes her to get herself excited.

They become like drug addicts needing a more and more twisted stimulus the older they get.

Versus Men who grow more and more selective and wise as they age and learn with and from experience.

It is the reason older females and sluts prefer all forms of brutal sexual escapades, because that's the only way they can get any satisfaction after damaging themselves so thoroughly, and these are the hallmarks of any era in which Men begin to forget the base nature of females.

Even in a fem-centric society like Ants, the female gluttons all her life while the legions of Male ants die slaving away for the worthless whore. And ants never evolved sentience, learn from nature Men.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Weissdom: Civilization

Stupid people who need to be protected from obviously false propaganda from wealth seeking organizations to deny the real life effects of their choices are a burden on the rest of the Civilization and  deserve to be culled from The Civilization.

Weissdom: Civilization

Every child must go through a period of adversity and lack of resources in their lives, preferably after they have completed their education , and preferably for 2 years or more. It teaches valuable life lessons and develop character.

Weissdom: Rule

There will always be a huge disparity in the percentage of Ruling representatives from the lower classes compared to the upper classes. i.e. the lower classes will have less people capable of Leading this is because of the nature of the individuals who remain in the lower classes for an overextended period of their life i.e  A LACK & RARITY OF ABILITY.

Thus, with the low ability comes meanness in spirit and low cunning and so in every society they will ignore such obvious natural processes and cast them as DISCRIMINATORY to guilt the powerful and noble into bowing to their commands.

These are the weapons of the weak & the foolish used against the perpetual victims of Valor and Good Nature…The Wise & The Just.

Weissdom: Strategie

It is always better to express Admiration for Populist sentiments when you are among the Elite, than to express Admiration for Elite sentiments when you are a Populist leader…. this way both sides respect you and help you succeed.

Weissdom: Strategie

First injure your prey, but do not immediately follow them for the kill as this will revitalize them to give their best shot at escape, wait for them to drive themselves to error or death by worrying and then move in for the final mortal blow.

Weissdom: Greatness

If you communicate less, but when you DO, you communicate intelligently, eloquently, succinctly and beautifully, you will be respected.

Weissdom: Nature

Evolution is all around us and Human adaptability is its gift, e.g frostbite can lead to permanent desensitization of the exposed part to heat/cold…very useful in temperatures which require elimination of discomfort to execute physical actions.

Weissverse: Strategie

When you want to flaunt your status, e.g. borrowing the statue of david, make the rulers an offer they can’t refuse, some aid and make the public think that the status is being restored by your firm…..ways to have your cake and eat it too. ;D

Weissdom: Societe: There will always be Feudalism

Business owners are the new warlords, they provide a means to survive for their vassals/employees. And they exercise total control over them, and the way they behave.

Feudalism will always be alive in one way or another unless we become a global consciousness/enter a higher state of existence.

Weissdom: Civilization

Not all of our desires lead to the good of Mankind, those who are least willing to suppress these destructive desires will appeal loudest and most piteously to the noblest to let them be and they will also shame those who oppose them as being unfair.

A being who puts his or her desires above what is the right thing to do and is unwilling to change should be excised from the civilization

Weissdom: Nature: The Foundational Market of all Human Relations

the foundational market of human interpersonal relations — The Sexual market.

Weissverse: Infinite Interchangeable Directions

There are infinite directions in space so even if we start from one major direction we can fin tune ourselves to any of the other ones over sufficient distance traversed.

Weissdom: Societe: Good & evil

Good and bad should be defined by what society it applies it, what those societies aims are and if the actions they have taken are helping it achieve that aim and if those actions relative to their aim are good or bad, then that is the correct way to judge.

Of course, in conflict, we have to understand that what is good for that society may not be good for another society, in fact, it may be bad for the other society and we always have to understand this distinction to never forget that we are not at war with one another but with the way we are set up and the conflict in our aims.

Weissdom: Society: Depraved Intolerants subverting "Progressives"

There are always those intolerants who label themselves liberals and progressives, how to identify them?

 Simple, they  want diversity of opinion, but only if the opinions agree with what they believe, anything else is intolerant, ironically, they are intolerant of anything that doesn't agree with them and they preach tolerance but don't really tolerate anything different while asking everyone else to tolerate them.

They say " I'll shoot you in the foot, but if you shoot me back or try to run away you are intolerant and bigoted".

    Fucked in the ass and fucked in the head, that's their motto. ;D

Don't trust people who are dishonest about what they say they do and what they actually do. It takes more strength to say "No, i won't tolerate you" and defend it than to say " I tolerate you" and then backstab you.

Weissdom: Rule: The Failings of Consensus Systems as a Ruling System

In a democracy the real power lies with unelected people like the bureaucrats and judges, in such a system and without a way to hold these people accountable for EVERY decision they pass (by penalty of execution) corruption is bound to grow and government is bound to grow larger, more powerful and more oppressive.

No wonder, democracy which needs three different legs to stand on: elected representatives, the unelected judiciary and the unelected monetary system is bound to fail. When two legs are under no control of the people who are under their control and the remaining one elected leg is in cahoots with the other two…. it is a wonder these systems are not labeled as moronic and depraved from the get go.

Weissdom: Strategie

When you cannot influence a man, implicate him.

Weissdom: Principles

Develop the Courage and Ability to deal with the circumstances you have, not the ones you wish existed.

Weissdom: Nature

ONE WAY TO INCREASE HUMAN CRANIAL development and thus improve our brains faster is to make wearable displays like spectacles that play different content on the two different screens in front of the right eye and the left eye covering the entire field of vision of each eye. Replicate this for the other senses as well.

Being forced to adapt makes our biological makeup stronger as has been amply evidenced by evolution.

Weissom: Strategie

When you disagree with something planned and your idea can make it better, then just DO IT At THE RIGHT MOMENT without voicing that idea beforehand and giving people time to develop strategies to defeat it.

Weissdom: Strategie

The best way to make someone, who is a public figure or can influence public perception,  toe your line is to accuse them of being against your morals, even if they are, their continued public success depends on them going to lengths to prove that they are not and thus their gifts are subverted to achieve what you desire. ;)

Weissdom: Nature: The Key to understanding how Girls' Fight

Men react physiologically to verbal confrontations to a far greater extent than girls.

Actually, girls react physiologically to lack of verbal engagement. When a female argues with a Man, it reassures her that he still cares to argue back, whereas the man can feel literally sick from it.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Weissdom: Nature

The best places for storage compartments within our vestments are the parts of the body that do not move much relative to the other parts during our movements and travels.

Weissverse: The Universes We Are Made Of

Each cell in our bodies is made up of trillions of atoms and infinite number of base particles which can be infinitely sub-divided.

Our body itself contains billions of these cells.

Thus we have billions of trillions of infinitely divisible particle systems inside of us.

We each carry entire universes inside of us.

Maybe the soul, is the net effect of the nature of these universes upon us as well.

Weissdom: Macht

Your insults have more power when they are backed by more Power.

Weissverse: Universe & Alien Life

The period between comprehension and Knowledge of the Universe around us and that of the existence of Alien Life.....compared to that of belief in Magic and unexplainable supernatural phenomenon must be necessarily relatively brief.

Once a group of Beings are self-aware enough to rationalize events and attribute them to unexplained phenomenon, it is only a matter of time until they discover the truth and reach awareness of the Reality around them.

 The Brevity of this Period means that any advanced technology occurring in either the preceding or succeeding period would be accepted either Mystically or Scientifically, respectively.

Weissverse: Black Hole Civilizations

Could there be civilizations in the center of a black hole?

If OUR rules of Physics break down, then some other set of rules must apply, thus giving birth to a different sort of existence.

Weissdom: Societe

A female child is possibly the most emotionally instable and mentally dangerous thing to have around.

Coupled with the lack of mental development out of child-like thinking in adult females, it is an overall crap deal to have around.

Weissdom: Nature

Lactose tolerance is an example of an adaptation that develops when food sources are scarce, evident in the geogrpahic and climate history of the races with the highest levels of lactose tolerance.

Thus, tolerance of any thing depends on human habitat to a very high degree.