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Sunday, September 22, 2013

What is the use of Wealth? of Power?

Imagine you are a Man, a man of extraordinary ability and talents. You can accomplish and create and build and improve countless things in countless fields IF ONLY you had the time, the tim to spend on each of your various and numerous talents.

A few hundred years ago, suppose you were a great warrior and a great lute player.... or even a string player ... an early "guitarist", now one day you decide that you would want to build your own guitar-like instrument, you would, being a man of ability have to imagine, plan, cut down the right wood, shape it, polish it, craft it, string it and build it. After considerable time, you would have what you wanted.

   Now imagine you were a man of many talents, who wanted to create many varied things, and you couldn't because to perfect and create a few took most of your life.

   Now imagine, if you could, in some measure Quantify your ability so that you could use it to accumulate what you want, move resources to give life to the ideas that you have and create things not by yourself physically but by your abilities.

    THIS is what wealth is, THIS is what even Power is. Now, a man of Extraordinary talents can dedicate himself to excelling in one field and accumulating Wealth and.or Power. With that Wealth and/or Power he can give life to his ideas, not by utilizing more of his own time in actual drudge work but by exercising his wealth and/or power to make others bring to life HIS ideas.

  Now, he can BUY that guitar instead of making it, now he can make others, multiple others create something he dreamt of.

    Immortality..... that is what Wealth brings to Men of Extraordinary ability ....and a slightly longer , more fruitful life to ordinary men.

   And as a footnote, giving this wealth to mindless animals is a disrespect to its very nature. Giving it to parasites who neither create nor contribute but live off of the able. They are of course the CLVGs, the Women.  , and waste this elixir of immortality on mindless bullshit as amply evident.

     Wealth, there is a reason for its existence, however we quantify it. If we can keep it from getting in the hands of those who do not deserve it, our Civilization will prosper forever. Remember this lesson.

Governments and Mafias are the same

The government: (e.g. USA)
350 million employees who have to pay money every month to those in government for critical services that cost less than 1% of amount collected and do not justify the amount paid. 350 million people working for a few thousand.

Private Corporations:
Few thousand people getting paid to produce products that generate some profit for a handful.

Few thousand to millions who have to pay money every month for services which do not justify the amount paid and cost less than 30% of amount collected.

Commonality. Obvious.

Friday, September 13, 2013

The American Accent is for Stupid People

Accents tell us a lot about the intelligence of the group of people using them for e.g. The American accent is stupid, literally.

Any american word, to be spoken with an american accent (which is nasal, annoying and sounds low-class) needs to be broken down into 2 primary parts or more, the interesting thing is that Americans are unable to pronounce the first part unless it is simple, they make the first part simple and second part complicated and speak accordingly by breaking the word in such a way e.g. Aluminium (aluminum)

Contrast this with the British accent (Classy, Posh, Pleasant and using full vocal range) they break the words into 2 parts too if needed but they are unafraid to say the more complicated part first and leave the second part simple, as an effortless afterthought eg. Aluminium (Alum-inium)

The entire manner of bearing and speech of a Britisher is much more superior and language indicators such as this are just one of the indicators albeit a very common and powerful one.

This can be extrapolated to any language and its' accent-speakers IQ and general personality traits of that society.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


1. When you are more intelligent than the rest of the world, it becomes difficult to empathize with these idiots.

II. Be generous to your friends, but be aware of the danger if your trust in them. Trust, Verify and still be prepared for betrayal. Enjoy the friendship while it lasts, if you let a friend walk safe from your halls as a last gesture before condemning him to your enmity and/or you tell him so, be aware that he might be capable of finishing you off while you execute your generosity.