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Friday, March 6, 2009

Somewhere in early 1989

1989...that was the first time i became AWARE. I remember my first memories of consciousness was...writing 1-9-8-9 in my notebook and realising that i existed, i was a living thing.....before that i was just a baby with little or no memory of what i did or understood before that moment. I still remember my first moment of Awareness vividly....and will do so until my last moment of Consciousness....:)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

14 November 2002

Memories....are the greatest Wealth of Man.....!

The Begining

I always had thoughts about everything under the sun but i only started putting them out in the world when i became serious enough from my Vicarious young life at the age of 16 or so to actually start consolidating my thoughts and principles into a life view.

With that in mind, i've had the same thoughts reflected in different words many times but i'll be posting them chronologically as far as possible because i've not always had the tools to note down my thoughts as and when they came so whenever i DID have the advantage of noting down a piece of my mind ;D i Did.

So i'll start of with the earliest i can remember which i formulated on the eve of my final Sports Day at School while watching the grounds fade away under the setting suns and seeing the banners of School life and the Emblem as a reminder of my days spent there and the life which i had till then....