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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Unprocessed Food Your Body Prefers

At any given point of time in your life, the UNPROCESSED foods , fruits or vegetables your taste-buds PREFER. Your Body PREFERS... is what you are DEFICIENT in.

Specific deficiencies create specific signs, such as a tingle in your gums when you  eat fruit with Vitamins which you are deficient in, these could vary from person to person, but it is a marvelous quality of biological organisms.

Let us be very clear, a CRAVING is NOT a PREFERENCE. And some in-built preferences are evolutionary advantageous in TIMES OF FAMINE. e.g. the preference for sugar etc. but even if you eat a lot of sugar, if you stop and monitor yourself, you will realize that after only a small amount your body's NEED to ingest it goes away.


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