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Thursday, August 29, 2013

When you almost seduce a hot feminine girl but miss by an inch due to logistics!

In matters of seduction, we can learn a lot about our own biology and natures.

When you almost seduce a hot feminine girl who is perfect for you (could be long hair, could be the way she looks at you, she needn't even be very hot but definitely above a 7 in face and body ;D ) but miss by an inch due to logistics, your body and emotions react very strongly.

The least effects and shortest amount of time these actual mental, physical and physiological effects ( shock, slight depression etc.) are felt by Alpha males ... the greatest by Omega males who could be forever destabilized by such experiences unless they learn to develop their personal skills.

The reason for these effects are not due to their being something weak in us, on the contrary it is a reaction of our body and brain combined, where the brain perceived a perfectly optimal genetic match for your offspring (CMVG specific of course) and is terribly disillusioned of being deprived the chance to pass on your genes to an optimal match, thereby further optimising your genetic lineage.

From this also, we can learn when there is a disconnect between our Ego and what our brain actually thinks about our own sexual market value. Thus, when ever you go through such an experience, realize that your brain still isn't fully trained to see abundance of women (CLVG) everywhere and still perceives your status as lower.

When you identify and acknowledge, you can work on your inner belief systems* to bring that shock down to less time or eliminate it. The experience is in fact monumentally helpful for those looking to self-actualize to their fullest potential as it is a recognizable and very tangible effect that can be felt and that is like a warning light.

The human brain and body are indeed marvelous machines of evolution, learn to optimize them.

 *The First Wayd of Auaria has excellent points for this, but everyone can tailor, tweak and change them to their own personalities strengths.

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