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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Evils of Smoking vs Evils of Obesity

Smoking is a sure shot way to destroy your body, this has always been an obvious truth.

Obesity is a sure shot way to destroy your body, this has always been an obvious truth.

The difference is, without condoning any of the actions and taking nicotine-addiction as an example....

in a very high percentage of cases (95%+ across cultures, countries and continents) people addicted to Nicotine have a much healthier Muscle to Fat ratio... especially prominent in girls, who stick to evolutionarily advantageous skinny-ness.

If we shame nicotine addiction, as in the UK and the USA and anglo countries, human beings will replace that craving for nicotine with a craving for sugar.

End result, Instead of Skinny people who die at 80 of lung cancer, you have morbidly obese disgusting looking human beings who have Diabetes, heart disease, obesity, respiratory problems et al.

So the question is of common sense, if a common Human being needs to be addicted to one thing,

Nicotine -> harmful , death by lung cancer at an old age, through the majority of life has negligible effect on an average human being's appearance and life.

Sugar -> harmful from childhood to old age, leads to cardiac problems, life threatening diseases like Diabetes, Cancer, respiration and unfit body and evolutionarily disgusting for an average human being.

Taking this example of Nicotine vs Sugar craving, we learn an important facet of an average Human Being, but also the fact that some addictions lead to demise of civilizations while others have a negligible effect on them as evidenced by all these countries use and ban of smoking and consequent rise, especially among the weaker Human Beings i.e. the female gender's ballooning up into Morbidly Obese land-whales.

Also, Very interestingly, Tobacco and it's related health effects are NOT as profitable for Big Corporations (especially in health care) as is Obesity, because Tobacco gives them one shot at cancer-treatment while Obesity and its side effects create a market and life-long consumer of their medicines and treatments especially for life-long disease like diabetes.

A superior human being conquers His addictions and rises above it. And to rise is to realize yourself as an Auarian.

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