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Sunday, December 1, 2013

The « Circle-Jerk » of Government "Investments"

If investing in government means getting paid back with your own tax money then who is really making money?

Plus if you are taxed at a percent of your income that is more than the percent of the government investment returns… then aren’t they stealing from you.

When government sanctioned bodies, or government buys its own bonds… they are using your tax dollars to buy what they produced so that in the end they have what they produced AND your money.

In this sick and unsustainable situation, if you are sharp then you should be receiving government aid at a rate that offsets your taxes whether you are a corporation or a jobless bum.

And no wonder, in a degenerate investment culture like this, those 2 categories of people are the ones who are milking the government which is milking You.

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