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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Rise and Fall of Civilizations

Objective, non-biased, stoic reading of the history of Man has shed light on one fact which solves the one mystery that we ask ourselves over and over, WHY do Civilizations fall after rising up?

Why is it repeated?

Why is it cyclical?

Is it a defect in Human Beings?

But after years of re-learning the truth and unlearning the lies, one truth becomes evident.

MEN build Civilization, Women raze it down.

Men build civilization to benefit ALL OF MANKIND, women destroy civilization by seeking to benefit women ALONE.

In general,

Civilisationally More Valuable Genders Build Civilization, Civilizationally Less Valuable Genders Raze Civilization Down.

For continued Civilizational advancement, this truth points to the solution.


  1. Very asute observations. I've made similar ones:


  2. I agree with both of these posts. Specially due to first hand experience.