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Sunday, October 27, 2013


Females, their hysterics and their default emotionally unstable makeup, critically lessens chances of survival or success in high pressure situations..... especially combat ones.

 Neutralize this internal threat the first chance you get. They are also apt to sacrifice the entire mission, group or aim for petty jealousy and revenge. Forget this and you FAIL, You are Dead.

Arguning with CLVGs

Arguing with girls is like arguing with a dog, no matter how much sense you make, they will keep barking.


Empathy has a stronger hold over us than we know.


Consciousness is a chance to get out of the rat race of our genetic programming to be reproductive automatons till the end of existence. It is a chance to take control of our own destiny and rise higher in the planes of existence, above the need for "reproduction to survive".

  This can be achieved by understanding how we are made, what drives us....not by denying the truth in aspirational and false, fatal -isms, but by accepting what the world is, then changing ourselves over time, to rise above it.


 Feelings themselves evolved out of Logic and Instinct, to depend solely on them is to desecrate them. And desecrate our higher existence. Truth, brutal truth, shall set us free.

Slaves to Governments/Being Ruled

The surest way to see who are the most dependent slaves of the government and beg for its mercy to survive, is to shut down government and observe which people and groups (the rulers AND the ruled) squeal Loudest.

An overreaching government signals that the Volk have given up on taking responsibility and having control over their own lives, seeking instead to follow like slaves and grovel like beggars for things that they could earn themselves.

   Such strains of people must be eliminated from the civilization as they are the weakness that rots us from within. Swift, Immeidate and Complete eradication. This should be done periodically BUT NOT PREDICTABLY to maximize effectiveness.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Origins of Feminine Women & Feminine Men

Due to the overall adaptability of Evolution, both genders are capable of exhibiting cross-traits in abnormal conditions.

To this end, A society with a high percentage of good looking men has a high degree of correlation with a high degree of feminization. This society also has a high percentage of ugly/fat/masculine-looking women who aren't feminine.

On the other hand, a society with a high percentage of beautiful feminine women has a high degree of correlation with a high degree of Maculinization of that society.

We can see the obvious examples in the extremes of both kinds of societies in e.g 21st century Britain and US, Canada (examples of the feminized societies) and 21st century Russia, Eastern Europe (examples of Highly Masculine Societies).

Thus, even nature, favors a natural order where the society is run by Men (CMVGs) and not girls( CLVGs).

Friday, October 4, 2013


Ideas…. necessarily have to be matched with resources to achieve victory.

No victory is final nor is any defeat …unless the defeated are completely exterminated.

Men need to fight, that is why police states are so common. It pits one group of men against another in Black and White. Thus Men can do the thing they want to, Fight, without thinking too much about perspectives.

If you make it socially popular among people to reveal details about themselves through innocuous sharing at first and then through conditioning to share EVERYTHING, they unknowingly will reveal all about themselves, as the need for social validation will trump the thought for privacy or the effects of not having privacy. Prime Example 21st century social networks.

Our thoughts grow wider every day, they are like ever expanding horizons where first we imagine the world to be that around us, then we understand it to be a solar system, then a galaxy, then the universe and so on. With each new expanded horizon, we have to adjust our previous thoughts , refine them to this new reality.