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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Human Bifurcation into Man and woman

It seems extremely common-sensical to trace our evolutionary origins to single-gendered organisms in the past.

It has also been proven that such species are at a much higher risk of extinction from diseases that can wipe out their genetic makeup.

Thus humans evolved dual-genders to minimize that risk by spreading genetic material between two sexes.

Thus diseases that are peculiar to men and peculiar to women exist that have little effect on the other gender.

In this context, men also have been given the evolutionary edge by having a varied genetic makeup that assures that evolution continues and if the female of our species dies out in some tragedy, they can be replicated by the X-men chromosome in men.

Unfortunately, if men were to die out in an even greater tragedy, we would go extinct as women have  a redundant copy of the same gene i.e. 2 X-chromosomes.

Along with being the Civilizationally More Valuable Gender, Men are also the Genetically More Valuable Gender along with being the Evolutionary More Valuable Gender with a potential to take up the slack of being the Reproductively More Valuable Gender.

Even as such, and most of the rational gender will support the following statement while most of the irrational animal-like gender will scream and stomp (as is their nature)

  The relations between the sexes should be viewed rationally and we should understand the fact that Man and Woman are bifurcated parts of HuMan.

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