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Monday, December 2, 2013

The Basic Failing of Democracy : Advantaged Politicans, Disadvantaged Electorate

It is necessarily to a democracy's politicians' advantage to cram as many people as possible into as small a space as possible to increase the chances of winning. Ergo, Megacities.

If 2 people own a hundred acres of Land, their votes, if that were a county would sway the election.

But if 2 million people own a hundred acres, then you could sow dissension, play them against one another and segregate them into dependent and independents to your advantage. In short, try every dirty trick in the book.

Also, rousing emotions in close packed quarters would intimidate your supporters if you cater to the neediest, stupidest, dependent masses.

This is amply proved by history and the vote being given to degenerates and rascals like non-tax payers, females, government-wards etc.

In the long run, democracy seems the most destructive type of rule, it elevates the worst and tramples upon the best whether it be in Military, a Ship or a Kingdom.

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