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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Men are GENETICALLY superior to women

Man: X- chromosome, Y- chromosome.
woman: X-chromosome, another redundant X-chromosome.

The "98% similarity between Human and Chimp DNA" is concentrated on the X-chromosome.

 The Y-Chromosome on the other hand is more than 30% different between Humans and Chimps and evolving.

Thus it seems that X-chromosomes make us more similar to unevolved animals and Y-chromosomes makes us more similar to the Sentient Human beings we are.

Even in Evolutionary Psychology, if we extrapolate these findings, we notice that of the two genders, the one which behaves more "emotionally, impulsively and irrationally" (in short like non-sentient animals) is the female human gender with double the X-chromosomes.

 And of course the gender that behaves more rationally, logically and is responsible for 99.9% of ALL Human Achievement if not more is the only one with a Y-chromosome in addition to an X, i.e. Men.

Men are, in short, the drivers of evolution, while women are a backup foundation of our biological makeup. Backup foundations because Men already possess an X-chromosome foundation built in.

The Y-chromosome is responsible for evolution, adaptation, survival and reproduction to an extremely Huge degree. While the X-chromosome is like a foundation for the Y to work on.

Thus, while an X and a Y combination have sufficient genetic material to replicate an XX or XY combination, the same, sadly cannot be said for the XX combination.

Two foundations don't make a monument, but a foundation and scaffold do. Human Civilization is testament to this truth.


  1. Man you are brilliant. I was watching a bbc documentary (The Secret of Sex) in which they were saying that if someone doesn't have Y-chromosome it will be a woman and therefore we were all woman before we become man. Would it be right to argue that if someone doesn't have one X-chromosome it will be a boy and therefore we were all men? I m a student of commerce, i don't know much about genetics, and can you please give any reference about the 98% similarity of X-chromosome to chimp DNA.

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    2. Sorry, I wanted to say that if a girl doesn't have one X-chromosome she will....But now after learning some basics of genetics I think this assumption that "if a boy doesn't have Y-chromosome" is wrong because boys do have a Y-chromosome. This assumption is against science !

  2. This is the First article on genetics and sexuality that actually MAKES SENSE.

  3. The X chromosome contains sufficient genetic information to create a human being. Not even a million copies of the Y chromosome will suffice to create ONE living human being. In fact, a fetus with two Y chromosomes will fail to develop and die in the womb. On the other hand, a single X chromosome will suffice to create a sentient female. The second copy of the X chromosome functions as a backup for the woman, which is why women generally carry, not express, sex-linked disorders such as hemophilia. So, genetically speaking, men are appreciatively less healthy than women.

    Also, here is an article published by the Huffington Post on the weakness of the Y chromosome. It mentions which genes are useful (only about 2), and why the rest of the chromosome is useless. There are also scientific studies mentioned. Enjoy:


  4. You realize that the Y chromosome is basically a tiny version of the X chromosome, right?...