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Monday, July 29, 2013

Condom Use & Increase in Smegma

It should be pretty obvious to any CMVG(Men) in today's society that prolonged condom-only intercourse leads to increase in Smegma.

Another benefit of unchained female hypergamy and slut-enabling culture:

Now men have to eaither risk getting STDs or mutilate their genitals via Circumcision. Even to avoid STDs free birth control is the current domain of CLVGs(girls) while CMVGs are again forced to pay to risk their health from the lesser of two evils(?).

Imagine if this was done to CLVGs(girls), having to use something that increases risk on vaginal infection, we would have protests and death threats while their birth-control will be free.

Non-willing-to-actualize Omega/Beta Males. Non-willing-to-actualize Lesser Alpha Males and Girls are the bane of any civilization.

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