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Sunday, June 30, 2013

The No. 2 Enemies of Civilization

There have been, throughout history, and will be a group of people whose ONLY aim is to maximize THEIR OWN WEALTH WHATEVER THE COST. We shall refer to them henceforth as Civilizationally Parasitic People. (CPPs)

These groups and people benefit from destruction of socially-cohesive structures which enable a civilization to stand e.g. Families as well as encourage CLVGs to destabilize the existing civilizations along with the other Civilizationally Useless Groups who are Reproductive and Civilizational Dead-Ends and exceptions.

After CLVGs, these people are the biggest threat to civilizations, as their wealth is maximized during the growth of civilization and then maximized more (relative to a Civilizational Growth Phase) from initiating Civilizational Destruction.

They will fund think tanks, lobbies, groups, propaganda, media and views which will be unrealistic but play on the emotions of the weak and foolish.

These people have to be eliminated from the civilization, as they are the biggest threat after CLVGs and in fact, constitute a big part of handing over power to CLVGs througout Human History and then enjoying the inevitable decline, helping speed it up, case in point, Voting rights in the USA given to CLVGs and then the USA going from a producing nation to a CONSUMING Nation with more and more rights taken away from families and CMVGs and given to CLVGs due to laws passed by governments who are lobbied by powerful "Foundations" whose roots can be traced back to funding by these parasites.

It brings to mind th rise and fall of Trantor, the collapsed Empire World in Isaac Asimov's seminal series "Foundation". Also, it is parallel to the rise and fall of the Roman, Greek and British Empire.

Be wary of these people and remove them from civilization.

Striving to maximize wealth is never evil, but when it comes TO THE EXCLUSION OF EVERYTHING ELSE, then a slave to wealth is not to be endured or trusted.


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