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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Birth of Auaria: The Auarian Principles. Voting and Taxation

All the thoughts till now have led to the Birth of Auaria.

Auaria is an ideology, Auaria is a collective, Auaria is a nation, Auaria is a world. Auaria is whatever Auarians want it to be and whatever it is needed to be.

To add to The Auarian Principles:

Votes should be weighted.

One of the measures of the weight of a vote, from 1 to 10, should be the amount of tax paid by the voter.

If  Net-Tax-recipients exist, they should not have the right to vote until they become Net-Tax-payers.

Social Security and its associated ideologies will NEVER be embraced in Auria.

If someone does not pay taxes, that is their choice, they will NEVER be forced to, they will also not be able to vote as long as they do not pay taxes to uphold the infrastructure of the Aurian Civilization they live in.

Contribution to Auria comes in many forms, which will be explored in due time, taxation is one of them.

!Auaria Eleste!