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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Why is it easier to Oppress Men rather than girls?


Men have a makeup that takes the tough that life gives them, and run with it. In good times or bad Men Complain LESS.

Girls, ALWAYS, complain. Good Times? COMPLAIN. Bad times? COMPLAIN.

It is easier to oppress people who do not go around shouting out their self-perceived misery to everyone in sight, a quietly suffering demographic is a highly-oppressable demographic.

On the other hand, a demographic that loses not one moment in every day to complain about EVERYTHING to do with them is harder to ignore.

Rulers who want to build civilizations would be wise to heed this. LOUDER AND MORE COMPLAINING do NOT change reality. It just shows the characters of the demographic.

To finish,

Those who complain loudest are also those who run away fastest. Complaining is for cowards, and cowards are easily cowed.

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