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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Origins of Races

I forget if I have stated this before.

Race, is a construct of Evolution.

The evolution is defined by Climate, Food, Geography (Mountains vs Inland Plains vs Coastal). These result in specific Physical, Mental and Emotional set of traits of Individuals.

In the case of Earth, If we take a uniform set of humans over thousands of years, the effect of climate would be:

1. Cold Northern Climate:
Quite far from equator, Less sun, risk of losing body warmth, etc:
 Body compensates by reducing melanin to have whiter skin to absorb maximum amount of sunlight, nostrils are sharper and smaller to prevent excessive heat loss through respiration, eye color, hair color, all are lighter to maximize Vitamin D intake, due to extreme cold, people are more concerned with keeping themselves occupied, warm and unable to perform gymnastics in social life as it expends too much energy thus, they are  Intelligent, stiff, persevering. Decide in White/Black. More focused and driven. Develop advanced civilizations fastest to avoid extermination due to climate. Bigger group, more likelihood of extermination. Small groups, leads to extremely strong social bonds but not openness. Rely on individual ability to survive. In females, this is characterized by being skinnier as a way to subsist on limited quantities of food during hard time.

2. Coastal Areas: 
Near Equator, Below Equator, Next to sea/ocean, Away from South Pole, Sunny, Warm, etc :
People evolve to develop more melanin to protect skin from cancer by over exposure, thus they are more tan. their diet is sea-food and it being a great source of protein and helping in keratin development, it leads to black haired islanders. Their features are middling, not sharp, nor broad but mixed and their open environment gives rise to opportunities to socialize and be active thus they are more flexible (better dancers) , more adaptable (do not have to make life/death decisions) and morally grey. More laissez-faire and carefree. Develop advanced civilizations very slowly.

3. Inlanders with hot weather:
Hot, Sunny, Plains, less water around, rivers/lakes, far from sea/ocean:
Combine features of the coastal race with increased aggression as lack of abundant water sources leads to occasional life/death decisions. Driven mostly with some carefree attitudes.

4. Equatorial Areas/Extreme Heat:
Extremely Hot, Desert alternating with Lush Forests, Dotted with rivers but not next to the sea:
Evolve extremely dark skin to minimize damage from UV radiation, wide nostrils to get rid of excess body heat in respiration. Very active due to non-existent cold, extremely lively, carefree but also extremely morally grey, unfocused (easy availability of food, resources to survive) and not driven. Great dancers and athletic ability due to no periodic restrictions (winter) on physical activity. As Life/Death decisions are not linked to survival on resources, have low IQ due to non-need of using critical thinking, Life/Death decisions, however, do require constant social status monitoring and thus they develop advanced group cohesion skills and rely on numbers to survive. In females, this is characterized by being fatter/overweight as a way to store up on the plentiful food stores to ensure maximum chances of survival of children during pregnancy and of mother, after pregnancy.

Diet and Race

Diet's effect on physical appearance is extremely fast and observable within 10-15 years of an individual being born.

Diet is meat and animal based due to less incidence of plant life so meat-eaters have specific defined bone structures and muscles development, Sea-food diet has its own defining physical characteristics evenident from Asians in hot climate to Eskimos in bitter cold, vegetarians have their own defining characteristics.

This is evident in any child of any race eating any diet, over a period of time looks more like the population whose diet the child is eating.

All of these can be extrapolated to any planet and predictions made on the character of sentient or non-sentient species.

*This might be updated as more truths become evident.

A rare 0.001% of each Race might transcend their environment to rise above the mental/emotional makeup of their own race. These are generally people who are adept at being worldly, principles, conscionable and adaptable with tons of individual abilities..

These are also for whom Auaria is set up.


  1. I read this a few weeks ago and yesterday i read an article I am linking below, you were dead on with your analysis.... the study doesnt cover the whole gamut but it is amazing to me how you came up with the conclusions. I admire your intuition!

    I was trying to find the link, it refers to evolution of nose and facial characters in White Nordics, Red Nordics, Armenid, Mongoloid etc.

  2. Wow.... this so perfectly summed up what I just came across on another blog.... I believe you have the ability to predict Valid Results Sir without the need for theory! Kinda like the Mathematical genius Ramanujam, please take a moment and google him when you get time!

    "How did human intelligence evolve to be so high? Lynn [Lynn, R. (1991). The evolution of race differences in intelligence. Mankind Quarterly, 32, 99–173] and Rushton [Rushton, J.P. (1995). Race, evolution, and behavior: A life history perspective. New Brunswick: Transaction] suggest that the main forces behind the evolution of human intelligence were the cold climate and harsh winters, which selected out individuals of lower intelligence. In contrast, Kanazawa [Kanazawa, S. (2004). General intelligence as a domain-specific adaptation. Psychological Review, 111, 512–523] contends that it is the evolutionary novelty of the environment which increased general intelligence. Multiple regression analyses support both theories. Annual mean temperature and evolutionary novelty (measured by latitude, longitude, and distance from the ancestral environment) simultaneously have independent effects on average intelligence of populations. Temperature and evolutionary novelty together explain half to two- thirds of variance in national IQ".