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Monday, December 30, 2013

Weissdom: Societe

The persecution of Masculine, Great Men and pretty, feminine girls, the cream of their respective genders is a hallmark of a sick and mentally-diseased society.

 To propagandize the best of Humanity as idiots and blundering fools is one of the highest feats of projection that those who are born without these qualities and those who are unwilling to strive to them, try.

To Exalt the ugliest and most undeserving and falsely bestow and project on them the characteristics of the Strong(The Stark!) is a sick propaganda engendering sickness and depravity.

  Low cunning and high ugliness generally goes together. But through Self-Improvement most such people can elevate themselves to normal or above, reaching their full potential.

  A Principles and Good soul which also takes care of its body will ear a place and Love.

 We may not all achieve Beauty but we can all achieve a Higher State of Being and Through It a Measure of Happiness & Warmth in our fellow Man.

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