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Friday, October 4, 2013


Ideas…. necessarily have to be matched with resources to achieve victory.

No victory is final nor is any defeat …unless the defeated are completely exterminated.

Men need to fight, that is why police states are so common. It pits one group of men against another in Black and White. Thus Men can do the thing they want to, Fight, without thinking too much about perspectives.

If you make it socially popular among people to reveal details about themselves through innocuous sharing at first and then through conditioning to share EVERYTHING, they unknowingly will reveal all about themselves, as the need for social validation will trump the thought for privacy or the effects of not having privacy. Prime Example 21st century social networks.

Our thoughts grow wider every day, they are like ever expanding horizons where first we imagine the world to be that around us, then we understand it to be a solar system, then a galaxy, then the universe and so on. With each new expanded horizon, we have to adjust our previous thoughts , refine them to this new reality.

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