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Monday, August 31, 2009

"2009.08.13 17:03" - "The sins of a society define its character."

"2009.08.11 23:29" - "Somethin akin to Music...for the eyes? An undiscovered art form..."

"2009.07.30 22:57" - "Evil employs a strategy- it kills the family or loved ones of a person, then keeps that person alive and tells him that it was the other side that did it. 
Thus they have a person full of hate and motivated extraordinarily. We must learn to recognise this and be most careful in whom we place our trust. Good men do Not spread hate, they spread love...even for Evil men."

"2009.07.27 19:10" - "Never take any action to Please someone or make them happy...if it makes You unhappy...no matter how much you love that person...acts of kindness like this are unacknowledged from the other side, and when they don't know there's something wrong...they'll behave normally while you'll start gettin resentful."

"2009.07.17 19:28" - "Rage doesn't see Age."

"2009.07.14 14:36" - "Achieving your dreams is never easy...because men dream according to their abilities...a Humble person dreams of being a Genius, a Genius dreams of being Supreme...a 'DREAM' is an aim that is difficult for us even AT OUR LEVEL of success in this world. 
Supreme men have impossible dreams...:-) Having the drive to make them possible...is what makes us ever greater than Who we are."

"2009.06.25 09:29" - "Harassment of the Individual, by the forces made to protect him, is bound to have a terrible backlash sooner or later. Abuse of authority leads to Undermine of Authority."

"2009.06.18 16:59" - "There are those who Read history, and those who Make it. 
Those who are going to read Our history are not yet born, but we are here and we can decide...what they remember about us!"

"2009.06.13 22:03" - " Tip for "Pal-Parties" - In contri parties tell everyone to bring x amount of money, put One person in charge...at the end of the night he should be able to do the balance of all who have spent and how much."

"2009.06.03 20:22" - "You will Get what you Seek From LIFE! 
If you seek sadness in your life, that is what you'll get. If you seek happiness...you Will have it!"

"2009.05.31 19:33" - "Religion has put in place a system, which has existed for thousands of years and is followed by billions, that allows normal people to easily learn, embrace and practice it with supreme confidence if they just follow the rule book to lean on and find God...it would be better to have a truer rule book to believe in and find Yourself."

"2009.05.26 19:16" - "Great 'Preachers' of 'Religion' aren't spreading the Great Word of some God...its Their personality, ideas and greatness that attracts the people, they just choose to ignore their own ability and thoughts and disrespect their own self by attributing their own quality to some other 'idea'."

"2009.05.13 14:21","","You can see the effect of the theory of relativity in daily life...when you Want time to move fast, it crawls by and when you want it to slow down, it runs along. Maybe our brain cells' speed of thought processing actually varies highly in both the cases to affect such a situation...."

sms,submit,"","","","2009.05.13 14:21","","Life doesn't give us superpowers because leading life without them makes us much tougher than a superhero can ever be. To be able to vanquish your enemies immediately does not require as much mental toughness as does having the strength to wait for the right time or even forgiving or moving on, even aftersuffering and still living your life with the pain..."

"2009.04.30 20:02" - "Never give even a second of your time to people, who don't have time for you. Life is too precious to waste on worthless souls!"

"2009.04.30 17:20" - "Idea >Private<"

"2009.04.30 12:32" - "People either WANT to do something or they DON'T...."i CAN'T" is just an excuse and a very weak one."

"2009.04.30 01:44" - "How many of us have a very sharp nose for the pheromones emitted by the opposite sex when they are attracted to us, e.g. i can immediately detect them, the scent is different for each individual...also not all gals pheromones' smell 'attractive'...all are pleasant but not all attract...some are pleasant but really negate the attraction...so it reflects some level of  incompatibility. 
Pheromones are very powerful and direct method of establishing attraction...very rare humans are developed enough to be able to sense and understand their meanings.:-)"

"2009.04.30 01:25" - "Every man should find out ...
One, the thing he is GREAT at. 
Two, the thing he LOVES to do. 
And then do what he loves...by being what he is Great at!"

"2009.04.29 12:37" - "It is Extremely Important that College education should be done away from home to develop an independent personality."

"2009.04.14 22:33" - "My Wicked Joke >>> Ask Me! ;D"

"2009.04.11 20:37" - "Maybe...the reason why all great Heroes stick to the creed of Protecting life over all else, even those of villains...is that even i little bit of good done by a man has a greater effect than a lot of evil that he can or has done."

"2009.04.09 11:44" - "There are men who listen To the world and Men who the World listens TO."

"2009.04.08 21:02" - "Are Extremely Handsome Men relatively more intelligent than Extremely Beautiful Women...? I think so...if handsome is defined as hunky and beauty is defined as hotness."

"2009.04.07 00:47" - "Super-Thoughts are our Super-Powers!"

"2009.04.05 19:49" - "Never Look DOWN upon the people who Look UP to you."

"2009.04.04 16:26" - "When you think of yourself as one kind of man and turn out to be another...that is life giving you a chance to show your grit and potential to Become what you see yourself as!"

"2009.04.04 16:19" - "Think Seriously, Live Casually."

"2009.04.02 19:37" - "What i want....? :-)....EVERYTHING. Everything that i can accomplish in my this One Life...."

"2009.03.30 14:29" - "I'm posting all my thoughts and ideas online through this blog so that even if i die prematurely my ideas won't...cause i don wanna hold onto life again outta fear of losin the opportunity to change this world...NEVER AGAIN"

"2009.03.30 14:04" - "The test of any relationships is not how you agree on many things but how you deal wit the things you Disagree on!"

"2009.03.30 00:04" - "Through the music made by men, you can know them. Their dreams, their thoughts, their character, their ideals and their ideas..."

"2009.03.30 00:03" - "The best reflection of WHAT a Man is, is the Music he makes."

"2009.03.28 20:23" - "Its beautiful when it raining....:-)....."

"2009.03.26 20:35" - "Private Naughty ;D"

"2009.03.09 22:53" - "Anything done for the Wrong reasons....leads to suffering...."

"2009.03.06 21:54" - "Live as if you are mortal, fight as if you're immortal!"

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