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Monday, August 31, 2009

2009-01-10 00:58:49 - No Man should ever apologise for being Right."

"Speed Of Thought";"2009-01-10 00:58:30 - "Good, when Institutionalised, tends to open itself up to misuse by unworthy people who manipulate the Institution itself. For good to last, it must be implemented by those who have it in their hearts not through mechanisms, for good although immortal is lost to schemes which are by their very nature bound to fail as consistent systems."

"Speed Of Thought";"2009-01-10 00:58:02" - "People are apathetic to happenings around them till they do not influence them directly."

"Speed Of Thought";"2009-01-10 00:57:49" -"The choice of 'Leaders' shows the Ideological Character of the People."

"Speed Of Thought";"2009-01-13 12:40:33" - "A name should reflect a man himself not the way he is Seen in the future by his well wishers. "

"Speed Of Thought";"2009-01-13 12:41:55";"";"A man who aspires to 'live up to his ''given'' name' must also aspire to forge his own. Living up to yourself is more important than living upto someone else's Idea of you."

"Speed Of Thought";"2009-01-13 19:02:53" - "If the People who matter don't go to the Places which matter then systems are bound to fail."

"Speed Of Thought";"2009-01-15 22:03:06" - "Every man should bring to the world a change that is positive, however small. If not new then at least a contribution to the existing good in the world."

"Speed Of Thought";"2009-01-15 22:58:07" - "Communication even between people who have mutual dislike is ESSENTIAL to avoid escalation of problems!"

"Speed Of Thought";"2009-01-18 10:01:46" - "One has the choice to choose their religion. The religion whose 'leaders' sully its teachings and force their depraved ideology among followers can be solved partly by a mass exodus from that religion. If they don't have people to brainwash, they won't have people to fight."

"Speed Of Thought";"2009-01-20 17:56:39" - "The justice system should be speedy in dispensing its decision so that the victims' and alleged perpetrators' life does not revolve around it. They should be able to get on with life, soon. And prompt Justice is a deterrent, however we need to have a watertight way of preventing misuse."

"Speed Of Thought";"2009-01-20 18:40:08" - "What is Greatness? Is it to lead an ordinary life with an exemplary outlook or is it to have a life of suffering and sorrow...and to rise above them to live not only an ordinary life but an extraordinary one!"

"Speed Of Thought";"2009-01-20 17:55:27" - "Revenge should not spoil a life. And every man or woman should get their revenge on their own because placing it on someone else's shoulder is a terrible punishment for the other."

"Speed Of Thought";"2009-01-20 17:56:05" - "Men with leadership capabilities should know Exactly Where they are leading their followers....because nothing is more terrible than having someone else's destruction on your hands...."

"Speed Of Thought";"2009-01-21 19:15:47" - "Whenever someone does an injustice to you, their aim and action can be completely shattered just by sticking to your spirit and life. Live your Life. Achieve your potential and you would have defeated them in the most glorious way possible."

"Speed Of Thought";"2009-01-24 19:56:33" - "My death will be a happy one, if my life is an inspiration for even One."

"Speed Of Thought";"2009-01-25 19:16:12" - "Do not waste away your life thinking about revenge, your success against all odds will be the biggest blow to any and all who ever did bad to you."

"Speed Of Thought";"2009-02-03 19:45:46" - "Like all acts in our Life, our Death should be meaningful too..."

"Speed Of Thought";"2009-02-03 22:41:41" - "Make sure that the places you choose to be your adventurous self ...are places where you are safe. Not all the earth is pure nature, in many places it is contaminated by the depravity of man."

"Speed Of Thought";"2009-02-05 21:03:26" - "There are 6 billion people in this world, if i start refuting and correcting each one individually...i will spend my lifetime in explanations. Instead i will state my thoughts and their meaning. The world is open to accept my explanation or reject them. I am not here to go against free will."

"Speed Of Thought";"2009-02-07 13:24:13" - "Safari dicor feb 2009 ad.....the type of music to listen to when near the end....:-)...."

"Speed Of Thought";"2009-02-07 14:09:56" - "What is the family in which the parents sacrifice their dreams to make their miserable children suppress their own sufferings of rape, hate and trauma to save their parents from further trauma. It is a vicious life-sapping circle where suffering is passed on from generation to generating in the name of 'Love-for-family'. Love does not condone the spreading of suffering, rather, it helps to share it and get support for it. This 'Family' stands for the complete opposite of the term family itself!"

"Speed Of Thought";"2009-02-08 13:47:05" - "A man should be judged for his actions objectively, not through the shades of the jury's values."

"Speed Of Thought";"2009-02-08 19:51:34" - "Or maybe something more joyous...uplifting music to continue my journey from this world!"

"Speed Of Thought";"2009-02-09 17:15:47" - "Some people take the worst incidents in their life and turn them into the turning points for greatness!:-D"

"Speed Of Thought";"2009-02-09 17:17:57" - "Some people get crushed by the worst that life gives them and then there are some that take the worst incidents in their life and transform them into the turning points for their greatness!:-D"

"Speed Of Thought";"2009-02-10 19:26:04" - "Acceptance of New ideas needs a pinch of humour along with force at the right time to spread..."

"Speed Of Thought";"2009-02-13 19:40:29" - "I just believe that if you've got a good bod , you should perfect it. Plus its extremely important to be as fit as you can be. Actually...as Perfect as you can be."

"Speed Of Thought";"2009-02-13 20:15:36" - ".and i Had those guitars...gave em awll to my juniors when left college...i don't play....i'm into keys...but now into music production...where...i jus composed a guitar riff using the all advanced power of tech! Music->Evolution....:-)"

"Speed Of Thought";"2009-02-17 00:18:43" - "Aaaah.....hope so. When you are good at too many things you become complacent. Like when i saw rock on after half da world had told me....'you Should watch it, YOUr type movie'....well i did. And i realised yet again that there are some people who know only One thing like L.K....others like F.A. are too good to make a failure in one thing ruin their life....thats what i am, i know that if today i give it all up ...i have brains enough to be super successful in any of the things i'm Good at...but missing out on da feelin of achieving something you're GREAT at!"

"Speed Of Thought";"2009-02-17 15:16:52" - "People aren't imperfect...its the world around that is..."

"Speed Of Thought";"2009-02-17 17:31:57" - " PrivAte ;)"

"Speed Of Thought";"2009-02-21 20:16:02" - "Why to rate yourselves on someone else's scale? You should aspire to be 10 on 10 on your own!"

"Speed Of Thought";"2009-02-23 18:31:48" - "Private"

"Speed Of Thought";"2009-02-23 20:48:39" - "Be alert to Old thinking creeping through using New ways."

"Speed Of Thought";"2009-02-26 18:09:16" - "Gattacca- every atom of our body was once part of a star....."

"Speed Of Thought";"2009-02-28 17:47:56" - "They fell through the ages for You to Rise...don't lose yourself in lifes pithy battles for you are to be the Victor of the war for the soul of Mankind...!"

"Speed Of Thought";"2009-02-28 21:24:11" - "Never let revenge rule your life...let your Potential lead your life, achieve what you are born to achieve...and then when all is done... ask yourself what will give you peace....and do accordingly..."

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