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Friday, August 28, 2009

2009.01.01 23:52-"Thats what... Is havin a natural sex drive labelled slutty? And if so then you have to ask yourself what kind of society you are showing loyalty to. Loyalty is one thing that should be given only to things that deserve it. And not force it."

2009.01.01 23:51-"This is not about me...its about the mentality which makes normal people feel guilty. This is what i aim to change. If you're not polygamous fine but why are honest normal people being treated with stone age values for their wants and desires. It makes my blood boil. :-l"

2009.01.01 00:10-"Most people miss out on Real Love waiting for their VERSION of love."

2008.12.31 02:18-"I infuse Life in the lives of people!:-)"

2008.12.28 20:21-"The ability to 'think on your feet' is surprisingly rare!"

2008.12.27 04:20-"Be careful what or whom you choose to give your time to, because its one thing thats Never comin back..."

2008.12.27 04:08-"If my enemies are in some corners, my friends and followers are in Every Corner!"

2008.12.26 00:43-"I sometimes wish that i had someone as smart as me to guide me when i was a kid...but...if i'm so smart then I've been guiding myself throughout...I've been my own unwitting guide huh?:-P"

2008.12.16 17:01-"Men and women look more 'complete' when they have long hair...:-)"

2008.12.16 00:56-"There are two types of people in this world..ones I fall in love with, and ones that Make me fall in love with them! :-)"

2008.12.16 00:27-"An idea or thought is a terrible thing to waste!"

2008.12.15 19:11-"And living in fear will result in missing out in life...it is better to have one great love and lose it than never have none...stop fearing, start lovin!"

2008.12.12 05:41-"..:-)...and of course my message will be that even ordinary people should then should have the freedom to live their life...my principles and my ideas are beyond anyone...and i have made one of the biggest sacrifice of my short life for them thus far...but Great things can only be done by Great will and Great men and sometimes Great sacrifice..!"

2008.12.12 05:41-"Companionship and children don't Need marriage...marriage needs Them...and the place i see myself in is no ordinary life of man but an extraordinary one."

2008.12.12 05:30-"Marriage is an outdated concept in Today's world...everything has a logical begining and so did the ritual of marriage but its kinda irrelevant in Today's world..! Its more like a ticket to get half of what your spouse owns in a divorce..well this discussion is subjective and academic so i wouldn't recommend getting me started on it...:-)"

2008.12.11 21:16-"Our body is Made to shape the world around us, just observe a mechanised dirt mover and You'll understand..."

2008.12.10 19:00-"More the people i love, more i love Each one of them and their individual personas....if i love just one then i can't love them as much."

2008.12.10 02:36-"The trouble with having conversation when you already know everything being said, is of impatience, you want to move past the obvious and into the new...to resolve that you have to communicate to the other party that you already know what They're trying to say...althoug the more you know, the less you have something to 'Converse' about"

s2008.12.10 02:15-"People manufacture 'Stars' when they run Out of them!"

2008.12.09 18:44-"To be truly 'Great'....be successful on Your terms, not the world's."

2008.12.08 01:38-"Maybe the movement of sub-atomic particles governed by the uncertainty principle is what makes up our so called 'Soul'..."

2008.12.07 04:45-"When in doubt about someone who is begging you for money, Feed them, Don't give them the money."

2008.12.06 19:38-"It is not wise to share your misfortunes with people."

2008.12.06 16:52-"All the rascals and scoundrels of this world are so numerous that their sole aim in life, unwittingly, is to give birth to the few gems of greatness of the human race."

2008.12.06 15:48-"To have zest for life, treat each day as a new day You've never seen before, think of all the people you know as you thought and behaved when you first met them, deal with the same situations as if you don't have any history...in short, be forgetful of the day that is gone for every day you can forge a newer, stronger, different You!"

2008.12.05 18:08-"Retirement, although necessary, is also the bane of Champions. It begins their start to fading away unless they excel in some other laudable human endeavour too..."

2008.12.04 23:45-"From my parents I've learned that investing in a way such that something or the other keeps maturing every 3 or more years is a great way to live comfortably. In this alone, they have shown sheer genius of investments."

2008.12.03 05:13-"I.........................have lost my own pure view of things, the way I Uniquely perceived people, places and relations around me. Hmmm...society makes slots for everybody so that even pathetic people get set somewhere and gain some 'skills' or place in the ladder or something. How am i supposed to react to such people or situations? Contempt? Arrogance? Because i really can't bear their mediocrity being put in positions of power...what i Need is More EXPOSURE...yes teach them their lessons their way, what makes them so smug is their Experiences .....take that away or those away and they are left with Nothing. Do the things they feel Smug about..better than they themselves did. That'll Put them in Their Place. In essence, there is No one better than me only more experienced in separate differing things!;-)"

2008.12.03 05:11-"By focusing my attention on the trivial people around me i am doing my Self Image a great disservice. I'm the Best and I Won't stoop to anybody or before anybody for anything. What makes me weak is the fear of losing what i want. If i let go of what i want then the fear will be gone, but then what is the point of this life? I Will get what i want...i will be what i know i can. I. And what Do i actually want in the world? Not more that one or two things are so important that i can't live without them...Nothing!!..then Why do i fear? Why am i scared when it counts? Whats holding me back? Hmmm...I've started putting people on pedestals like We've been trained and brainwashed into doing since childhood by society."

2008.12.03 05:08-"Manipulating people? Doesn't appeal to me...isn't right nor worth it. Its like stooping to something low but how the hell to get what you want and make people understand that and Give it to you. People are just so full of shit..full of themselves and what are they? NOTHing..nothing at all but every dumb mofo thinks that they are great..What is great? Why don't I think so, where is that me i knew i was since i was born? Where did me go? In Today's world there is a tendency to blow up even trivial things but the big things done are not getting due credit...thats what makes me angry or think that i'm in a world of equals? Balls to that..I have no equal."

2008.12.02 20:51-"Why are people so timid? They live life like defeatists and in the end, their whole life is just that.....one long continuous defeat."

2008.12.02 20:49-"Why are people so timid, and worse...why are they so Afraid to let go of their timidity. It hardly serves any positive purpose. But it Does give rise to the most varied and numerous arguments for status quo. It lets people say 'i'm scared and i'm too much of a coward to admit it'.....without actually hurting them. They mechanically parrot out arguments in favour of timidity without realising Or, over a period of time, forgetting...that its a very weak cover for their gutlessness. And the arguments in essence always mean ' We are weak and can't even help ourselves, and lets try to be safe from all corners by making ourselves even weaker by believing that we can hide behind and spend our life living as rats, scurrying away from every problem' so in the end, it means, that people who subscribe to the above malady are neither courageous nor willing to be and it would take just one gust of troubles for them to fall over, lie down and die."

2008.11.30 18:23-"Fear does not erase the evil tendencies of man, that can only happen when his thinking changes."

2008.11.30 17:00-"This world has become overanalytical of Everything. While thats not bad, its not Always good."

2008.11.28 00:56-"What use is a government when people have to fear going to markets, going to crowded places, going to hotels, even going hiking or traveling...in short if they have to curb their freedom of movement to save their lives and their honour? Isn't then the government impotent? Does it not realise that this is tantamount to Always being in a state of war?"

2008.11.26 20:21-"If someone provokes you to 'be a man', be the man on YOUR terms not THEIRS."

2008.11.22 17:58-"We, as humans, are not aware of the level of consciousness we are missing cause we are using just a fraction of our mental faculties...like a man born blind can never understand or be aware of what he is missing. We too are blind in this way but without consciousness. The blind man knows he is blind, but we do not till now."

2008.11.21 21:35-"Death is like the recharge of Life! we need when we grow tired and weary of this world. One lifetime is never enough for some and that is what makes it special...their zest for life is doubled!"

2008.11.21 00:23-"People say 'You're an Angel' out loud and to you, they say 'You're a Demon' within themselves and behind your back."

2008.11.16 15:47-"(^_^)....(~_~)....(>_<).....(*_*).....(0_0)....(@_>)....(O,~)..."

2008.11.16 05:41-"It is extremely important for both men and women to spend their formative years from 17 to 21 away from their families to make them able to deal with the world on their own as well as have a realistic view. The separation does not mean rigid enforcement, but enough to give them independence and make them self sufficient."

2008.11.15 20:32-"What do i wanna do with the free time i have?"

2008.11.12 04:33-"I'm a pathological Lover! ;-)"

2008.11.12 03:57-"The great man is distinguished from the lesser by the way he treats those below him when he is in a position of power over them. Wielding that power and knowing When to control it makes the single biggest difference."

2008.11.11 17:21-"Looking to perfection catered to yourself is not admirable, its despicable and petty. Perfection should be seeked for an idea or ideal."

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