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Friday, August 28, 2009

2008.11.11 16:05-"The Leaders of a people, reflect the people!"

2008.11.10 23:03-"I do not seek solace or rest in the company of people, i seek it in solitude..."

2008.11.10 20:54-"Honour Loyalty Respect Purpose Empathy Greatness."

2008.11.10 20:53-"There's no such thing as Unconditional Respect...either your earn it or you don't..."

2008.11.10 17:33-"Winter is a time of hopes and dreams! Ah magical winter!"

2008.11.10 12:06-"Beauty flows Outwards, ugliness creeps Inwards."

2008.11.10 11:44-"This society is hell bent on conforming every man to itself. Every failure is shown as a diminishing hope for his ideas whereas they actually are the battles which will make him win wars. He just has to believe in himself, ALWAYS."

2008.11.10 11:42-"A man never loses his innate ability, what he loses is hope."

2008.11.10 02:03-"The driving philosophy of mothers is 'protect your child' and it never lets up. They will be there till the end of your life if need be, trying to protect you :). But sometimes this protection makes the child lose the thinking and battles needed to make him stronger and be as great as they are. 
Protection unfortunately regresses to cowardice. That is where the mother becomes the crushing hand rather than the helping hand. Protect your child but let him take falls too, to become as great as he deserves to be."

2008.11.10 01:54-"The human race is generationally repeatedly bastardised by the petty and scheming mentality passed on genetically and ideologically, its a miracle that men of honour and loyalty get through and are still born."

2008.11.10 01:43-"Some men are swayed by emotion and some by character, generally the former prefer their mothers, the latter their fathers."

2008.11.09 03:06-"As in sex, love and force used together can weaken the Hardest of enemies! ;-)"

2008.11.06 21:03-"The Maintenance of a profitable venture should not itself bleed it to death in times of loss or stagnation."

2008.11.06 21:01-"Use the vices of society to generate money to firstly wipe out those vices and incrementally that market. In the same vein promote positive values and a value driven society and market."

2008.11.06 20:50-"Such is society today that we have what we don't want when we don't need it and don't get what we want when we Do."

2008.11.05 15:50-"I am a lover of ideas more than a lover of people. In this way too i am a lover of humanity!"

2008.11.04 22:31-"Doing what i love makes the human race bearable."

2008.11.04 01:40-"Home is a refuge to rest in, after our daily battles. Not a place to Spend or Live your life in, but to take a vacation from its challenges and toils."

2008.11.03 22:40 - "Never give Anyone Any leverage over you."

2008.11.03 12:07 - "Punctuality comes with interest."

2008.11.03 11:58 - "To be a critical success a man must know his Talent and his Interest and then combine them both, interest without talent leads to mediocrity."

2008.11.02 22:19 - "When provoked, answer with wit ;-)"

2008.11.02 22:18 - "Whenever you are angry, react humourously and wittily. You'll not only dispel the tension but also come out tops!"

2008.11.01 21:10 - "Some activities, celebrated in the usual way, are made to be celebrated with others and some activities with just ourselves!"

2008.11.01 17:05 - "In a world that is losing hope, be the one who personifies it."

2008.11.01 16:19 - "Inaction due to fear of consequences strengthen and fan those same consequences."

2008.10.30 16:58 - "Better to react late and well than fast and bad."

2008.10.29 15:42 - "In this world, There are those who encourage you and those who discourage you, whom you choose to listen to, shows what kind of man you are."

2008.10.27 04:18 - "Be wise in choosing your battles, in order to win your Wars."

2008.10.26 05:12 - "There are some Men who are just more in tune with this universe, what is right or wrong, whats fair, about religion, about actions, about thoughts, about ideologies, about as simple a matter also as behaviour and dress sense...right from the Great to the Least."

2008.10.25 19:45 - "The concept of Man is greater than the concept of Nation, Religion or any divisive ideology that Man himself may invent."

2008.10.22 21:48 - "Private ;)"

2008.10.20 19:11 - "No society can mind its manners before it minds its morals."

2008.10.20 03:45 - "Unless encouraged for their individuality, people tend to ascribe to their community's perceived characteristics."

2008.10.14 17:40 - "Your choice in music shows who you are."

2008.10.14 17:39 - "Your choices in life reflect Who you are."

2008.10.13 08:41 - "One regret is better than a life of regrets."

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