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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Honestly,The biggest weakness of mankind is the inability to believe in themselves, thus the need for the crutch of religion and belief in a perfect being who can do anything. 
It is far easier to believe in a 'God'-being who is perfect than to believe in yourself whose imperfections stare you in the face daily.....and to overcome this is to be elevated from being ordinary men to the same Gods you pray to. For what is God but the embodiment for our best ideals and principles? And if we strive to be the embodiment ourselves....we achieve Godness.

The idea of the devil as pure evil is also a propagation of fools who see everything in black and white not realising that things are more or less grey..the mist between absolute darkness and absolute light.

Language gives words to thought, it is the expression of thought and gives our thoughts identity, without which we would just be grasping at airy straws but never quite able to catch hold of the fleeting sparks reflecting the brilliance of our minds.

On the flip side, What's with this obsession with talking? Talk, talk, talk and try to influence or charm people. There's Got to be a more effective and direct and Intelligent way to communicate, eliminating all that is unnecessary.

A Majority of Today's people don't support the people who can help them, they support the one who can harm them. The greater the harm, the more the support as if by supporting they can protect themselves.

The whole world has gone to the dogs, everyone i meet is a defeatist. This entire age is one characterised by people's defeated and thus petty selfish lives. And no one understands the feelings of honour, respect, dignity and greatness. I am sick of them, all of them. Everywhere.

This, present day india, is a society which follows the path of individual against individual...right from the traffice cop who harasses you to make extra money to the motorist who fights back to protect His money...the question of what is the right thing to do seldom arises..but Most people intend to live a 'Popularly good' life. The simplest ways of following someone else's notion's of good and bad without having to make the intended mental effort to arrive at it themselves.

In india, inspite of all their bravado Everybody is afraid of being dominated by everybody else... you can see this mentality in as simple things like traffic and followin signals where everyone tries to squeeze their vehicle before everybody else's in case they get stuck thus exposing their helplessness.

The only criteria for a work to be done should be a man's abililty and the only relationship he should use to get his work done is his faith and belief in his principles.

 I will Not have an ordinary life....and my definition of extra-ordinary is Not to be successful among mediocres. My life will have my rules. And i don't care whether they go against what the world says or thinks because i'm a revolution of change. A leader, Not a follower.

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