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Sunday, December 13, 2009

August 2009

"2009.08.14 15:51"

"The greatest gift of Man is the ability to overcome Any amount of punishing emotional and psychological difficulties that he is put through."

"2009.08.25 18:36"

"We are beyond revenge,

We are beyond the Evil you may do to us,

We are beyond the Rapes, the Murders, the Tortures and anything else you may subject to Us or our Loved Ones because We are the Future.

We will Never react to What Evil You lesser men...NO...you lesser CREATURES do...because when WE have Achieved what we want to....then your lives, your evil, your efforts to drag up back and pull us away from our paths...will be inconsequential,

YOU will be inconsequential.

And Then we may or May not punish you because You would matter so little.

You are the rot that tries to pull humanity down but by being Us we will weed out this Rot and burn it. Annihilate it, then all of Your already meaningless lives will be even less so.

Your defeat started the day all you lowly creatures gave into your vile instincts and our victory started the Day we decided that whatever you do to Us, we will never let that change Who we were, Who we are and WHAT we Can Be."

"2009.08.25 19:37"

"And We know that you don't even Think that much leading as you are your pointless lives...you petty, mindless pieces of utterly useless garbage."

"2009.08.26 00:42"

"The pursuit of Happiness gives more to us and the world than any pursuits of money, power or such superficiality."

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