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Thursday, April 9, 2009

23 February 2008

Purposeless People:

People are afraid of staying idle long enough that they HAVE to THINK...because when they Do
think they end up screaming because they have stopped thinking about their life and its
purpose long ago.....shortly after they took birth..And so we see them scurrying
around...desperate to do something...not knowing WHAt to do or WHy to do even what they are
doing but just too desperate to not face the screams of agony inside their dead soul of not
knowing what their life means or a life with a purpose means.

If all that their purpose is really to STIll subsist and fend for food house and clothing
then where have we come as a civilisation after more than 5000 years of history behind us.

And even putting aside the question of subsistence we are now able to afford food clothing
and housing but then we spend the rest of our money first to enjoy ourselves, later on in
slavery of people dependend on us and then after spending our lives making our children grow
up to lead equally meaningless lives we die meaningless deaths.

What kind of depraved animal lives life just to be a bonded slave and take it with a pinch
of "SOCIALISING"....jus chatting all day and keeping ur mind busy enough NOT to think makes
you no better than an animal,The fruits and joys of each phase of life whether childhood,
adulthood, parenthood or old age can only actually be appreciated and looked forward to by
people who have a purpose.
Those who LIVE their life and generate more life than they SPEND, are full of life even in
death...these then are the natural desires that they would crave after fighting each of
life's battles.

A warrior who fights away from home for years KNOWS the value of home and family more than a mouse who sits in a cubicle all day just to come home and waste his life in front of the tv
nd ignore his family who also settle into the rut of everyday routine just to escape from
the one great question that they ae too afraid to ask themselves that is "WHAT IS MY PURPOSE IN LIFE?"

Don't they ever THINK...WHY dont they ever think?

Are we so dead with our mind that we have stopped caring about life and its meaning?

Why are we surrounded by dead people TRYING to show that they are living when in fact they
are worse than those buried beneath the ground or burnt at the pyre?.............

Why must there be so much pointlessness in all things we do today?.....

Where are the people unafraid of finding and pursuing their life's purpose fearlessly?.....

Why have we bound successive generations to our debts?

Why do Those who raise us expect us to pass on their debts to those we raise ?

Why this self defeatist living which is no better than that of a mindless brute?

Why this need to communicate INCESSANTLY with NO MEANING AT ALL?

Why this need to keep on talking meaninglessly?

Why this need to NOT SHUT UP?

Why this need to NOT THINK?

Why this need to NOT FEEL?

Why this need to..............................................................NOT BE.......?

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