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Sunday, December 13, 2009

September 2009

,"2009.09.06 21:31"

"Totally Evil men are Totally selfish and Totally good men are Totally selfless...we need to stop losing good men to their own goodness we need Totally Good men to be Totally selfish to achieving the Good they can, it means huge sacrifices from them and those around them but then great men's character is forged by fire and not comfort..."

"2009.09.11 23:05"

"There is darkness...gravity in everyone and there is light in everyone...we must not let one dominate the other."

"2009.09.27 12:15"

"An insult to my principles is an insult to me."

"2009.09.27 12:26"

"And i don't do drugs or drink or smoke when i'm depressed...even after all thats happened. My solace and comfort is in music and people. If you have someone you love around you, thats all you need to overcome anger or sadness. And you won't hurt yourself but make your relationships stronger and yourself happier. Getting high when depressed is for weak quitters. Escaping your thoughts makes you weaker, facing them, dealing with them...always makes you stronger...however much you may suffer in the near future. Fire melts glass, but forges steel. What you do, defines which of the one you are. "

"2009.09.27 12:33"

"However much you hurt someone who loves you truly, you cannot make them hate you, you can only make them sad for you."

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