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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Weissdom: Nature

The effects of Sex hormones are extremely powerful, without an outlet they will show you the range of your sexual adventurousness and experimentation.

Imagine the effect of these powerful neurochemicals on beings without Sentience.

No wonder animals will hump Male and female both when driven to distraction by their raging procreative hormones (Whore Moans? ; ) ).

On the same side of the coin, what lengths of depravity must Sentient Human Beings go through to solely have sexual relations with their own sex.

Lack of control over hormones can be mastered but repeated abandonment of Sentient control is bestial, unforgivable and Civilizationally Destructive.

Thus, if you cannot control your Civilization Destroying urges, you should not complain when Cvilization destroys your worthless self to advance the rest of the Worthies of Humanity.

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