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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Weissdom: Lower Consciousness of Females

There is something inherently wrong in females that they have to get really drunk or lose control of their rationality to engage in sex with those Men who view it as an intimate and beautiful expression of Love or sharing something between two people.

Empty sex without emotional attachment does that to girls, not Men, because they behave like animals in heat, they have to consciously make a choice to get drunk and lower their consciousness to that of a lizard by the use of alcohol and other things instead of submitting, as is natural, to a dominant Man while sober.

Females seek to be animals more than they seek to be Civilized.

The more a female debases herself by giving in to her animal urges under influence rather than by standing  by her higher human ones, the more it takes her to get herself excited.

They become like drug addicts needing a more and more twisted stimulus the older they get.

Versus Men who grow more and more selective and wise as they age and learn with and from experience.

It is the reason older females and sluts prefer all forms of brutal sexual escapades, because that's the only way they can get any satisfaction after damaging themselves so thoroughly, and these are the hallmarks of any era in which Men begin to forget the base nature of females.

Even in a fem-centric society like Ants, the female gluttons all her life while the legions of Male ants die slaving away for the worthless whore. And ants never evolved sentience, learn from nature Men.

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