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Monday, June 5, 2017

All Roads Lead To One Enemy, One Parasite

Whichever point in human thinking, consciousness and philosophy you may start off, with no bearing on them at all, all you see around you, all roads, all cultural effects, all depravities, all sicknesses of the society around you, of the financial systems, of self-suicide of intelligent races, of governments destroying their own nations...all of these lead eventually to one enemy, rather a parasite, holding Humanity back.

They control the finance of the world, the governments of the world, the mass indoctrination media of the world, the encouragement of depravity in the world....but you will notice, they themselves, in their "religion" never practice what they preach.

They say you are racist, but in their society they are the biggest racists
They say you are sexist, but in their society they are the biggest sexists
They say you are illiberal, but in their society they are the biggest illiberals

When every Wise Man is drawn inexorably to the same conclusion, and perfectly corroborated with the state of the world, then it is the TRUTH. And remember....TRUTH NEVER CHANGES, LIES DO.

Any Man, Culture of People who stand against this parasite, that has so infected humanity, is punished by the majority of government, NOT HUMANITY, that it controls.

Most education beyond reading and learning to write, is to indoctrinate you in THEIR viewpoint.

They will make up great genocides while completely ignoring greater genocides committed by them.

To them you are an animal, they are bestial but consider other humans as beasts. If they were superior they would be better, but they use Mankind's nobler predilections to elevate their groveling parasitic self to a higher position, pathologically inferior, they have a need to fame themselves as superior.

They are very very smart, but their biggest sin is dragging Humanity down, encourage the devolution of Mankind by encouraging its worst nature, they think only of profit and they are the enemies of Civilisation, Evolution, Progress and all that is RIGHT in the Universe. And they do it all with a smile, blending in, giving you the feeling of friendship while bleeding you slowly, treacherously and mercilessly as a leech in the back.

Who are they?

MAYHAAN gives the answer in the form of a very old, very wise and very accurate quotation.


Find them. Adopt their Stratagems. Defeat them.

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