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Friday, November 9, 2012

Steady Deconstruction of the Alpha Male

Since the beginning of civilization,  the female of the species have planned and plotted to make sure that the resources the alpha male commands goes only to them and their genetic offspring.

This can be demonstrated in medieval taboos on bastardy, idea of marriage, and the rise of feminism, equalism, liberalism and the incompetent and civilizationally idiotic governments  voted into power by females who are genetically. evolutionarily and logically incapable of sound decisions, still being slaves to their emotions like most unevolved animals are.

Alpha males should not be made to suffer for they are the ones along with beta males who build up civilizations,  there are also better classes of girls who should also be identified and not made to suffer.

The moment a civilization start checking who the alpha male may  give his resources to, whether by law, society or social shaming, it starts its own inevitable destruction.

Be warned.

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