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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Right to vote or decide

Anyone who wants to vote or have say in any issue must first Earn that right.

The way to earn that right is the demonstration of ABILITY by any age.

The demonstration must be of independent type, not depending on social , political, economical or any connection to any other human being.

Be it in arts, sciences, litetature, any accomplishment that demonstrates excellence in ability.

EXCELLENCE in Ability.

Not passable ability, EXCELLENCE.

Then and only then shall we have a wise group of people.

At any time, if the wise are outnumbered by the foolish, the foolish should be ruthlessly cast out of the lands, country and to a place where they cannot gather nor harm the civilized ones.

Extermination of fools is a necessity, once population expansion is independent of their presence.

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